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10-15% off (Exclusions Apply) @ The Good Guys (Online or Phone Sale)


Looks like The Good Guys are re-running this promotion again due to technical error last night

There was a technical error in the promotional code we sent in our After Dark Sale last night. To make sure no-one misses out, we are repeating the After Dark Sale tonight. Sincere apologies for anyone inconvenienced and thanks for your patience. After Dark Sale ends 6AM 21st April 2021. Look for the callout above the price point to see the eligible discount that will be applied. T&Cs and exclusions apply.

Some Deals:

Credit to @eruption

Additional $20 cashback with $100 payment via Zip Pay (credit applied within 7 days of your order being processed)

Additionally, if you don't have Zip

Terms and Conditions

Spend $100 AUD or more online at the Good Guys using your Zip Pay account (‘Zip Pay Account’) to get $20 AUD cashback to your Zip Account (“Offer”). This Offer is only available between 6.00PM (AEST) on Tuesday 20 April 2021 (AEST) and 6.00AM (AEST) on Wednesday 21 April 2021 ("Offer Period").

Excludes some advertised lines, All Apple products, Gaming Consoles, Mobile Phone Plans, Home Broadband Plans, Mobile Broadband Plans, all Panasonic Microwaves, selected Dyson Vacuums, Samsung Galaxy S21 Series, selected TCL TVs, selected Hisense 65” & above TVs, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Lenovo Computers, HP Computers, selected Samsung TVs, DJI Drones, Stonedine, Stonewell, selected Kelvinator Split Systems, Cygnett Tablet & Smart Phone Protection, Loewe, Miele, Smeg, Asko, Ffalcon, AEG, La Germania, Neff, Digital Vouchers and Gaming Credits, Gift Cards, Home Services, Deliveries and Installation, Gold Service Extras and all purchases from In Store, eBay and Commercial. Further exclusions may apply. Terms and conditions apply. For full details click here.

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  • Anyone know what happened t o "little birdies" launch.

    • Too cold to hatch

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    The exclusion list is longer than eligible product

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      Name change to Very Average Guys soon…

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        Pay obscure payment method designed to acrue maximum profit and we'll slash the prices!

    • Username check out 😂

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    The 65" model is not included in the sale.

  • Sony x90h tv won’t reduce with code. Anyone had luck?

    Edit - All g not included

  • oops, bought a cooking machine 2 days ago at TGG and still unopened.
    Is it possible to return and get refund? then jump to this deal?

    • Off course. And even if it was opened, you'd buy another tonight and then return it with the first receipt. This is very handy technique for Aldi also.

      • thanks for the tips.
        combined deals in the thread would save ~$100.
        I think i will buy one later tonight and return the previous.

    • They also have 30 days price guarantee I think


      • thanks mate, i did not add the gold service though

        • Ask if you can add it now?

  • Any deals on Apple watch?

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      Excludes Apple products

  • Odd, worked fine for me last night.

    • My normal method of saying "oh look, TGG has another sale" and then after 5 minutes saying "no deals here." also worked for me last night.

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    Perfect, just purchased the Samsung Galaxy A52 5G for 10% off and then paid with RACQ Gift Cards (4% off) - saved $101.86 +$7.66 cashback - thanks!

  • Good luck guys finding something with real discount

  • Any sources for discounted giftcards at the moment?

    • RACQ if you're in QLD and a member

      • Unfortunately not. Thanks though

        • Union shopper, if you are a union member.

          Previous post

          It would take time to get gift cards and the discount has gone down to 5%

  • -1

    Repeating this question from yesterday's thread, is there a way to search on TGG that lists all items for sale so that I can do a sort by price? Now that the offer can possibly be combined with Latitude Pay $50 off $150, I'm pleased I didn't make the purchase last night, but definitely want to do this on 21/4/2021. TIA

    (credit to Dreamboy for answering with pricehipster.com solution)

  • Anyone know how to register a cashback with cashrewards for a phone sale? Thanks

    • You can’t.

    • https://www.cashrewards.com.au/in-store/offers says your can receive Cashback if you shop in store with linked (Registered) Visa or Mastercards.

      I don't know if Phone orders would count but you could link and find out…

      • TGG is not a participating store.

  • +2

    Seems like a great deal on the Breville Barista Express BES870BKS Coffee Machine

    • $619.65 after SALE1015
    • Should be $569.15 with Latitude Pay after midnight.
    • $100 TGG Store Credit with C&C
    • Free Breville Mother’s Day Pack
    • 4% Cashrewards

    Should come to around $450 or lower in terms of value you’re getting :)

    • Great deal. It's a shame that it doesn't come with the automatic wand as it's awesome. But if you don't mind doing it yourself this is killer deal.

