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[Back Order] WORX Cordless Pressure Washer 20V MAX Hydroshot $103 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Usually dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks.

At this price, it is certainly a (oz)bargain. Includes a 2.0Ah battery, charger, car foam sprayer and a few other accessories. Pressure is ok for washing cars, bikes etc. but nothing like regular pressure washers. Core value here is convenience and portability. It can work off a bucket of water. Battery lasts a typical car wash but you can always buy a spare for additional run time. Usual pricing is around $170-$190 range. This is a popular battery powered model (if not the most popular). Ryobi (US) and Karcher have their versions but pricier and not as popular. Bosch has a bigger battery operated model that sometimes go on sale for around $250 on Amazon (regular price is $350). Worx has a more powerful 40v version that is also pricier and not as popular as the 20v version.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +19

    I don't need one.
    Why would I need one.


  • I dont think the 40v one is sold in Australia. Not the battery anyway looking at reviews on Amazon.

    On a side note does supercheap auto pricematch Amazon?

  • +10

    320 Psi is like 1/6th of a normal pressure washer. You're better off sticking your thumb on the end of a hose.

    • +3

      Watch this for an idea of its power… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=16rLD_TzXX4&ab_channel=Chris.... By the way, there are other better uses of your thumb…..

      • +1

        Cheers. The idea is nice but that pressure isn't.

      • was getting a case of fomo until i watched the review. thanks.

    • +1

      Next they need to make it hoseless!

    • The point is that there is no hose/tap available.

      This is to be used with a bucket. No point in comparing it to a hose when you have no access to a tap at all.
      Buy a normal pressure washer if you have a tap.

    • Nah, it is good enough to get bird poo off a car and it does have its uses.

      I bought one at full price, plus the adapter where you can use a soft drink bottle to spray from.

      No regrets.

  • +3

    Cheers OP ;)

    Looks like you can get a genuine Bottle Adapter Connector Accessory for $13 delivered with code PAPR15:


  • +2

    just putting out some important review: DOES NOT CONNECT TO A HOSE, cannot handle mains pressure, uses a bucket

    • +1

      Even many bigger pressure washers are not able to handle too much mains pressure. If your mains have too much pressure, use this $11 pressure reducer from Bunnings https://www.bunnings.com.au/pope-100kpa-pressure-poly-reduce....

      • So you have to reduce the pressure in order to slightly increase the pressure? Makes sense.
        Surely if your mains pressure is really good, you wouldn't get much benefit from this maxing out at 320psi.

    • +2

      Don't you just not turn the tap on full blast to reduce the pressure or flow? Or am I missing something?

      • +1

        The water pressure will still build up to full mains pressure if not using the water, it just takes longer.

  • looks like Kogan is $5 cheaper? ($103)

    probably good for those who have Kogan first and get access to Suncorp Kogan giftcard 6% discount
    bringing out of pocket cost to ~$97

    • +2

      Kogan seems to be offering it at the same price $103 but I prefer Amazon because of its excellent hassle free return and refund policy.

      • haha, thanks for the correction, was misreading the price as $108 :)

    • +1

      Amazon giftcard is 3% off plus 4% cash back and easy return, this is much better deal.

      • Better deal - much better is debatable… ;)

  • Isn't the Aldi Workzone one normally around 90-100 when they have that Special Buy? (skin only though)

    I got mine for $60 when there was one left after a while :P (and already had 4Ah batts from previous deals). It's only worth about that much imo but yes I agree it's about the convenience.

    • Price is good because of included battery and other accessories. Battery/charger alone is nearly the cost of the equipment.

    • Is Aldi any good?

  • Ordered along with the bottle adaptor. Should be good for gutter cleaning and hassle free quick car cleaning

  • Pressure looks weak-as from the video review. But, as it sources water from a bucket, this would be useful for where there are water restrictions preventing a hose of any type being used to rinse your car.

  • Just missed it.

  • had one during one of the ebay sales last year, sold it not too long after. Dont expect it to do a whole lot. More designed for travelling/camping

  • Watched a review there… pressure looks about as good as having a standard garden hose and holding your thumb on the top of it.

    • Yes, thats the point!

      You get a "garden hose" even if you dont have electricity and a tap nearby.

      • Yeah, but it's barely a step up from just getting a large watering can, isn't it?
        The 'pressure' is literally non-existent so to call it a "Pressure Washer" is really misleading I think.

