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[Back Order] Philips Azur Elite Steam Iron GC5031/20 $139 ($89 after Bonus $50 Cashback) C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Good price for this iron which can be stacked with the $50 cashback from Philips

When buying from JB Hi-Fi, you can use discounted gift cards (e.g. from Suncorp) to bring the price down to $82.05 after cashback.

You can order one from Amazon.com.au but stock is very limited there.

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    +1 for not using the post cashback price in title.

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      Username checks out

    • What's wrong with doing that?

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        not every1 wants to sell their info

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    Mother's day gift sorted!

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      Buy her a new vacuum, too, and she’ll be hella impressed! ;-)

  • How do Phillips irons compare to Tefal Braun and sunbeam? I remember ages ago shopping for an iron many didn't seem to get hot enough.

    • I had Phillips initially then switched to Braun and it was not as heavy as Phillips (with an iron it’s an advantage to be heavy since it irons the creases faster I think) and cord was short. So now we switched back to Phillips! Never had any other brands so can’t comment on those.

    • I liked the philips iron more than braun. But the philips iron i tried was the inferior gold one of these.

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    Bought this iron last time for around this price, found it to be an excellent iron, it is night and day between a $20-$30 iron. It hast not burnt and clothes yet, glides over smoothly over different fabric, and heats up quick. We usually leave it on Auto IQ and it does the job well. it does take a lot of water due to the steam function, so you will need to refill the water after every iron.

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      Agreed, we have it as well. It’s great.

    • Yes agreed, it's a great iron but my only concern is that it takes ages to heat up as compared to those $20-$30 irons. I have mine in IQ mode as if starts up in this mode, is there any setting for fast heat up that I might be missing?

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        We haven’t found ours to take long to heat up. We have ours connected to a smart power point so we tell Google to turn it on if we know we need it soon.

    • Agree, love mine!

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    If you zoom in, you can see Alonso driving it.

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    Whats the DPI/polling rate specs and does it have rgb?

  • Sorry, how do you get the Suncorp gift card?

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      Be an insurance policy holder or have a bank account with them. 5% off jb gift card through Suncorp rewards

  • Thanks OP. Bought one. Was just thinking about getting rid of my tefal steamer that doesn’t seem to do anything to wrinkles

  • Are JB HI airport stores are different than the remaining stores as mentioned Philips link says

    Please note that Big W, Target, Costco, JB
    Hi-Fi Airport Stores
    and purchases through dental practices are
    not participating retail stores for this Promotion.

    • I can‘t seem to find where it states which stores are included and excluded from the offer.

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    Can any highly recommend any ironing boards?

    A good board is almost as important.

    • I'd like a recommendation too, but one of the boards that sit atop a table rather than having their own legs/frame.

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      We have this one for over 10 years now, still going great! Replaced the cover with sunbeam original cover probably 5 years ago (it’s extra thick which is great) and can’t complain!
      Sunbeam SB4400 Mode Ironing Board | Retractable Iron Rest & Rail | Extra Thick Padded Cover | 120cm x 40cm, Blue/White https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B076JJWVLY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_g...

      • I need a good ironing board too. Back ironing business shirts again after a decade of hi viz.
        Was given a cheapy to use and it's very low height, not very stable, can't put any weight on either end and the cushion is almost see through, the mesh part shows through.

        • I've got an old-school ironing board handed down from my grandparents. Built like a tank and weighs a ton. Heaps better than the flimsy rubbish I see sold today. I wonder if there's a Dualit of ironing boards?

    • What are you looking for in a board? I've got an Aldi one and in happy with it, have had it for quite a few years now. Sturdy, relatively light and does the job.

  • Looks a spaceship straight out of Avatar

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    Just in time for Kapooka, cheers

    • Heyyyyyy, Kapooka teammate! I don’t know when my date is yet but I’ve passed everything. When is your date? Also we need to bring iron?

      • Haha not giving my date and potentially revealing who I am because I post some pretty stupid shit on this account, but my date's in the next few months. Yep, you need to bring an iron. I've been told to not skimp on one, hence going for this decent looking iron.

        • Hahah alright no worries mate. Pretty strange to pack an iron lol. And a watch.

          • @Nick K: I've been told that we'll spend a lot of downtime ironing our clothes to look presentable, both on body and on hanger. You'll be chewed out if your clothes look like shit, just a heads up.

            But yeah good luck with the course mate, smash it

  • Best iron I have ever owned. It has a big base, is hardy when I dropped it a few times.

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    For anyone interested Choice says one of the best irons they reviewed:

    CHOICE Expert Rating

    What is the CHOICE Expert Rating
    Good points

    • Excellent at ironing organza, silk, wool, cotton, denim and linen
    • Very good ease of use overall
    • Automatic temperature and steam control
    • Long cord
    Bad points

    • Occasionally water droplets leaked onto the material
    • Water level is not easy to see
    • Heavy

    • Is it the best one they reviewed, or did some receive higher ratings?

      • 2nd to Tefal Ultimate FV9715

        • Thanks, looks like that model is discontinued now.

  • Read few reviews and it seems being 2kg is on the higher side and people are not happy about it.
    My search for an ideal iron goes on..

    • I don’t find it heavy.

      • I do … I bought mine about six months ago and regret buying online and not trying it in the shop first.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one.

  • How are people buying this? No stock with 200km… it says awaiting stock.

    Are we able to make a purchase now and then click to collect when stock becomes available?

    • Actually got a clearance model for less..

      Hope the cashback still applies otherwise

  • Looks like its been OzBargained. There was stock in all JBHOME stores in Adelaide when I looked this afternoon. Now there's nothing in the state. Delivery it is I guess… but you might want to act fast. Looks like its only Dubbo and Townsville with stock now.

  • I've always considered paying more for an upright one, e.g. ProStyle Upright Garment Steamer.

    Any of the ironing aficionados here have any input on this alternative?

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    Myer have for $149 if you don't want to wait a month for delivery.

    • Cheers mate bought from Myers. Least they have stock :)
      Also available via Myer eBay store https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/233422945078

      • Would the purchase from eBay qualify for cashback?

        • +1

          Yes, from the Myer ebay store (not sure about ebay in general).

          I called up and specifically confirmed the myer ebay store.

          • @DaiShan: Thanks, I ordered from myer ebay store as I remembered my previous orders from there were dealt directly by Myer. The pice on Myer changed just as I was about buy gift cards from Suncorp.

    • Price back up, to $199 on Myer

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    Mmm might give it a miss the ProductReview reviews don't seem to be the greatest - https://www.productreview.com.au/listings/philips-azur-elite...

  • I have one of these irons and would not recommend. It is seriously heavy and makes ironing even more unpleasant than it usually is.

  • Unsure if this will be back in stock before the cashback ends.. "Offer valid until May 9, 2021"

  • Looks like JB has it back up at $199 or am I missing something?

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      Ok, marked as expired.