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[eBay Plus, Seconds] Sony WF1000XM3 $142.20, WH1000XM3 $197.10, WH1000XM4 $251.10 Delivered @ Sony eBay


What’s going on? These popular [refurb] headphones are now even cheaper with the 10% off flash sale on right now. They come with 12 month Sony warranty.

Direct links:

WF1000XM3 (Black) - $142.20

WF1000XM3 (Silver) - $142.20

WH1000XM3 (Black) - $197.10

WH1000XM3 (Silver) - $197.10

WH1000XM4 (Black) - $251.10

WH1000XM4 (Silver) - $251.10

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  • Good deal. I got the xm4's, which are seconds, a month ago and they're in new condition and can't fault them. These come with 12 month Sony manufacturer warranty.

    • Good to hear. I splashed out on the 4's so that I could do dual pairing (which is something that my four year old Plantronics already do, but they need a new battery and all the soft bits are falling apart).

      • The dual pairing works pretty well. Calls come in on my phone and pauses pc audio (vlc, youtube). I do have the occasional trouble with getting it to connect to the pc - usually have to turn off and on the xm4s.

  • These or Sennheiser M3s?

    • I have both, if you appreciate build and sound quality then go with Sen M3, if you need the best Noise Cancellation ONLY, then go for XM3/XM4, note that XM3 and XM4 are equal in terms of ANC and SQ.

      • Definitely sound of ANC. Is there a big difference in sound quality for BT vs wired for these? Probably use the BT most of the time but can plug em in as my phone's got a headphone jack.

        • Really depends on the device you're using. If you have the latest bluetooth and supports APTx, then you'll get some real good sound and the M3 DAC is decent from what I've heard. But non bluetooth also comes down to the DAC in your phone (or dongle these days), as each DAC performs a little differently.

          With my OnePlus 6 I'd say there is a difference in bluetooth vs wired, but is it big enough for me to have it wired all the time, no. Only use wired when the battery is dead lmao

      • Yep. I’ve got a stack of headphones. My Sony’s are the go-to for ANC whether commuting or woodworking. But the sound quality is ordinary compared to my Sennys and PSBs

      • XM4 apparently have better ANC for voices and other higher frequency noises. I haven't tested myself, but that's what the reviews say. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bInJjmH31Hk

        I have the XM3's though, they're brilliant. The defining factor between whether you want the XM3 or XM4 should really be whether you want multiple devices connected at once to be honest.

        • You should also consider if aptX and aptx HD codec support is important to you. If it is, then get XM3 (XM4 doesn't support them).

      • Out of curiosity why do you have multiple sets. I have the Sony 900ns and am trying to decide if I really need to upgrade. I know "need" is not in the spirit of ozb

    • But Sennheiser M3s are $100 more, right? Anything that compares to these at a comparable price?

  • So these were pre-owned?

    • Maybe is DOA warranty returns which were repaired by Sony. Or maybe products which have a slightly defective packaging. I doubt that it is used headphones.

      • They are also selling box damaged one seperately. So I don't think they are only packaging damage one.

    • I bought some a few weeks ago, as new in every single way. I only wish people in the last thread had mentioned the lack of multi-device support

  • WH1000XM3's were $175.20 last month with the AfterPay deal, Great unit !

  • Nice.
    Snagged one! : )

  • OzSeconds

  • Every time I see a deal for these, I never know if it's for the headphones or the earbuds.

    • It's both. Wf = earphones wh = headphones.

      • Yeah, it's more that I see the first price listed, in this case $142.20, and the thumbnail and get excited thinking the headphones are that cheap.
        It's somewhat misleading, but probably not intentionally.

  • Thanks OP! Got one as well.

  • WH1000XM3 are great on a plane, couldn't hear the engine noise or my crying kids - great trip

  • I already have the wh-XM3's, I'm looking at a pair of the wf-xm3s for the gym. Can anyone vouch for how well they stay in your ears?

    • Wouldn't recommend for gym as they are quite large and don't really stay in the ears that well… unless you're doing very static work outs. They would be awful for running/jumping or any high impact activity.

      • I use mine fine on the treadmill/bike. But I wouldn't use when using weights.

        • Great headphones but every time I plank or similar they are almost falling out.
          They are big and heavy, not for much movement or bending down

          But still use them every day

    • Get something with s fin, like the wf-sp900. My xm3 sometimes just falling out while I am walking on the street.
      Never had an issue with SP900, but the noise cancelling on sp900 is terrible.

      I miss my Bose QC20 which I gave to my mum when I changed to a phone without a headphone jack.

  • Got my 2nd's WF's from the last deal, couldn't be happier. 👍

    • what happened to the first ones?

