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Telstra 5G 12-Month Mobile Broadband Plan: $69 300GB Per Month + Free ZTE MU500 5G Wi-Fi Modem (New Telstra Customer) @ JB Hi-Fi


Telstra 5G 300GB/Month on 12 month $69/Month plan with Telstra 5G Wi-Fi Hotspot MU500 (RRP $599) for $0 Upfront @ JB Hifi with 12 months Norton 360 subscription.

Minimum cost $828 over 12 months. My local JB Hifi is offering the deal above. Should be nationwide.



Edit: removed IMEI in my receipt.

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  • is 5g faster than 250/25 FTTP?

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      Short Answer: Yes under most conditions.
      Long Answer: Depends on the line of sight of your residence to the 5G tower and how many active users are on the tower.

    • Depends on where you are. Do a speedtest if you have a 5G device.

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      this was the best speed test I ever got on 5g.

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      It will probably be quicker but not much point with only 300GB data. You'd blow through that pretty quickly.

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        I'm not sure there's much substance to an observation like that.

        It's assuming that just because the connection is faster a user will for some reason be using exponentially more data which is really not the case in most situations.

        If 300GB's enough for you now then it'll be enough when it's coming down at three, ten or twenty times the speed.

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          I use 1-1.5TB per month on nbn 100, so 300GB wouldn't be near enough…but depends on individual circumstances

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            @blueskywalker: The question is whether your usage volume is somehow tied to your speed.

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              @0jay: Not at all…I will use the same amount of data…What I said is related to how much data you need, not the speed

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          "is faster a user will for some reason be using exponentially "

          That depends who you define as the "user". The amount of flashy video ads on my page when I turn off my filters makes me wonder how people without them find any info they search for. If you are using an "app" developed by a geeky voyeur that intercepts all your personal data with the assurance it will only be used to build a marketing profile you could be merely widening the pipeline from the cess-pit.

          • @terrys: I've really no idea what you're trying to get at here, Terry.

            You're saying a faster connection will result in gigabytes of marketing content that would be otherwise unused data..?

            What does whatever "app" you use have to do with your connection speed?

    • Bandwidth Yes, Ping no.
      id rather have 1-2ms ping and 50 down over 30-100ms ping and 200 down anyday. Everything feels more responsive with lower latency.

      • does 5g give you bad pings?

        I'm getting 2ms with my new 250/25 FTTP, loving it

        • expect anywhere from 25-100 on 5g

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            @gingerale95: I get 350-400Mbps indoors on my phone, with 13ms ping.

            I was at another indoor location last week with 464Mbps and 14ms ping.

            • @eug: but its not consistant during gaming or when more phone in the future pick it up. Fibre and copper will always be able to do larger volume then OTA

              • @gingerale95:

                but its not consistant during gaming or when more phone in the future pick it up. Fibre and copper will always be able to do larger volume then OTA

                I'd go for fibre any day, but with either one, it depends on the contention ratio which is effectively how much the ISP or telco is willing to spend on you. If you go with a cheap ISP who skimps on CVC, a fibre connection can be congested. Likewise if a 5G telco doesn't deploy enough base stations or sufficient backhaul bandwidth, it can also get congested.

                e.g. looking at how MyRepublic fared in the ACCC's report last year, I'd rather have Telstra 5G than MR.

                BTW I don't think this is aimed at people who can get FTTP (or gamers). It'd be more attractive for people who might be in an area with poor NBN service, e.g. FTTN, fixed wireless, etc. or who don't spend much time at home so would find a mobile device more useful.

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    On the other note, wow the advert by JBs is so annoying big, lol.

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      Still hard to read for me… :-(

    • +10

      I've often wondered how they get these signs made. Does each store have a 'JB font specialist'? What do they do with the rest of their time, when they're not making signs - hand exercises? What do they get paid? What happens if they fall sick, do the specials get cancelled or do they have an emergency nationwide font specialist also on call?

      Or is it all a big lie and those signs are actually printed out….?

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        I've pondered this as well

        • +2

          Can someone enlighten us? I'd really like to know this too!

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            @Sendthegoods: A friend of mine works at JB. A while ago I asked him this and he said everyone has to master ‘the’ font

      • There is a certain font syle that i got taught when working there. it is not in any offical documation that we had to do it, it was just something everyone did. Would practice for about a day on just plain paper before starting on the larger signs. Then there were the people in media that had a little more time and could do the actual artwork

  • Anyone know if this can be data shared with the JB Hifi mobile plan the $99 150gb?

    • I think Telstra got rid of all their data sharing.

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        Data sharing is back with their latest plans.

        • But in general not with the JB hifi plans. Not sure about this one though.

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    Available online?

    What happens if you exceed 300gb? Shaped or excess charges?

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      All plans are shaped.

      • Any idea what it's shaped to?

        • Probs 1.5mbps like the others

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    Oh, Norton 360, that seals the deal for me! /s

    I’d like this for 4G, we don’t have 5G here (rural). Wonder when the deal expires.

    • +1

      It’s backwards compatible with 4G so will work for areas without 5G. Just don’t expect super fast speeds.

  • Umm so I'm an existing 4G mobile data customer, I just sign up as a new customer do I?
    Already on 150gb for 4g for $69 contractless, may as well go double and lock in for 12 months.

  • And$10 credit?

    Last month TGG still promoting similar deal with $10 monthly credit but only 150GB data

    • Yeah I jumped on that two days ago. Regretting it now as this is double data to my 150GB and the modem is worth $599 as opposed to the $250 gift card I got. All of that for only $10 more.

      Unfortunately I don't have a cooling off period otherwise I'd have jumped on this.

      • Is there perhaps a 'satisfaction guarantee' for the first month?

