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Baccarat StoneX2 10 Piece Non Stick Cookware Set $399.99 (RRP $1349.99) Free Shipping @ House


Purchase Baccarat Stone X 10 Piece Non Stick Cookware Set and receive Baccarat Damashiro Bodo 10 Piece Japanese Steel Knife Block with Chopping Board (RRP $1199.99) for FREE
Save $2,149.99! The FREE items will appear in checkout automatically

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    Take the RRP on house with a grain of salt… all inflated to give fake savings

    • +4

      A dump truck of salt! RRP is really 60% off, possibly 70.

      Puts this at a fairly normal price.

      The knives are about $300 on ebay, at a quick glace, so happen to be needing both, it could be a good buy. Personally the globals would be significantly better value over these, speaking for the knives.

    • +3

      They must be the only shop I know who are always on stock clearance sales which never ends!!! The only time I bought from them I went back 15 mins. later to return and buy something else, I was told no exchange or return unless defective. That was my last visit.

      • +1

        House is to crockery and cutlery as to what EB Games is to gaming and merch.

        Overpriced and always on sale.

        • As Kathmandu & Macpac are to outdoor apparel.

  • -1

    "Save $2,149.99!"

    The savings even more than the RRP

    • +6

      That would be amusing but this is the "savings" on the "total value" of the item and the "free gift".

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    But wait there's more


    • +11

      If you call within the next 30 minutes, we'll add an extra wood grain cutting board valued at $199, for FREEEE

  • Aside from the obviously ridiculous RRP, has anybody actually used these? I'm in the market for a new set but know very little about these. The marketing drivel on the website isn't much help.

    • +2

      buy cheap one at harry scarf. throw it out when they don't work anymore.

    • +3

      Get stainless instead of non-stick

    • +2

      Totally un related to this, but I bought a circulon set from Costco about 7 years ago. Very good set, the non stick is still as good today as the day I bought it.

      • +1

        Can vouch for the commercial Circulon set from Costco.
        Non-stick is great, though I do have issues cleaning the grooves sometimes.

        • Also love the deep lips on the pots for easy draining.

        • Commercial is better quality than 'professional' labels these days, they expect the wear and tear of a commercial kitchen, but if a private buyer gets one they reap the longevity benefits anyway

    • I have their non stick "stone" frying pans, bought about 10 years ago. Better quality than department store stuff but mine are no longer non-stick - it's now easier for me to cook eggs in a stainless steel pan than these. Handles also come loose over time due to the way they are designed.

      I wouldn't buy these again - I'll be going up a level.

    • +21

      Don't buy large cookware sets. Buy the individual products you need. Getting a large set almost invariably leads to cupboard space being taken up by products that you don't use or are not the most suitable for your cooking needs, outweighing any supposed savings you get from buying them all as a bundle. And there's no reason why all the cookware in the kitchen has to match.

      This particular set is a great illustration. You could end up with products that you might not use very often, and you would be committing yourself to using non-stick for everything. To me, the very idea of a non-stick saucepan or a non-stick wok is completely baffling.

      • +2

        a non-stick wok is completely baffling.

        For me, a wok should be cheap steel, with the 'non-stick' coming from the pan being seasoned through use.

    • Yeah they've lasted probably 6-8 years now. As others have said, you don't use everything and starting to notice a lot of scratches on the pans.

    • We have these with the knives. Got them earlier this year.
      It maybe our cook top but find they take time to heat.
      We don't use sprays oils or anything like that and any left in pots and pans just wipes out. Only put in the dishwasher probably once a week.
      Handy because you get quite a few pieces in a bundle

  • +1

    The only thing that would sweeten this deal is if they threw in some knives as well… oh wait they did!

    Not just any old knives, knives worth $1,199…

  • +2

    Ah yes House, the EB games for kitchenware where everything is always on sale despite not really being on sale

    • -1

      Which EB are you going to?

      • +2

        every one I've ever seen is always covered in sale posters

        • Really? Because the joke about EB is that when they have a sale every inch of their store is covered in posters, not that they are always having a sale.

  • +1

    RRP one million dollars
    Usual price 6 dollars

  • +2

    Don't know about the stone but we've been using the baccarat granite for a few years now and they have been pretty solid

    • They say you can put these in the dishwasher - any experience with that? The ones I have specifically say to avoid the dishwasher, which is a PIA when trying to clean up after cooking dinner.