    • I honestly read that as "got my second wife from the last deal, couldnt be happier."

      I was about to go searching for this "deal" before noticing my mistake

  • I have the XM3 earbuds from the previous deal. Just had a few questions:

    I understand it automatically turns on when you remove it from the case, but does that mean everytime I want to turn it off I have to put it in my case? What if my case remains in my bag at work, and I just want to put the earbuds down on my desk? Is there a manual way to power it off?

    Also, everytime I put the earbuds in the case it starts to automatically charge. Wouldn't this be detrimental to the battery life over time? i.e. multiple cycles of charge/discharge cannot be good…

    • Not sure on #1 but #2 - definitely detrimental to the battery life. But that's the way these things are designed unfortunately. Planned obsolescence has become depressingly common.

      Wouldn't be surprised if they made it very difficult to replace the batteries, like the apple ones..

    • You can configure them to turn off after inactivity/stay on once they’ve left the case. You can do this in the Sony Headphones app.

    • Battery cycles aren't really a problem for lithium batteries. It's more of a problem to run them too flat, or charge them too high. Charging circuits will prevent overcharging, but you want to avoid letting batteries go completely flat to often if you can. Also slow charging is better than fast for batteries.

  • Good price. Got Sony WF1000XM3 refurbished earlier this year, felt like brand new.

  • Sony Japan just announced the Silent White version for this headphones..


  • Just remember the ebay Plus $50 signup voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any promo codes (as I just found out the hard way)

  • Be careful Sony refurbished items don't have good QC quality as other known brands. I disregarded such comments and bought one in last Afterpay deal. It ended up with defected unit (battery leak when off and scratching noise on one side) and currently still waiting for replacement unit. It's really not worth the trouble for some discount coins for me.

    • Agreed, I purchased the refurb WH1000XM3 about 6 months ago. about 2 weeks ago the plastic seperated on the headband and the speaker came away from the headband.

      Contacted Sony refurb they said to send in and they'll repair them but at my cost.. They could've even give me a rough cost.

      The other option is too tape it back together.

    • The only thing I've ever bought from Sony refurbished store was a RX100 camera. It died within a couple months. But Sony did arrange for me to send it back (FedEx), repaired, and delivered to me (FedEx again) all for free, though it took about a month in total.

  • cannot recommend these enough. I got them when they first released and they're still going incredibly strong. Still have great battery life. Still in great condition. My only gripe is that they're not as amazing because I'm not able to travel, commute or work in a noisy office for them to truly excel lol. This is a great price for what you get even today. The new version minor updates to multipairing is a minor quality-of-life addition that I would have liked, but honestly I've figured out how to not need it or swich devices easily enough so this is a great value prop.

  • Anyone with plus membership be willing to proxy purchase? As I still don't see the benefits of getting a whole membership when deals are far in between.

  • Got my refurbished XM4 from Sony ebay during last Afterpay sale for $247, looks brand new and weighed less than my previous XM2

  • Received my order today, from the last time the deal was posted.
    Ordered the XM4.

    For anyone who is interested in buying.
    No scratches or blemishes to hint they are used in any of the items in the box - case, accessories & headset all seem new.
    Only the box is not wrapped in the clear plastic wrapping as the new ones are and box has a sticker showing "Sony Seconds".

  • BUYERS BEWARE .. I bought the XM4's from this outfit. Maybe I was just unlucky, but they were faulty. Point is, I had to jump through a lot of hoops for a refund (which was initially declined until I reminded them of Australian consumer law). Took three months (and Paypal intervention) from purchase to refund.

  • How's the microphone for making calls on the XM4s? I have the original version and it sounds like I'm at an underwater blacksmith whenever I try to talk to someone on them.

  • great headphones for Music and ANC. but not compatible with Video conferencing (MS Teams) and I think lots of WFH people would have bought it like myself for VidConf, but as it is not working have returned it. Due to the low price I am going to hang onto them . If I paid full price I definitely would have returned. Lot of info on the net in regards the incompatibility. All other aspects really good.

    • What happens when you try to Vc?

      • if you can hear the external party then, they cannot hear you or vice versa. plenty of stuff on the net in regards to this issue. hopefully a firmware update might resolve. have not tried on whatsapp yet (vidconf). However one on one everything works just not conferencing.

  • Is there supposed to be a quiet static noise with the wf1000xm3 when noise cancellation is turned on?

    • No noise, actually. There maybe some firmware updates. Install the app and let it stay connected for a few minutes. You need to have both pods in your ears.

      I hate that I can't use the right one without the left one. I usually only use one ear so it now always has to be my left.