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[Club Plus] Bowden's Own Big Green Sucker Microfibre Towel $24.99 (Was $39.99) + Shipping / CC @ Supercheap Auto


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The Bowden's Big Green Sucker is the fastest and easiest way to dry your car, manufactured from super soft, super thick microfibre weave with micro-soft edges to protect your vehicle from errant dirt and grit particles left behind after washing. This giant 400x700mm drying cloth can hold a massive 2.5L of water before needing to be wrung out making the job of drying your car so much faster.

The luxurious 1200GSM fabric is fantastic for keeping remaining grit and dirt away from your paint surface, ultimately reducing swirl marks. For even better performance and results pair this cloth with Bowdens Boss Gloss as a drying aid.

(Not sure if by joining up & applying credit the net cost would be $19.99??)

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      Tell that to MarkyMarkdownebaysomething.

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    green sucker is awesome, I have 1 and love it.
    not sure if this helps anyone but the one linked below is identical just a different colour.


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      Yes, seconding this advice. Loads of fluff streaks if you don't wash first

      • ive found with microfibre (especially these) you cant use fabric softener at all, it messes up the absorbency. so just a regular wash no softener and works great.

  • +3

    These are really good. Give then a wash before first use.

  • yes they really suck.
    Sucks in a lot of water - it seems to be equivalent to three or four towels when drying my car after rinse.
    Definitely recommend it!

  • I like my green towel but I have only used it like 10 times in a year or so. I have noticed however that it is now leaving lint after I wipe down. I washed it and it still has this problem. I have reverted to using my blue soft towel and some after glow….any ideas why this is occurring?

    • Do you wash it with other towels/clothes? I've had several of these down the years and they've never linted.

      • +1

        Hmm not that I can recall. If it has, is there anyway coming back from it? Or buy a new one…

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          If it’s just lint, try washing it a few times by itself. Don’t use any powder or fabric softener. I buy the cheapes liquid laundry detergent coles or woollies sell and use that. Powder will clog the fibres and ruin it. Also leave to drip dry or put it in a tumble dryer by itself

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            @iShibby: Ok will do. Thanks for replying:)

          • -1


            put it in a tumble dryer by itself
            Why would you tumble dry it? Literally no reason at all and it cant be good for the towel, just let dry naturally.
            It's not that you gonna use it again soon anyway

            • +3

              @nikoris: tumble drying for a short period of time fluffs the fibres up. It's recommended by the Bowdens Own team so they must know.

        • Do you wash with powder detergent?

    • +5

      Wash it with the microfibre wash, it doesn't ruin them.

      • Yep that's the best option if you have it, otherwise cheap plain liquid,

  • Has anyone tried the $4.50 Kmart drying towel and can compare it with the Bowden's or the Meguiar's ones?

    • +2

      The Kmart towels are awesome for the money, and i'd rather 5 Kmart towels then one of the Meguiars green suckers for the same money.

      • +3

        Sounds like something a person who hasn't owned a big green sucker would say

        • +1

          Except i own 2 of them, along with all their other cloths as well.

        • +1

          Sounds like something someone who gets sucked into marketing would say

      • +1


    • Meguiars one looks good, lower GSM, less thick, edges are a little more ridged and not as plush. At this price the Bowdens own is a no brainer.

      I use the Kmart ones for my wheels/interior/random house stuff

    • +1

      I have one of the kmart ones. Haven't got the bowden's ones so can't compare, but I find I need to wring out the towel a couple of times drying my SUV (mazda cx-5).
      For $4.50 it does the job.

      • You should just get another towel.

      • I do my whole Santa Fe without needing to wring it out.

      • +1

        Take the nozzle off the hose and use the open end to sheet the water off the car before drying. Makes a huge difference to the amount of water left on the panels.

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    Just so it's clear how good these bad boys are… I can dry my entire car streak free with one of these towels without squeezing. The amount of water they absorb is incredible.

    • After I wash my car I take it for a spin on the highway 110km/hr for a drip dry session and when I come back in 5 minutes it is dry….. So either spend 5 minutes drying with a green towel or 5 minutes having fun….

      • +1

        That's good if youre only washing it but if you're trying to detail it ( clay / wax etc ) you don't wanna do this

        • I have The Last Coat on it, so no need to clay/wax it etc

      • +10

        Or 5 minutes driving down a dirty road making your freshly washed car dirty again lol.