    • Is there a seperate deal for the $100 credit from C&C I may have missed - I see you referred to it

      • +1

        Yep it’s this one here, $100 store credit if you C&C.

        • Thanks for providing the link!

    • You can't stack the $100 TGG store credit with the SALE1015 code. I called them yesterday because I wanted to buy the oracle and the T&Cs exclude further discounts or deals on top of the 15% off :(

      • Do you mean stack a previous credit onto purchase this now, or to buy this and get the $100 credit later? I believe both should work fine from what I understand? The terms don’t exclude it.

        • To purchase it and get the $100 credit later. I spoke to them on the phone yesterday and they were adamant that the $100 CC credit couldn't be stacked with my purchase because of the 15% code.

          • @Dracr5510: Did you order over the phone or through the website?

            • @ce5himm: Purchased over the phone but they said it couldn't be stacked regardless :(

              • -1

                @Dracr5510: Sometimes they may don't know everything. Over the phone is 100% no go. It is stated in the T&C. But online order still got a chance. Technically, bonus store credit is not further discount to the product you already ordered, and it's not some further saving on top of the 15% . Too many times, customers know more than those customers service guys.

                Anyway, it's just a bonus, nobody is pay for the bonus. If we don't get it, that's fine.

          • @Dracr5510: That’s quite odd as it’s worked perfectly in the past when stacking.. There’s nothing in the Store Credit terms which says it can’t be stacked with another offer (a good example of where it does is on the Dyson Supersonic $50 Gift Card which specifically states you need to pay RRP to be eligible).

            • @doweyy: Yeah I'm starting to get the feeling I got shafted here haha.

              • @Dracr5510: T&C's states that sales made over the phone are not eligible for the bonus gift card.

  • Anyone checked in the store to give the same price like this 15% and successful?

  • Bought a Dyson hairdryer. Nice price.

    • try to claim the 50 voucher, might work if ur lucky

  • -1

    Is there anyway I can order something from this deal and pay with cash in store?

  • +1

    GoPro Hero 9 for $489.60 - that's the first time I've seen it under $500.

    • Yolo purchased. Came to $471.80 with cashrewards. Think that was a good deal.

  • Everything in interested in is in the exclusions list.

  • Zip is dodgy AF.
    Trying to set a scheduled payment on the 28th April and they won't allow it.
    The system seems designed to force you into paying a monthly account-keeping fee ($6, aka quite a high APR on less than $1000.)
    Also, when you try to schedule repayments the "total cost" listed is a complete lie that does not show you the account-keeping fee accruing. I'm surprised I haven't heard any complaints about this - it's borderline fraudulent.
    Would recommend avoiding this payment option.

    • First time using zip?
      let's say you order today. At round 1st or 2nd May, you will receive a statement total amount for 1-30 April and your due date will be 31/5 to pay it off. As long as you pay it before 1 June. They won't charge you anything.

      • Thanks for that, the whole process doesn't say anything about statements or due dates so I had no idea.

        • when i first use zip, i had the same feeling, and i have to google to find out how it works. i normally set up to pay the limit at the end of every month, and i know it will all be paid off. if your actually spend is less than your limit, they will only charge the actual amount.

    • I am pleased to report that that $20 "cashback" was applied to my zip balance this morning.

  • Just like last night, the code isn't working for me on supposedly eligible items. Trying to get the Hisense 65Q8, which is showing as eligible and should come down to $1440, but when I apply the code nothing comes off the price.

    Oh well, waiting game continues.

    EDIT: Ah i see that the 65Q8 is listed in the exclusions - but on the product page it shows the code. So an error at their end

    • Tried few times to get 65Q8, Same, product page displays 15% with SALE1015 but nothing happens…

  • Any good fridges

    • Let us know what you find :)

    • Good guys do not have to sell good fridge.

  • Op/Mod please edit title to replace 'exclusions apply' with 'eligible items' as per T&Cs.

  • Philips XXL Viva Collection Airfryer $272 after 15%, also got another $50 off by Latitudepay for the first time (registered more than 1 year ago but never used)…

  • Finally bought a Sonos Sub Gen3 last night and picked up today. Now my sound system with the Arc + 2 x SYMFONISK + Sub is complete and will compliment my CX nicely.

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