  • If it's in 4G coverage area, does it work better than telstra mobile data on 4G or better than telstra mobile network?

    • My experience with other carriers on optus network usually is slower than directly on optus plan. I wonder how does it work for telstra plan under jb hifi.

      • This is a Telstra contract. The retailer is JB. The service provider is Telstra.

  • OP The second receipt say, you paid $599 with gift card for the modem - as per post isn’t it free?

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      So what happens with Jb HIFI is the sales rep issues a gift card with $599 credit once the plan is approved by Telstra, and that gift card is redeemed for the 5G modem.

      I didn't buy the modem using my own gift card.

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        The good thing is, you get a tax invoice for $599. In case you do a bit of WFH, this may help you from a tax deductions point of view.

        • Can always use ops receipt

        • +1

          Oh yeah, and I totally forget the GST refund scheme at the airport, heading to New Zealand next week, hopefully the GST office at the airport still open.

  • holy this is good. damn

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    not bad for a device that RRP for 599.

    Essentially a 5g hot spot for $229 + 300 Gb a month.

    For those interested in further details

    5G / 4GX LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot supports Up to 30 users
    Supports 5G mmWave & 5G sub6G
    Supports 4G CAT 20 Band 1 / 3 / 7 / 8 / 28
    Supports WiFi 6 (Dual 2.4GHz / 5 GHz 802.11 a/n/ac/ax)
    IP passthrough (Bridge mode) available
    Removable 4500mAH, Quick Charge, Up to 9 hours operating time
    Protected Charging Mode to prevent over charging

    so it can also be used as a 4g hotspot with Cat 20.

    • I assume it’ll be locked to Telstra?

      • AFAIK not locked to Telstra - but 5g bands it works with are only Telstra.
        4g bands should work all telco that has that band.

        • +2

          It works with Vodafone 5G and Optus 5G as per Whirlpool forums posts

    • +3

      Any way to plug in an Ethernet cable into this device?

      Edit: answering my own question - yes it has a lan port. Source pic 7: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Telstra-5G-Wi-Fi-Pro-ZTE-MU500-5...

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    I wonder if they’ll let me have the deal but take the $599 gift card and not buy the modem :)

    • +1

      That's a detail I'd love to be on top of as well…

    • +2

      Might let you get another mobile device, their system makes them put in an IMEI.

  • Is the modern free said you cancel the plan after 12 months?

    • -1


      • You don't own the modem when the 12 months is up?

        That's a different value proposition altogether.

        • +1

          sorry - thought it said before. as it sign up, snag modem, cancel and walk away with modem

          my bad

          you do own it. you own it from day dot.

          • @Miso: Ta for clarifying

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    I got the 150gb $89/month JB deal and I tried to add a data sim to share my data (Telstra website is advertising that "data sharing is back"). They told me I couldn't because my plan wasn't compatible with data sharing. Just be careful making assumptions about Telstra's data sharing, check first.

    • Same, my 150GB mobile data sim from good guys does not support data sharing as per the terms and conditions.

  • Oof went to Westfield this morning wish I knew this! But I guess this should still be up tomorrow, right? Right? :)

  • I just had this with TGG last month with 150G per month but $59 a month with MU500 modem

  • I wish there was a JB near me :(, this is actually a really good deal.

  • I have tried Optus 5g home internet which is $75 for speeds between 50Mbps and 100Mbps down and 30Mbps up or $90 with no speed cap (typically you get about 250Mbps down and 60Mbps up) they both come with unlimited data. you can also go for spintel which has the $90 plan from Optus for $70 without the mighty fetch from Optus.
    compared to Telstra, both Spintel and Optus have unlimited data but Telstra has 300 Gig.
    speedwise not sure but I assume Telstra would be higher.

  • +7

    PSA: this is advertised on JB Hi-Fi website here so should be nation-wide, ends 2nd May.
    ETC: 414 (plus any Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fees (if applicable)) so yeah probably not worth trying.

    • Wow they want the voucher back too now. Thats news

  • +2

    Awesome deal, I am tempted to ditch FTTP for this.

    But I don't have any 5G coverage in my area (3km from the city), can I cancel the plan if I can't get a decent speed?

    • Where do you live?

      It's a Cat 20 4G device as well, if you get good 4G reception it's likely to get excellent 4G speeds until 5G makes it into your area.

      • I only get 21Mbps upload and 17Mbps download speed + lots of dropouts.
        Yes, I’m in a 5G area.
        Is this normal. Telstra reckon it is normal.

        • You’d have to detail all your variables to get a meaningful response to that.

  • +1

    Shame it's not unlimited, or even 1tb a month. 300gb just isn't going to cut it. Would go with Optus but no 5g in my area yet. Looks like sticking with Aussie BB for a while longer

  • don't have 5G coverage

  • Lol Norton 360

  • 5G?they can not even manage their 4G well here.

    • same here very bad 4g coverage

  • New Telstra customers? So I have two mobiles and a mbb sim on personal plans, I guess I’m not new then? Any workarounds? I could use my ABN?

    • +1

      Sign up using your partner's name?

    • New plan = new customer

      • I was also thinking if I would be eligible or not as I am already a Telstra prepaid mobile customer. Would seem silly on their end not to sign anyone up either new, additional plan or as an upgrade

        • +1

          upgrade = old customer. No offer

          additional, new plan = new customer

  • +1

    What happens after the 300gb? Shaped or disconnected?

  • great deal, i assume i wont be able to use it at home effectively, unless i insist with the portable wifi modem? it will kill the battery ?

    any advise, folks? Thank you :)

    • +2

      Just leave it plugged in. It won't damage the battery any more than charging a phone everyday for 2 years.

      The benefit of leaving it plugged in is it won't always be charging thus reducing the temp of the unit overall