        I use a leaf blower on mine to blow most of the excess water off then come over the top with the big green sucker, makes it very easy

        • Oooh might have to try the leaf blower on mine next time.

          • +3

            @Skramit: it's good, especially all the cracks and crevices around the headlight, grill etc….

            Just be careful around the bottom of the car as you might blow stones up and you don't want that

  • +1

    I find that mine leaves a lot of green filaments after a few uses …
    I found that i got much better results with the supercell drying towel from waxit car care

    Just my own personal experience

    • Wash them tumble dry

    • -1

      Wash then hot dryer.

      • I do that every time :/

        • I got green fibres the first 2 times of use.. then it stopped doing it.

  • I use a similar towel from Gyeon. If looked after they last years. I think mine is about 3 years old and still going strong.

  • +2

    SuperCell Drying Towel is superior.

    • Similar price? I think I'm ready to buy.

      • Very similar.

  • Thanks for posting. Been using one of these for 3 years, bought another one. Great stuff.

  • Not a member yet, if I add club membership ($5) to my cart it applies a $15 discount but the towel is still at the non-club price of 44.99?

    • +1

      Buy membership first and then buy this

      • +1

        yep that worked, still got the $10 credit

  • +2

    I have this one, a $5 kmart one and this $20 one: https://www.supercheapauto.com.au/p/sca-sca-premium-super-mi...

    Can fully dry my car with each one without wringing it out.

    I'd recommend just buying 2 K-mart ones for about $10

  • $14.99 with soon to expire $10 loyalty credit. Done deal. Thanks for the post.

  • +1

    First wash with this one last week and tons of lint. Did washed it first. But it does hold tons of water. Hopefully will get better.

    • Did you tumble dry it after washing?
      Can also dry it on the line and then a few mins in the dryer to fluff it up…I've got 4 of these and never had a lint issue with them

      • Just dried on the line.

        • They recommend putting it in the dryer but do say it may lint on the first use.
          I find you can fluff it up pretty good by hand once dry if you don't have a tumble dryer which definitely helps it's sucking ability.

  • my process is wash car > blow dry it, including all crevices using a leaf blower, car is around 95% dry at this stage > finish off the job with the big green sucker

    just be careful if you have a black car, even the tiniest bit of dirt being dragged around will leave scratch marks (currently on my 3rd black car, after saying never again after the first one…)

    • Have you tried The Last Coat?

      • i havent, but i get my car detailed regurarly enough to get some good beading action going :)

  • +1

    I bought two of this. I can say that one is enough for mazda 3. But with two it's even easier. Love this stuff.

    Wash delicately before use to get rid of loose microfibres.

    • If you have The Last Coat on your car then a quarter of this rag is all that you will need.

  • Thanks OP. Got it for $15.09 with a $9.90 credit lying in my old account!

  • +1

    Can this towel absorb the tears from sad and lonely eyes

    • +1

      No. But it’ll make it easier to look at yourself in the cars reflection.

  • These microfibre drying towels are very old tech. If you think these perform well, twisted loop drying towels will blow your mind.

    • Agree with you, using the Nv Car Care SUPERCELL and that is amazing.

  • Some bargain shops sell Sedona cleaning items including a very similar double layer, thick, bright green & grey, microfibre drying cloth for less than $5. Although about 1/2 the size of Bowden's Sucker, you can buy 5 - 6 for about the same price. Stitch them together and you have either one big double thickness 'big sucker' or 2 - 3 very thick suckers. After blowing away the worst of the final rinse water, just two of these (used as-is) are enough to dry off the car perfectly. Being cheap, it's no big deal when one cops some grease, grime or tar - it becomes the dirty cloth.

    • +1

      if your drying cloths are covered in grime, grease or tar then your not washing your car properly.

  • +4

    This is a fantastic product and a fantastic Queensland-based company who don't send profits overseas, and in fact manufacture 99% of their products in Australia (even down to their hand-applied labels which are stuck on by the endeavour foundation). Who cares if you can get an almost-as-good product off the internet for a bit less money, support Aussie made.

  • I've got one and thoroughly recommend it. So much so that I just bought a second one. I've used a few different versions and this is by far the best one I've used.

  • Kmart. $6. Work fine.

  • Can't you just use the leaf blower to dry ya car????

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