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Coles Mobile $99 | 12 Months Expiry | 60GB Data | Unlimited Talk & Text | Overseas* | Optus Network | @ Coles


This popular deal is back starting Wed Apr 21. Stay safe, and enjoy :)

Unlimited talk/text to the following 15 countries - Canada, mainland China, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States.

Rollover up to 50GB when you recharge before expiry or when you maintain an active AutoRecharge. Critical Information Summary here.

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Coles Mobile
Coles Mobile

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      • Yup Aldi is the best when it cones to $5 to start with to keep your number then $10 every year

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    This or Boost $150 old plan?

    • +1

      Boost if U wana pay more for Telstra or Kogan $130 plan .. if u wana cheap out this Coles is fine but with inferior service

    • Old plan Boost far better

      • wish they still have it

      • Guess I'll just recharge Boost over moving to Coles Sim

  • +3

    Constant issues with Optus/Coles. Avoid if you are coming from Telstra. Nothing else compares.

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    Coles mobile customer here,
    dont do it, we have had issues with calling out and in to certain numbers, took them 2 months to fix it, blamed it on us as well, no compensation.

  • Can you use this for recharge?

    • It's only for initial sign up. Recharge after that is regular price.

  • I wonder why Taiwan is not eligible for the free International calls/texts. Literally every country surrounding it is. Optus themselves don't make such a distinction. Did they really save so much by excluding a country, or perhaps there is something political at play?

    • +2

      Yeah maybe CCP doesn't like it. Once Taiwan is on the list Optus might get hacked like Telstra, then many outages on news headlines

    • -2

      Simple. Taiwan is not a country.

  • Is there a link to buy? I cannot find this deal in http://colesmobile.com.au/

    • Yer still $120 online :(
      or do we need to buy in store.

      • Coles Mobile $120 SIM

        • 60GB, 365 day expiry

        $120 SIM: Includes $120 recharge, 60GB data. For use in AU within 365 days. New customers only.
        Was $120.00, Save $21.00
        $99.00 each
        Offers valid until Tuesday 27 April 2021
        This product is unavailable online. Please visit a store if you wish to purchase it.

        • +2

          I purchased this morning at my local Coles. Plenty of stock and it was discounted.

    • It seems to be available online now

  • Any reason to purchase this instead of https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617153 for $10 less? Thanks.

    • +1

      I cannot see international calls in that one.

      • True … that requires International Extras on CatchConnect … but since I don't need International call … probably I better take CatchConnect and save $10. Unless there is something else.

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      Postage time up to 2 weeks.. (if you can't wait)

  • Do you get 10% off your Coles shop once a month with this?

  • i ordered from last offer on 18th March. It took a week or more to arrive. After that i forget to activate it, now it is 26th. As per terms i should have activated in 30 days from order to redeem the offer. Any chance i can still get the original offer which is exactly what's in this thread? Appreciate views if anyone has been in this situation. Thanks

  • This deal refresh is now running till 11 May 2021.

    I think I'm gonna get this as a cheap phone option and then use this deal for data :)

  • Random question, if I was to buy a Coles $2 SIM, would I be able to change onto this plan? I have found mentions of plan changes on the Coles mobile website but am unsure.

    I wanna make sure the Coles SIM works in my Nanna's phone before committing to the $99 for her. The phone an old stanky Optus prepaid, I've unlocked it and it takes Vodafone sims now but not Telstra, so wanted to make sure the Coles one works first even though it's Optus I believe.

  • this deal still going?

  • Stay away, been trying to port since the weekend from Boost, my old number already been deactivated since Monday and nothing done. They can't even give any explanation rather than we're working on it and no ETA. You get what you paid for I guess

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