        People use pressure washers to clean pavers and that sort of thing, this doesn't get even close to being able to do that.
        And when it comes to your car, I don't think this would even have enough pressure to tackle build-up on your alloys.

        • Watch some reviews. It can cut foam board.

        • I have a normal Gerni pressure washer. I still cannot wash my car and pavers properly.
          So no I did not expect this to handle those tasks.

          All I wanted was a battery operated water pump + hose gun to attach. Was looking for one for ages. Now I got it. Happy.

          It has much more pressure than a watering can… on max the same as a watering gun on jet function, rinse function is nice low pressure.

  • Could I use this to clean a split system or too powerful?

  • This is in stock for the same price from some other sellers (ie. Kogan and Dicksmith).

  • Bought one of these in the 2019 Black Friday sales off eBay for $99. I wouldn't recommend this to be the only pressure washer to have, but it's a great secondary tool. For me, being able to use water from a bucket, as well as being battery powered, makes it great for quick jobs as it's super quick to get going without hooking up mains power and water.

    Main use for use is washing bikes.
    Because of the lower pressure, it's safer to use on bikes without excessive water ingress into bearings. Also, mine came with the foam cannon. Now, this is a terrible foam cannon (compared to a proper one), but it does the job when I use my normal car snow foam concentrate.

  • Cordless

    False advertising if it connects to a hose for usage…

    • Draws from a bucket so technically you can cart the bucket around and not need to be connected to a tap.
      Good for camping, travelling etc but I wouldn't get one if you've got a tap nearby which will probably have better pressure than this.

    • +2

      That's a hose not a cord

      • A hose is a tether

    • +1

      where else will the water come from…unless there's an attached water tank but gonna be heavy then!

    • It does not. It comes with a bucket.

  • +2

    I have one and it is perfect!

    The issue is that people buying this for the wrong application. It is a portable washer so you can have tap water pressure from a bucket where you don’t have a tap nearby.

    It is a big design flaw that they put a proper hose connection on it. People buying this, connecting it to a tap then complain.

    I use it to rinse my windows and glass pool fence with distilled water. The hose goes straight into the 4L distilled water bottle.
    I live in hard water area + sand everywhere.

  • Back in stock

  • Would this be handy for cleaning up moss and algae build up on delicate clay roof tiles? Regular pressure washers would break clay roof tiles, this one seems okay for light cleaning and it's portable.

    Has anyone seen someone or tried using this for cleaning clay roof tiles (common in older houses)?


  • Anyone tried this with snow cannons for cars?

    • It has a detergent dispenser and will create some foam on your car, but with the same result as those Gerni foam dispensers from Bunnings. Not like the real snow cannons on youtube.

      For washing a car I would not buy it. You can buy a foam dispenser attachment for the garden hose for $15, same result.

      You can buy much better stuff if you have a garden tap and hose. This is for situations where you don’t have anything at all. I have spent $$ for water pumps to be able to use a hose where I don’t have a tap + 30min preparation every time. This is a breeze to use compared to that system.

      • Thanks Kator; I always for some reason thought I needed a high pressure cleaner to generate the snow using the meguiars or similar snow cannons. The hose direct option sounds great if those results are as good as you speak of. Thank you

  • And back in stock again for backorder.
    Ordered one for the portability. Thx OP.

  • Back in stock!

  • +1

    Ended up getting mine for $83 delivered from Kogan with the $20 Amex cashback, and also got the bottle adapter for $13:



    I'm surprised how powerful this is for something so portable, and also found that the $9.50 sprayer kit with 5L capacity below has the exact same size tube as the bottle adapter (and also comes with a shoulder strap), so you can have a 5L cordless pressure washer :)


    Edit: Can also confirm it works when directly connected to a garden hose / mains water.

    • That bottle that comes with the bunnings garden sprayer fits into the bottle adapter? That might actually be a good buy for $10 if it comes with a shoulder strap. that'll make it much easier to use and more portable.

      • Yep:

        • remove the stainless steel lance / sprayer end nozzle from the bunnings garden sprayer
        • remove the clear tube that comes with the bottle adapter
        • insert the black tube coming from the bunnings garden sprayer in to the orange bottle adapter cap, then screw that in to worx sprayer
        • Thanks I might have to get the sprayer as well then!

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