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Free - GitLab Certified Associate Self-Study + Exams (Was US$650) @ GitLab Learn via edcast


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New Async Technical Certification Option
We’re now bundling together the three main components you need to earn the GitLab Certified Associate certification asynchronously: A self-study eLearning preparation course, a certification knowledge exam, and a graded hands-on exam you complete in the GitLab Training Cloud. This bundle is available on GitLab Learn and is priced at USD $650.

Free through April 30, 2021!
For a limited time, use the discount code E6B8A234458AE3D795 to apply a 100% discount off the $650 bundle! This offer is available to anyone who enrolls in the bundle on GitLab Learn using the code by April 30, 2021.

Steps (best to do on PC) -

  1. Launch the OP link
  2. Sign up
  3. Add the course GitLab Certified Associate Self-Study + Exams to cart
  4. Apply promo code and checkout

Full credit to mydealz

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  • +2

    Thank you, enrolled.
    Some personal details are required but no credit card number with the discount.

  • thanks OP
    you do need to provide a billing address besides your name and email

  • Ozbargained a $650 deal… Wow

  • Got it. Thanks OP

  • +16

    Thanks OP, registered without knowing what's the course about!

    • LoL was just going to comment the exact same thing.

  • +3

    All 1 star reviews….

    • so value for money as its zero dollars and more than zero stars ;-)

      • +3

        Category error. 1 star is a negative review, despite the number 1 being a positive number (you cant rate a negative number of stars). To be of value it must be a positive outcome. If i get my head chopped off for free does that make it value for money?

        • Yes? …

        • Yes, free beheadings are rare

  • After clicking on Enroll, it takes me to EdCast login rather than a checkout page.. Any idea?

    • All good. I figured it out

      • +2

        Same but when i enter my credentials it does not log me in. Anyone with the same issue?

        • Disable Ad-blockers, Ghostery etc. or try to enable cookies for Edge browser.. or finally try a different browser. It worked for me.

  • How long is the course anyone know?

  • Thanks OP! Now to never look at it again and let it expire.

  • +9

    Sooo… can someone explain to a layman what this course is about?

    • +11

      Gitlab is a Web based tool for software development and IT operations. One of its key advantages is the free version offers more than competing products (mostly around continuous integration and continuous development). While you could use gitlab mostly just as a code repository, its whole integration setup (with CI/CD etc…) is why it is popular now. It just makes things easier if you can see the code and the CI/CD pipeline fully integrated in one spot (compared to some other competing products where they are still 2 separate products).

      If you don't actually use it for work, then I am not sure how much benefit you will gain from this. If you are interested in the latest trend in software development practices, this could be helpful.

      • Thanks mate! I only use GitHub for some rookie projects, good to compare and start with another repo platform.

      • -1

        I just felt happy to get something for free! priceless!!!

  • whats a gitlab…..

    • its a code repo

      • +3

        It's more than that. In fact, it is due to having code repo well integrated with CI/CD pipeline is what is making it popular.

        • Yeah gave him a basic idea. Next he might ask what is CI CD

          • +4

            @life is suffering: what is CI/CD?

            • +4

              @bongo007: CI/CD: Continuous integration and continuous delivery

              Continuous integration basically means once you made a code change and committed the change, it will be automatically tested (obviously, you do need to write test codes (and often that includes integration tests / some end to end tests)).

              Continuous delivery is that once a build is done and tested, it can be deployed to various environments. Everything is scripted / automated so no manual steps for deployment.

              You can also see which build / version is in which environment (and the history etc…). Generally, medium to large organisations would have CI/CD setup nowadays.

  • +2

    If you dont know what gitlab is, its not for you

    • +9

      Perhaps you could shed some light, maybe someone gets interested to pursue?

      • +1

        It's a version control repository for code as well as a bunch of (very clever) deployment automation capabilities. Very useful for software developers. I'd probably echo what OP said, if you don't know what it is it is very unlikely this will be of any use to you.

