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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 9 Card Slots Magnetic Wallet Case AU$31.03 (Save $4.90) + Shipping @ Makebuying


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Wallet 9 Card Slots Stand Leather Case is made from premium pu leather, perfectly fit for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. Although the case provides as many as 9 card slot and 3 cash slot, the doesn't have any bulky feel. Built-in stand is perfect for watching official movies, hanging out with friends on face time, and taking timed group photos.

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Link: https://www.makebuying.com/samsung-galaxy-s21-ultra-wallet-9...

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  • I am assuming these dont work with wireless charging which would be a pain. I was using the Speck Presidio Pro Grip Case which i felt really safe with drop wise. It is a bit bulky. I then took a punt on one from Amazon https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08SC968Y1/ref=ppx_yo_d... which i really recommend because it has a sliding Camera cover. I put my phone in different areas including my pocket with keys so i would hate for those lenses to get scratched.

    It seems hard to find anything that protects the cameras. It is thinner then the speck, so feels better in the hand, but still gives great drop protection. The only thing i wish was it was higher on the sides like the speck so if it was dropped face down it wouldnt land on the screen. I have the whitestone screen protector so that will hopefully help that.

    Just another option :)

  • Sorry to say this but this case looks so ugly for premium phones like S21 Ultra

  • there are cheaper cases on ebay!!