Talk Me out of Buying Dell XPS 17

My MS Surface Book has crapped the bed with a broken power button
Has been good with an excellent screen but literally cannot turn it on - frustration!

Been thinking to get larger screen and this laptop has good reviews from OzB users
Seems top quality screen and very narrow bezels - 17" in 15" size

Can get i5 / 8GB version for less than $2K after cashback
Or i7 / 16GB for $100 more from Outlet

$2K is a lot of pennies
Any reasons not to go for this?
What is the alternative with decent quality large screen at cheaper price?
Whaddayareckon :)


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    Talk me out of buying Dell XPS 17

    Why? I think it's a great laptop 😁

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      Not helping! LoL

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        Talk to msft about fixing the surface book they're usually really helpful

    • Yeah it is a great computer. No ragratz

  • I've had good experiences with the outlet, I'd recommend the i7/16GB for $100 extra (if someone doesn't talk you out of it)

    • Still not helping! LoL

  • save money. But you know that already lol

    • Yes! Shame me into budgeting! Lol

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        Just think of the how much you would have if you invest it all into shitcoins

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    $2K is indeed a lot of pennies. When did you get your Surface Book? I spent almost $3K on my Surface Laptop 3 last year, which isn't an amount I normally spend on a laptop, but did because the previous laptop (Sony VAIO; cost one-third of what the SL3 cost) was eight years old.

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    $2000 can buy many peanuts!

    Explain how!

    Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

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    There's no AMD Ryzen with Dell XPS, so that's one reason not to buy a XPS laptop.

    Seriously Dell you should start putting AMD into the XPS line.

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    I just dropped $2100 on the xps 17 today. No Ragrets!

    Replacing a 15" Acer Nitro gaming lappy.

  • The XPS is
    Stunning, has an immersive display
    Impressive CPU and graphics power
    Comfortable keyboard
    Attractive and slim design
    Long battery life
    Premium all-metal exterior

  • why do you need a computer?

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      Why do you need 5 ds

      • Why do you comment on forums

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          Why do you comment on forums?

          • @SF3: Just looking for XPS deals obviously :)

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        Technically 4 extra ds.

        Is that the number for stuttering?

  • Can anyone confirm if cashback works on the outlet
    asking for a friend ;)

  • Do you really need 17" in a laptop, My first laptop was 15" and I hated it, 13"-14" is the sweet spot imo, pending the bezels

    • Definitely keen on the bigger size - this 17" is the form factor of a 15.6" due ot very small bezels apparently

  • Fix your surface book?

    • Good call - it is actually pretty hard to do I think
      See here for example
      Might be worth trying to get MS to repair - but have to send away for ? how long

    • Look powerful but not cheap!

      • Depends on what you are after.

        You could get good bang for buck for $2k and probably better spec than the other offerings.

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    Dont do it - Or else!

  • battery health goes to crap after a year or so

    • Really? All laptops degrade with use

      • Dell rates it's batteries to retain 80% of it's battery charge for only 300 charging cycles. In contrast, Apple rates them for 1000 cycles to 80%.

        Other reasons include that it uses an Intel processor. AMD and Apple are the superior option for mobile cpu's.

        That being said, it's still IMO the best premium Windows laptop and at the discounted prices, it's a compelling option.

      • Granted this is for XPS13 & XPS15

        I owned the 13 since '18 and had issues with battery management in the first couple of months. The fans would kick on full blast on low intensive tasks like surfing the web and Word. The battery life would lose 60% overnight. I am a light user as its only used for university and everything else is on my desktop. I nagged Dell until they replaced the battery and motherboard. Battery health is now at 75-80% according to batterybar. Other issues include trackpad ghosting and keyboard.

        A mate owned the 15 since 19'? and got seriously battery degradation from the get go. He managed to get a replacement, but still suffered from the same issue. Other issues include wifi card.

        Granted, this is not the xps17 you're looking at, but something to look into.

        If I had to get a new laptop, I would look at thinkpad x1 carbon, but not sure if it suits your needs. My mate is a power user and would probably get a razer blade.

  • Talk Me out of Buying Dell XPS 17


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      Thank you - stern CAPITALS helped :)

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    I've been looking at getting one too. The only negatives I see:

    • Intel 10th gen Comet Lake compared to 11th gen Tiger Lake:
      • Single core speed around 20->30% slower
      • Less power efficient
      • iGPU much slower
      • iGPU doesn't decode AV1
    • Possible QC issues around wobbly touch pad, key issues, back light bleed. No idea how common and apparently fixed in newer revisions?
    • Killer WiFi rather than Intel WiFi (reports of crashes/disconnects at least under Linux. Maybe fine under Windows?)
    • No USB A ports
    • Page Up/Down needing a function press annoy me :p

    Also notes: Unless you get the RTX GPU version, the display outputs are all connected to the iGPU. Good for docking without dGPU power usage but limits graphical output as Comet Lake iGPU has nerfed the external DisplayPort to HBR 1.2 (limited bandwidth limits refresh rate).

    No deal breakers though. I'm personally more leaning to getting a ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6 (discount code X1PW3R) but that's because I mainly use Linux, don't need a discrete GPU, and already own an eGPU enclosure.

    • Excellent detail here - Thanks!

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    It's due to go on sale the day after you were planning on purchasing..

    • That's why I only buy when OzB recommends!

  • It seems like a good deal. The only issue I've had with several Dell notebooks over the years is coil whine. Before buying, check reports of coil whine for your model.

    17" is nice. Funny thing though. When you go big you find use case for small and vice versa!

    I know, not helping… :-D

  • I'm still rocking a Dell XPS13 with the 6th gen I7 and 3k screen it's still a beast and movies look amazing rock solid too !

    So get one already !

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    I bought a top of the range dell 17 inch laptop in 2001. Still going strong, and in use. Obviously a bit slow now, but the point is it was well worth the money.

  • Too much money. You don’t need it.

  • I've had a lot of small problems with mine. I got top of the line and the power supply barely keeps up - plug in my phone and it says it isn't powerful enough. Heatwise it sometimes struggles even with a cooling pad. There are two colour profile programs and they can fight with each other. It really does t like docking stations and again you can easily get power warning.

    Get bsod occasionally, might be latest windows updates, seems to have something to do with power suspension.

    It's great that it can charge via usb-c but it really is marginal. Some of these might go away if you don't have the max graphics and higher i7's, but it really shouldn't be happening at all.

    • Don't like the sound of those power struggles
      Sometimes this is an individual unit though?

      My MS Surface book was getting BSOD after updates too so that might be a WIndows thing if even MS hardware glitches

      I def wanted USB C for 'universal' charging and quickness
      There are aftermarket chargers which are more powerful or at least consistent I think
      Maybe someone can recommend?

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