Xiaomi USB LED Light Enhanced Version

I own one of these but the tiny button fell out last night while I was walking home so I'll never find it. I'm currently using my garage roller door key to change light intensity lol.


This item used to appear on Ozbargain for a couple of $ at stores like LightInTheBox and Gearbest, but for ~$10 I prefer the garage key. I haven't seen it listed cheap for a long time. Does anyone have a source?


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    Pretty sure these were going for less than a $1 a few years ago… I have a few at home. Have never used them other than to test they worked.

  • There should be many of these items on eBay for $1-$2 but they are not the Xiaomi ones and do not have the dimmer button, either on full or off.

    These are very handy as night lights with a power bank.

    A 10k capacity power bank can do 4 nights with one of these before needing to charge again, more when I had the light on dimmest setting with a Xiaomi.

    • These are very handy as night lights with a power bank.

      If you don't own a phone.

  • Prices has gone up significantly in recent years.

    I was looking for the Xiaomi USB Fan but they have gone up too.

  • Like this?

    You could get a flashlight and a diffuser. EDC01 is a pretty cheap option.

    • Thank you for that, unfortunately I use the brightness setting of the "enhanced" one a lot.

      I wish I'd bought a few now. But at the time I figured they would keep popping up on Ozbargain every couple of months.