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Yubico Yubikey 5 NFC US$40 Delivered (~A$51) @ Yubico


For those who want a little extra security baked into their online presence.
Have been using one for awhile, very straight forward to setup with the likes of Google, LastPass, O365, etc. Compatible with Mac, Windows and any mobile with NFC.

Found the promo code online, not sure how long it is valid for - can be used for $10 USD off most of their products excluding the Security Key NFC.

Using current exchange rates, the Yubikey 5 NFC at $40 USD delivered equates to ~$51 AUD.

Normally found locally at $89.99 AUD with Amazon or $79 at Umart

edit: updated the link back to the Yubikey 5 NFC instead of the 5C
edit 2: not valid for the Security Key NFC

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    • NFT your postings then !

  • Don’t quite understand how it works and it doesn’t seem to support bank and other website? Only limited websites?

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      Other way around. Yubikey works with any site/service that supports hardware token MFA. Banks and many other sites don't support that yet unfortunately.

      It's the gold standard for security and in many cases is also easier/more convenient than using an authenticator app or other method. The most annoying thing is exactly as you mentioned, still can't use it with a lot of services yet because they don't support hardware tokens. IMO still worth it as most of the important services do support it e.g. password managers, Google, Microsoft, most other decent email providers, most crypto exchanges etc.

  • Can you use a single Yubikey to protect both a password manager and your Google account?

  • I am wondering if I lose this dongle, am I gonna lose all my passwords if I store them in BitWarden ?

  • Thanks, been curious about these and bought one to try. Will use with my password manager

    • best to buy a pair. keep one with you, and one in another place

  • How many keys you could store in a one?

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      As far as I know you can use it with unlimited amount of services. But only those that support hardware tokens. It generates the keys on the fly as you use it.

      • You mean it's kinda like a memory stick where you could store multiple keys? How does the particular service identify which key is right when you plug it in?

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          Yes right but it's all automatic so you can't browse it in Windows Explorer or another file system like a memory stick.

          I don't know the technicalities but once you've set it up with a particular service it has the key identified to it. So next time you log on to that service it will ask you to plug in the Yubikey (or just tap it for NFC) and touch your finger to the gold circle. When you touch it the right key is automatically entered.

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    I'll wait for the new gen with biometric security (fingerprint).

    My YubiKey 4 works well for now (ignore the USB-C mess for now).

    • this is where technology like this are moving into device where biometric are readily available.

  • I have the 5 NFC and 5 nano from the last deal (a few years ago now), lost them but found them again recently, yet to start using them, will soon.

    You can even pimp/bling them up, see https://www.yubico.com/au/product/yubistyle-covers.

  • Will having multiple google accounts on one key confuse it?

    • Won't confuse the key, but perhaps Google won't permit? Not sure…

      • I'm not sure either but can't see any reason Google or any other service would disallow using one Yubikey on multiple accounts. Can't be 100% without testing it but pretty sure it would work fine.

        • I read somewhere that someone bought one to try but then at the end need to order another one because a website enforced two registration. Cant remember the website name. At that point i thought hmm make sense we need to keep one as backup.

          • @ChiMot: I have two and register both on all services although most don't require it (I don't remember any requiring two but there probably are some). If I lose one of my Yubikeys or one fails then I can use the other one to get into my accounts. It's more secure than using e.g. an authenticator app as a backup which you can do with most services.

  • if i have usb cable connected from laptop to a dock (monitors dock), can i plug this key to the usb port ON the DOCK ?
    or yubikey will only work if plugged in directly to a laptop/pc ?

    • Works as long as it has USB to the computer.. hubs are fine

  • Anyone received their keys yet? Shipped on 20 April and still havent got it.

    • Shipped 10/5, received 25/5.

    • Anyone else still waiting on theirs, ordered 2 separate orders shipped on 3rd of May, been a month and over the 10-20 business day shipping, still haven't received, starting to wonder if it got lost in shipping, hmm.. I might need to contact them..

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    I was going to buy these and then thought I'd check with my bank. Nope: neither NAB nor ANZ allow it, although ANZ at least has a proprietary solution for business customers. NAB uses SMS authentication, which is apparently very easy to steal. I'm really annoyed, and a bit alarmed.

  • FYI this code is still active - successfully purchased today with two coloured covers (one for my old Yubi, one for the new) for $63 AUD.

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