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[eBay Plus, Refurb] HP Elite 800 G1 w/ Intel i5 4570 3.2GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Win 10 $179.10 Delivered @ BNEACTTRADER eBay



We seem to have all of our products apart of the 10% eBay plus sales. I've dropped the price on these to match a pallet we already have preconfigured.

Intel i5 4570 2.20Ghz
8Gb Ram
256Gb SSD 2.5"
Windows 10

Units can be upgraded to 16Gb Ram for $62.10 prior to dispatch just make sure you purchase the bellow upgrade at the same time

16Gb Ram

Original Coupon Deal

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  • Just gotta find something missing! - is it Home or Pro Win 10?
    Otherwise seems a solid deal.
    I bought one of these last year with a faster CPU from a similar deal and it's made a great lounge PC - just add in a video converter (DP to HDMI) or a graphics card if you like that idea puls a cheap HDD for more storage.

    • +5

      I've left it at 10 as there is a big mix of home and pro so it's luck of the draw.

      • Hi, does this Windows 10 support multi language? I may gift this one to my grandpa. Thanks

        • +2

          I assume so, there are language settings.

  • +6

    I don't need more computers but this is so tempting!

  • +1

    Bought this for the old man as his main PC solid deal!

    • I’m thinking of the same thing…

  • anyone know what the slot layout is in this one?

    • +1

      Isn't this USFF? Which implies no PCIe at all given there's no space

      EDIT: it is indeed SFF with PCIe, my bad

      • +1

        There's room for a pci-e x16 low profile card. Better than the dell sff for compatibility with chunky low profile cards but good luck finding one in stock….

        Also note no pcie headers from standard psu, and mobo uses non standard atx power connector in these units

        Google for a pic of the internals.

        • +1

          Yeah, with optiplex 9020 the top slot is a PCI x4 so you'll either lose some performance in connecting to this slot or you'll need to get a single slot GPU to fit into the x16 slot below. The older 9010 (3rd gen Intel CPU model) had x16 on the top slot, not sure what was Dell's reasoning in swapping them.

          It also looks like HP has got a 320W PSU which is better than the Optiplex's ~250W PSU.

          • @FireRunner: Hey @FireRunner, any advice on models with ECC RAM support? Have a few lying around that I wish to use, but all hardware similar to this one are much more costly. You sound like you know your tech :)

            • +3

              @ahara: If I'm not mistaken, ECC RAM is mainly used for servers. I don't know any SFF PCs that support it, sorry

              • +3

                @FireRunner: The only box I come across in this form factor with ecc ram is the HP microserver.

            • +3

              @ahara: Most of the Dell Precision or HP Z Desk workstations will take ECC ram, but you can't mix them with the regular ram. It will mainly be the versions with the XEON's rather the i series processors.

  • +7

    Looking for a pc to browse Web and download content this will do the job correct?

  • Thanks OP, ordered one but will upgrade to 32GB using other RAM for optimal VMWare usage :)

  • Hi Op,
    Could you do a deal for Dell Optiplex 9020 SFF with same specs at similar price point?

  • +1

    No sorry mate, these are already preconfigured with this spec and I don't have any of the dells in that configuration

  • using one of these with Pop OS, works great

    • It has a SSD works great with any OS.

  • +2

    Can we have an option to include wireless/WiFi card?

  • How is the build quality compared to the Dell Optiplex 9020?

    • I don’t have specific experience but they are both “business/commercial” models. HP often in front by a hair.

  • Anyone knows how many extra SSD can be fitted?
    Also, cannot see on support page if ECC RAM is supported.

    Want to use it as an Xpenology NAS

    • From pictures of the motherboard it appears to have 3 SATA slots

    • There's 3 sata slots but not much room in the case. You could probably jam 3 ssd in there but there's only space for 2 HDDs (one 2.5" and one 3.5")

  • Why I always think dell 9020 is better. 9020 is dearer though

    • +1

      How's it better?

  • PLUSDE1 doesn't work for me.

    • +1

      You need eBay Plus to use that coupon

      • +4

        My bad..

        I didn't renew my eBay Plus


  • I did a case transfer for one of these into a cheap HTPC case so I could fit a full size graphics card in. Can't beat the value.

    • How'd you go with the PSU?

      • +1

        Transferred that with it but then bought a 320w HP desktop PSU for $20 for a bit more head room. Good 80+ platinum power supplies

  • Any chance to add a decent graphic card for light gaming later on? I haven't worked with a desktop for a long time

    • +2

      You'll need to find a low profile GPU- ideally a 1050ti LP as they don't need external power. With current market good luck though.

    • +1

      1650LP is the way to go, but there is no supply anywhere at the moment.

    • +3

      You can fit a low profile GPU in it.
      GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1650 are the best two but stock is very hard to find.
      There's also the GT1030 which is cheaper and a bit more easy to find, performance is quite on the low end but it's ok for esport/older titles
      If going to get the GT1030 make sure you get the GDDR5 version (not the DDR4 version which cripples performance)

      • I sold my 2070 super i was mining with for $850 and installed a gt710 2gb ddr5 plays ultra street fighter iv high settings 1366x768

        • Yeah, it depends on what bheart wants to play but I'd say a GT1030 is the bare minimum for any relatively modern titles with a decent resolution and stable framerate.

