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[eBay Plus] Baseus TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones $20.18 Delivered @ baseus_officialstore_au eBay


- Standby time: 150 hours
- Charging time: 1.5 hours
- Music time: About 5 hours(70% of the volume)
- With charging box: 30~35hours
- Battery capacity:
-450mAh/3.7V(charging box)
-40mAh/3.7V (Earphoens)
Headphones+Type-C Charging cable+User maual+Warranty card.

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  • Sorry disregard my previous comment. The dodgy $1 ear buds I got were bluedio ones not these ones.

  • These actually sound worse than the Sonic B Worldly earphones that you can buy from Woolworths

    Lost the Baseus encok somewhere at a restaurant but whoever finds, it can keep it 😂

  • The worst headphones I have ever used. Don't buy.

    • Agreed, I bought it for $9 Tuesday deal last year but:
      Lots of dropping out.
      Very short range despite advertising Bluetooth 5.0. Basically having issue if >4m away from the earbuds. In contrast Bose Soundsport Free which is ancient BT 4.1 (?) has much better range.
      Not very good sounds.

      • Same, and still feel like I was overcharged at $9
        I also suffer significant volume difference left to right, and drop outs depending on random head position. Even with the source in my pocket. < 1metre range
        They also randomly re-connect when they're in the charging case.

  • baseus and blitzwolf, quality are down down down.
    i would never buy their products again - previously fans of them.
    now they are just generic brand slapping their brand on top of cheap products. you will easily find exact same items from other sellers..

  • Just bought some Soundpeats TrueAir2. Impressed with the sound quality. Surprisingly nice bass.


    • It has to come down a bit in price before people are willing to give it a try!

    • How is the connection stability on the Soundpeats? Reading the review on Amazon indicates a lot of units having connectivity issue with frequent drop out? I'm all for cheap TWS but cheap TWS but unreliable connection where your phone is in your pocket and not 5 metres away kinda defeats the purpose of TWS.

      • Connection been good. My kids all got airpods 2 and I've used those before. if I compare my Soundpeats to those I really couldn't pick much of a difference is sound apart from the nice to have little features like Auto off on the airpods and auto battery info popups. These don't have auto-off but neither do my galaxy buds. I wouldn't hesitate buying these for 40 bucks again.

        Reason why I'm using the Soundpeats is because of the 'occlusion effect'. Google it, I suffer badly from it and these work wonders for my ears because of the design.

  • Had a bad experience with baseus_officialstore_au yesterday

    1. I placed the order at : Mon, Apr 19, 7:28 PM
    2. Requested cancellation at : Mon, Apr 19, 7:29 PM (ONE minute after the purchase)
    3. Cancellation was rejected by seller at : Mon, Apr 19, 8:34 PM (> 1H later) and was marked as shipped.
    4. Sent an email - got an out-of-office notice
    5. This morning I got a mail saying the package is shipped and cannot cancel.

    Not the first time an ebay store did this. so I complained to Ebay AU and consumer affairs as well.

  • I found that it does what I paid for at $9 dollars.

  • Have one when promotion last year, used for over half a year. bad sound quality, short distance (from my pc to door of my study room, 2 meters only), charging issue, frequent no sound and drop off.
    Pay a good money for a quality TWS, defintely not recommended for this BASEUS one…. Though it should be good, but not…

  • I bought this for $9 in the previous deal. It is unopened, I was planning to gift it to someone later on down the road. But reading these comments, I would be embarrassed to give something that bad to someone…