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Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 2x 1.6kg $19.97 (Was $39.99) Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Costco Clearance item ($x.97 code for Costco means clearance item). Half price from the original price of $39.99. Highly addictive stuff! Be warned one pack is 1.6kg, and if you dont portion control it, you could be munching the whole 1.6kg in one Netflix sitting. You have been warned!

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Costco Wholesale

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    Pepperidge Farm remembers…

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      Came here for this. Did not disappoint.

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        100% this.

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      • People saying 'cringe' is a strange fad.

        Its literally people feeling awkward, trying to inflict their negative feelings back on someone who isnt feeling that.

        I know its like the 'in thing' right now; like how tazos/pogs are a 'reference' the kids are making again; and how 'clutching at straws' got shortened and became a reference into 'amazingly just making it!'…

        but its just so strangely backward to the usual "accept everyone and their uniqueness!" Culture thats going around otherwise.

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          • @TruthNuke: Nah, not at all. Though this might not be the thread for you if you're feeling that way.

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              @MasterScythe: No, it really is.

              • @TruthNuke: See, trying to tell others what to like or dislike.

                Its strange man, honestly. Let people like things.

                • @MasterScythe: They're allowed to like things and I'm allowed to cringe at them for liking said things.

                  You're literally doing the very thing you're telling me not to do.

                  • @TruthNuke: I never claimed I wasn't. i was just calling you out on it. You're welcome to do the same to me if you wish. Im a major hypocrite, doesn't stop me being right.

                    Just that, when one is telling someone NOT to say negative things, and one is defending the right to say negative things? Well one is just morally more just.

  • Are they any good? Anyone tried them?

    • it's crispy, it's light, it's salty, it's cheesy and laden with MSG .. what more could you ask for :)

    • Magnificent. Apparently the only pre made item julia child allowed on the thanksgiving dinner table

    • Yes they are, nom nom

    • These were huge over here in the early 90's.
      Amazing things.

      Wonder why they disappeared for so long. Every child I knew was super into them.

  • On the app it's listed as only 1 even after I bought it in the orders

  • Thanks OP, that’s a great price.

  • Always buy these when I go to the US. They're amazing!

  • Does Costco sell the Pepperidge farm Milano? I’d get a membership just for them

    • I have not seen them in store.

  • Sold out :( missed out