Vodafone Refunding $5 for The Recent Outage

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Refund Policies / Satisfaction guarantees are not bargains

For Vodafone users, they just sent out a text offering free data to compensate for the recent outage. I don't want more data so I called their help desk on 1555 and got a $5 refund for each of my 3 phones without any discussion. They might have offered more but I think $5 is fair. Best of luck!

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    Ah, I'm on Kogan prepaid, so no refund….

    • I'm on prepaid Kogan and I got the whole weekend unlimited and free

  • That's a joke of an offer, it wasn't just the data. I couldn't call or text for most of the day

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      Do you pay more than $5 a day? If not why is it not fair?

      I’ve actually seen heaps of outages, I don’t often hear of any monetary rebates because of them.

    • get a solicitor and claim for Depression.

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    No way am I ringing Vodafone’s customer service for $5 😂

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      Could be worse. You could trying calling Telstra customer service and spending the next 6 hours trying to get $5.

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    This isn't a freebie.

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    Sounds like 2010 when I finally got fed up with Vodafone's appalling performance and reliability. They let me out of my 24 mth contract a year early and I was able to keep the phone.

    As that stage they offered me 3 mths free, I told them I don’t want free, I need a WORKING phone.

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    Pathetic. Take them to the ombudsman and they'll get hit with a higher complaint handling fee at least.

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    Did Telstra offer compensation when they had their outages over the past few years?

    • Unlimited data on the weekends after the major outages. IIRC

      • I'd take $5 over that

  • LMAOOOO so many drama queens here. go join whirpool

  • I have an expired prepaid plan with VF, but still received the offer: free unlimited data on the 24th and 25th.