        • Strongly disagree with that. Everyone has to start learning about things somewhere. Someone out there might get hooked on coding or change management or automation with Gitlab as their gateway.

          • +5


            Someone out there might get hooked on coding or change management or automation with Gitlab as their gateway.

            Said no one ever.

            • -1

              @watwatwat: You'd be surprised. The most creative and interesting people look at things very differently.

          • @syousef: I dabble in internal operational process automation and didn't know this existed. I'm hooked!

      • It's not something the average Joe is going to do for fun.
        I agree that if you don't know what it is, it's not going to be for you.

  • Nice one!

  • Thanks OP just registered

  • how long will the study take to complete the exam successfully?

    • on the checkout page, it said you'll have access to the content for 365 days

      • +1

        No.. I mean if I do the course .. what's the expected time to finish?

    • +7

      sourcetree \ bitbucket here

      • +1

        hi unicorn

      • +2

        +1 for bitbucket, it's actually quite on-par with github - I'm using both

  • +1

    Clicking enrol just takes me to another login page that appears to be different from the gitlab logins…

  • Nice one OP.

    Does anyone know first hand how prevalent it is in the industry. I was wanting to recommend this to a friend interested in getting into DevOps.

    • Most of the companies use Azure DevOps and Jira - GitLab seems to be a combination of both, where you can log tickets, track issues etc etc. Tbh- I haven't seen any company using GitLab, but you never know.

      • Thanks did some research. Big firms like NVIDIA are their biggest customers so they have good penetration in the industry.

    • +3

      There are organisations using gitlab. The company I work for uses it. However, we have used Jenkins, BitBucket + Bamboo, and now gitlab (technically, Jenkins, BitBucket and Bamboo are still being used so as developers really need to know all of those). So far, I like gitlab the most. However, it really doesn't matter to me. Whichever you want me to use, I'll use it / them.

      gitlab feels more up to date. The CI config is part of the code repo (.gitlab-ci.yml). That said, each one has its pros and cons. There are some features I wish gitlab has (currently need to workaround not having those). Hopefully, they will be added. Depends on how agile the organisation is, some organisations are not agile enough to change CI/CD setup quickly.

    • It's getting good market penetration.
      The target market is definitely geared towards enterprise but even for a personal project I'd use it for the free runner hours.

  • GitLab page about GitLab-Learn & EdCast:

  • Couldn't pass the registration page of EdCast app. Ended up open the link on a browser on my computer and complete the registration and purchase.
    Now is time to uninstall the EdCast app.

  • +1

    I will become GitLab Certified Associate by end of today!


  • +2

    Just did azure devops. I think this would be useful for me to learn more skills/tools

  • +5

    If you want to know who's using Gitlab, just search for it on a major job board.

    This would be useful for
    - Newbies to Git, Gitlab or CI, CD who want to get into programming, testing or management in IT. Even if you don't use Gitlab, many concepts are transferrable.
    - Those applying for a job where it might be used - having a cert proves you at least have some clue what it is.
    - Those who use it at work already or are about to and whose employers like their employees to have formal qualifications.
    - Bored people who like to do random qualifications for fun because they can.

    • I just finished, this certificate is none of those.


      • Thanks for the review

      • Ok I get that your view is the content is garbage, and based on your description I'm likely to agree,. But how does that negate negate what I said about being a cert that might satisfy a current or prospective employer. Often an employer wants proof you are trained/qualified in case anything goes wrong, and quite frankly the quality of that training isn't even a secondary concern. How many recruiters and employers do you think actually have done the course? They only know that it is a very short course and that content is limited. Your complaints about cost and fluff lessons are valid, but I don't know how you expect any course this short to give you the in-depth knowledge you're complaining about. Compared to the guy on the street that wouldn't know a git pull from a git tug, someone who completes this has some knowledge. And while you don't consider background knowledge about the history of gitlab as content, how many people on this discussion had no idea what gitlab is? Everyone who goes to school does basic arithmetic, but not everyone does git basics or gitlab. You took a beginner's course and had a rant about it that's as bad as the course you're complaining about.