      • Non stick cookware should be very easy to clean, I wipe it with paper towels when it’s still warm, this removes 99% grease, at least that I cannot see any left.

  • +3

    The quality of these is not good for those wondering. They won't last you long and the knives are far from good quality.

    • +1

      Thought so, as this brand is consistently rubbished on Product Review. Have you tried these yourself?

      • +1

        I have used a pan and it was very average. I guess not the worst out there but nothing special. Have used the knife and it was dull within one use. Admittedly it wasn't this exact model. It was one of their older standard knives

  • Just saw they're selling the knife set on the Baccarat website for $299… which is apparently 75% off …

  • I have the ID3 baccarat set,

    They are fine for us. We hand wash everything though and make sure to dry the water off the knives after cleaning.
    Baccarat as a brand, probably hit and miss with a tad of consumers at fault for not taking care of there kitchen tools.

    • The ID3 are good but these are not. I have both and have had my ID3 for much longer. Whilst the ID3 are still going strong, some of the stone cookware has gone to recycling centres. I would not recommend these and would say invest in cast iron and stainless steel cookware instead.

      • Good non-stick has a place. We've had a few scanpans for about 10 years, and still going strong. Can still cook an egg without oil and not glue itself to the pan.

        • knowing how to use a non-stick solves most of the issues/problems with non-sticks.

          people chuck nonsticks into dishwashers, turn on the heat to highest at the stove, leaving it empty while fire is turned up… then being surprised that the non-stick doesn't work. smh.

    • +1 on the ID3.

      so far it has outlasted most tefals i own.

      its a shame that they didn't sell them cheaper and opted to go for the fake RRP reduction prices.

      it's not as good as the woll i've used, or even the happycall that i was introduced.so from a pricing point of view, baccarat should really be cheaper, but slightly above tefals.

  • That RRP 🤣

  • +13

    "Baccarat" is owned by Global Retail Brands, which is also the company that runs House.com.au. So this is literally the house brand.

    I am not passing any comment on the quality of these products. But the point is that you shouldn't think that Baccarat is a super prestigious brand just because it has a fancy name and the RRP is set in the stratosphere.

  • Baccarat is probably equivalent quality to products 70-80% cheaper so this price is where they should be rrp

  • Lmfao

  • We've got some of the Baccarat Ceramix which have been pretty good. Does this range compare favourably to the Ceramix products?

  • +1

    If you just want the 10 piece set its $299.99 with FREEEEE delivery here

    Making the knife set worth $100….which is alright I suppose.
    I have no idea why these sets have such high RRP

    • $40 if you use the sign up to newsletter 15% off.

    • So it's false advertising to say that the knife set is free.

      • Apart from it being a different set at a different shop.

  • +1

    $339 with 15% off with email made the deal for me

    • Where is 15% off email?

    • where can you find 15% with email?

    • Yeah where??

    • It came up as a notification joining the vip mailing list for first time buyer 15%

      • -1

        What was the code please?

    • cant seem to find it as well. signed up to their VIP emails on house.com.au but no emails yet.

    • +2

      Tested in incognito and you just need to be on house.com.au home screen and should pop up automatically

  • I've been told that while the house products are not hear, the lifetime guarantee means you can basically keep trading the knives and pans in at a retail store when they die, until you die.

    I was told this by a friend who had a job there.. But in an unofficial capacity which may or may not be the attitude across the board, DYOR.

  • +3

    I thought the ACCC was clamping down on deceptive advertising with fake discounts

    • Yeah, I'm not sure how they continually get to show RRPs that the products never actually spend time at.

  • They’re not made in prc, buy them while it’s hot

  • I rate baccarat pans (sample size 1) better than any tefal non stick I've had.

    Tempted by this deal, but may be too much cupboard space taken up

  • Never used ceramic, cant see it mentioned… are these oven safe at all?

    • Plastic and rubber through the handles

  • +1

    Better to buy individual pieces, what you really need rather than the whole set.

    I will highly recommend the Baccarat Iconix Stainless steel range. Oven safe, dishwasher safe, induction safe, can be used on gas stoves and ovens!

    Being steel it does NOT leach chemicals in food over time and is a much safer buy for the family. I have ditched all non stick cookware.

  • I bought a Baccarat hard anodised frying pan once a few years ago. It was a totally useless piece of crap since the frying surface was convex instead of flat. Even cheapo 20 dollar Colesworth pans have a flat surface.

  • +1

    Got one using the 15% newsletter code for 339 AUD. Great price.

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