  • How suitable would these be for pfsense?

    • +1

      I've been wanting to play with pfsense and just bought one of these for just that reason.

      I also ordered a dual port Intel Pro/1000 NIC from some other random seller… probably should have asked here first if there were any available to save having to deal with multiple people.

      8GB RAM and 256GB SSD should provide plenty of headroom for pfsense and it's easy enough to add more RAM later if needed.

  • got1

  • +2

    What's the power consumption of this unit?

  • What can you get the TDP down to on the CPU ?

  • +1

    How do we get the RAM upgrade for $58.65? The cheapest I can see it for is $62.10 with the PLUSFL10 applied.

  • Thanks op, bought two!

  • How many HDDs?

    • It has 3 SATA slots

  • +1

    Hey guys, I don't really know a lot about computers. What exactly would a computer like this be good for? I am looking at buying a cheap computer to hookup to my TV just for basic internet browsing, emails, word documents etc. Could someone please let me know whether one of these mini computers would serve my purpose? Or should I be looking at something else? Any assistance or guidance would be appreciated. Cheers.

    • This computer will be fine for your use

      • +1

        Thanks for the confirmation.

        • No worries, CPU is a little dated now but internet, email and word are all quite lightweight so shouldn't be any worries

          Good luck :)

          • +1

            @jrjr: So are these machines durable, or will they likely break down in a few months? And in terms of performance, are they quick to use, or can they be slow and unresponsive with multiple applications running at once?

            • +2

              @Barry15: In my experience they're pretty durable, especially with an SSD

              If you push it to the limit with lots of chrome tabs, outlook and a couple word documents open it will likely get a bit slow due to only 8gb ram
              but if you only use 1 or 2 applications at a time you shouldn't really have any issues
              Plus it is easy to upgrade the ram to 16gb either when purchasing or doing it yourself after purchasing

              • +2

                @jrjr: Excellent. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain everything to me. Cheers!

  • How many pcie slots in this machine?

    • Four

      • +1

        wow a neg? for what??

  • Would this be able to run Sims4? Need something to get my daughter away from my computer but don't want to spend a fortune as she is really only playing this game and nothing else.

    • +1

      It will be good.

    • -1

      You'll need to install a dedicated GPU. GT1030 would probably be the most suitable

      • +1

        Nah, I have since checked and there are even test on YT showing that with the integrated Intel HD 4600 you get around 30 FPS, which I think is good enough for a slow gam like sims.
        Ordered one on the 20th and has been delivered yesterday. Yet to install and test.

        • That's interesting, I didn't expect such an old integrated graphics to run the game.

  • Will this support 32gb ram? OP will there be an option to get this to 32gb as a package like the 16gb you are currently offering?

  • Also on the hdd any offers for a 512gb or even 1tb?

  • Are you installing new wd green drives like previously?
    If not, what is the ssd?

  • How many monitors will this computer support?

    • 3?

      2 DisplayPort, one VGA

      Wouldn't use VGA though.

    • 1 from the CPU (motherboard) , if you pay extra for a graphics card you can use whatever the GPU can power ( mainly 3)

      • Why does the motherboard have two DisplayPort outputs if it only can support a single monitor?

  • Is it just me or is the price in the title wrong- PLUSDE1 takes of $10 and not 10% which means you end up with $189 and not $179.10

    • Maybe you need to be an eBay Plus member?

      • PLUSDE1
        [eBay Plus] $10 off $100 - $499 | $50 off $500 - $999 | $100 off $1000+ Spend on Eligible Items @ eBay

        • PLUSFL10
          For Plus members 10% off up to $300

          • +1

            @Cheequee: Description and link only state PLUSDE1 and not PLUSFL10 - so should be added?!

  • Can we pick these up from somewhere in Brisbane?

    • No sorry mate, everything is shipped out.

    • Not as good a deal as there is no SSD included.

      • +2

        yeah zero point getting that one when a 250gb ssd already makes up the difference.

        no one is mentally prepared to use a HDD as an OS drive in 2021.

        • I for one am not mentally prepared to use a standard SSD as an OS drive in 2021 when I can use an M.2 SSD in a HP Elite 800 G2 with PCIe adapter and bios update to v2.51 giving 5x the read and write speeds.

          Skip the G1, get the G2. You will thank me in the years to come.

    • +1

      Would be crazy to save $36 and get half the ram and no SSD . pay the extra and get this deal

  • Anyone know if the insides fit in an itx case?

    • Likely no issue for volume

      Unless you want the mobo ports to be aligned properly…. And also the non-standard ATX PSU. Oh, and probably also a non-standard front panel connector, like the Dells have.

      Save your cash and keep your ITX case for a discrete build - it should look nice, after all!

  • For learning programming and Photoshop what config pc should i buy?

    • this will be fine.

      • Thanks

  • +1

    $160 with 8GB of RAM and 128GB SSD: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HP-EliteDesk-800-G1-Intel-i5-457...

    use code PAPR15 which is 15% off

    $143 from another seller if you are happy with 4GB of RAM (e.g. got your own DDR3 you'd replace):


    if happy with pickup, plenty of tech clearance stores will sell you a 800 G1 for about ~$125.

    not really a deal tbh.

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