        And it is NOT cool asking for someone to get fired or calling out the course creator by name in this way, when I guarantee you know nothing about her or the process she went through to create the course.

        Watch me get downvoted, because toxicity is rife on this board

        • Any potential employer who search GitLab Certified Associate on youtube will find my video and will know the truth and if you put this on your resume and they search it..

          • +2

            @canberrascooter: The fact that you don't realize that this career limiting rant of a review makes you a lot less employable than someone that adds a filler qualification on their resume boggles the mind.

  • Thanks OP.
    Enrolled and will make full use of it.

  • Thanks enrolled.

    It says "Available Until: 21-04-22" though. Not sure if the course is still available after a year.

  • starting over

  • what am i signing up for lol

  • damn. this site should be called dealbot.com.au

  • +1

    I just got upgraded for free to GitLab Certified Associate Self-Study + Exams v1.16 (from v1.14)
    Note that you will not be able to transfer course progress.

  • Course might be useful, but I'd recommend not wasting any money on such second grade certifications, in case they try to upsell.

    GitLab certifications for developers are probably comparable to Bosch or Stihl certifications for handymen. It's a manufacturer of some more or less known tools, that's all. You don't want to be known as the person who has a certificate saying "Mr Myer knows really well how to use a drill".

  • completed 100%, waiting for result on hands on exam.

    this program is not worth US$650 lmao its no even worth 65 cents. It does NOT explain shit*, the whole program is basically link to 6 selected pages from gitlab documentation mixed with few videos that is not really related to the lesson.

    You will learn very little git programming, mainly gitlab website gui and basically that all from the 6 selected pages from gitlab documentation in a small window.

    you can NOT even submit the final hands on exam from within the course (ie from within edcast), you have to find link in a comment made by Kendra Marquart in response to complaints from other students because how this course is not working because that is how screwed up the course is.

    This free hour long github tutorial is much better made that this $650USD course in terms of explaination and production value and amount of content.

    end of the day this really gave me a sour taste about gitlab and really has any creditability gitlab has with me, for me github is the way to go.

    • See above for my full thoughts, but calling for the creator to be fired and going over her credentials is NOT cool.

      • masters in edu, 10 years with the company, comes up with a course that is essentially links to six pages of free online documentation. No, she needs to go and gitlab should get a proper course creator to design a certified programmed.

        • -1

          Under what guidelines? She may not have been given much authority over what goes into the course for all you know. At which point your choice is to give up a perfectly good job in a terrible economy or do what you're told.

          So incredibly tone deaf! Do you think your own employer would be impressed with your behavior?


          • +1

            @syousef: You are an "Certified Associate" after reading six reading pages of docs in 2/3 hours and doing a 15 multiple choice "exam" and one really simple hands on exam.

            Imagine becoming "Certified Associate" in something after going to just 1 lecture and 1 tutorial at uni.

            "Certified" & "Associate" carries lots of weight in the world of finance, eg CPA. Its is being thrown around by Gitlab like a joke.

            • -1

              @canberrascooter: None of that excuses your behaviour in taking a dump on the career of a woman you don't know and calling for her to be fired. It's indefensible, so stop trying.

              • @syousef: it is my opinion that she needs to be fired for producing such indefensibly low quality low content course that normally costs $650 USD that is essentially a waste of time for any student. You don't have to agree to it that is fine.

                • @canberrascooter: Is that how you handle all your problems? Yell louder? I didn't say the content was good. I wouldn't pay $6.50 never mind $650 for this course but whether we agree on that is immaterial.

                  I said she might not have had as much say in the content as you assume. In fact other than digging up her name from the course credits and her degree, you know nothing about her and you're calling for her to be fired. And you think that's perfectly reasonable based on your perceived quality of the course with zero idea of what process she went through to create it. What were the guidelines? What did she have autonomy in? Was she asked to or forced to add the "infomercial".

                  I'm not going to repeat the rest of what I said. As far as I'm concerned you are out of line.

                • @canberrascooter: Also you're clearly looking for an intermediate course and criticizing this introductory course on that basis. A lot of what you consider background fluff is worthwhile background if you don't have any idea about the topic. I don't doubt it could have been presented better, but your expectations of this course are unrealistic.

              • @syousef: why do you need to bring gender into this? I can not criticize her work because she is a woman and my criticism might ruin her career? But it is okay to criticize of the course if the creator was a man?

                • @canberrascooter: I didn't bring gender into this. You did. I stated she was a woman. I didn't say this would have been fine if you were calling for a man to be fired.

                  • @syousef: your message seem to be I was ruining a career of a woman because I criticised her work and I shouldn't.

                    • @canberrascooter: I just would have used "this man" instead of "this woman", and "he" instead of "she" if you were calling for a man to be fired. Gender has nothing to do with it.

                      • @syousef: okay, no worries. It just there was a tone of sexist protectionism in your defense of her.

                        If a person whose job is to produce a course and I as a consumer who just "consume" her course, It is not okay for me as a consumer to criticize a person's work? Of course I can, I am free to express my opinion about her work which was released to the public and that I spend many hours on.

                        If a person whose job is in my opinion egregiously poor, do I not have the freedom of speech asking her company to find another candidate to that might be to producing better product for their consumers? After all gitlab's goal is to get more people to use their services and there more people know how to use gitlab, the more gitlab will be adopted. Producing a high quality and comprehensive course is gitlab's goal, is it not?

                        • @canberrascooter: There is a difference between criticizing the work and calling for the person to be fired. Freedom of speech isn't freedom from consequence.

                          I do find your mental gymnastics hilarious though. If Gitlab's "goal is to get more people to use their services and there more people know how to use gitlab" and "Producing a high quality and comprehensive course" how do you explain the course you spent 10 and a half minutes criticizing as being worthless? Do you think this lady just went rogue and put it up on the website without permission? Or is it more likely that the content was approved? I mean seriously, come on dude! Do you think what you're saying at this point is logically consistent in the least? Defending the company you just rubbished so you can double down on abusing this…oh…I better not call her a woman….because otherwise I'd be "protectionaist".


                          • @syousef: I have to right to express my opinion on my own youtube channel about my own experience on a product. And I have the right to express my opinion about the person who created that product and ability to product to produce future related products.

                            Just like anyone can say Donald Trump should be fired and never be president again. I have to say Kendra Marquart should never make another course again.

                            As I said u don't have to agree with me.

                            • @canberrascooter: I think you'll find there are laws that dictate the limits of that expression. Not to mention civil damages. Look up libel, slander, defamation. Chris Murphy just won a nice case and the views expressed weren't nearly as over the top as yours.


                              We agree on more than you think. Certainly not everything though. I strongly suspect you'll look back at this moment in a decade or two and cringe at your own behaviour.

                              • @syousef: everything is based on truth and opinion as stated in my video. Good luck with defamation suing a youtuber for express opinions.

                                • @canberrascooter: Didn't even read the Chris Murphy article did you sport?

                                  In any case. Let me spell it out for you. No one who sees this video is going to want to hire you, because they would be scared what your "truth and opinion" about your fellow colleagues would look like.

                                  You COULD have made this criticism of the actual course, and it would have been a useful review, even if it was a bit long. But you had to take it into personal attack territory. However it's very clear to me that you just don't get it. I am unlikely to ever be in a position to employ you but if I was I know I wouldn't take the risk.

                                  • @syousef: Thank you for your consideration. I don't ever want to work for you either.

  • +1

    no longer valid the code

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