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Tefal Daily Cook 4-Piece Set with Utensils $59.40 + Delivery ($0 WA/VIC C&C/ in-Store) @ Spotlight


Full credit goes to Miss B for this one!

Tefal Daily 4pc Cook Piece Set with Utensils.

$59.40, use code WELCOME10 on new accounts for $10 off (can use same address/phone number as existing accounts)

Selling for $220+ elsewhere even though it says it's normally $99

26cm frypan
24cm stewpot
20cm stewpot
16cm saucepan
5 x cooking utensils

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Spotlight Australia

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    I only buy Tefal made in France.

    Made in China and they still want the same coin for it.

    • Totally agree… not all Tefal made equal…
      Been using their titanium range for more than 2 years, and it's still as good as new

    • +2

      Can you find anything better value at this price? You get what you pay for. Let's stop BS and work or think hard to make this country less shit.

    • Thx for pointing out the country of manufacture. This is not something I would have thought to check out.

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    I believe price in title is different, slightly ;p

    • +1

      Good pickup, reduced it by 55c :P

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    Pan-tastic! Thanks Mate.

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    OH…sh**, I bought this about a year ago for $149.50 from Big W at 50% discount (RRP 299.99).
    This set is Made in China but the design is beautiful and quality look well-built.
    But the cooking utensils accessories are very cheap quality and rubbish.
    It is 99% worth buying at ~$59.40 now, to give away as house warming gifts or Christmas presents in December.

    • Are you using it or did you give it away?

      • +1

        I had been using for the past 15-16 months.
        I quite like it, all the 3 stewpots still in shiny stainless steel colour, cos I take care to hand wash it to clean every time after cooking,

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    Try these codes for $10 off.


    • No codes work

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        • I used 10gift but had to sign up for vip not that im bothered singing up as save $10. Maybe that's why i never got other codes to work cause of them being caps. I did just cut and paste them listed on here.

          Is this same set as binglee and myers sold for like $250 plus which comes with 10yr warranty?
          Or is this a cheaper version but looks same of same as others like myers etc not a bad deal.
          We just happen to need new ones so this comes in handy.

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    Same price on their eBay store but no pick up option https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/154413516931

    • can use PLUSFL10 for ebayplus discount.

      • $66.45 on eBay with discount. This is much cheaper.

  • +1

    I dont really need it.. But more stainless steel.. arrrrrrgh. Why. Ill regret it. Yeah bugger it, I can handle regret.

    Spot any Soga pot deals and im there.

  • Tempting as my main Tefal pan is starting to show wear, but those handles look fugly

  • I been meaning to replace my kmart set that served me for surprisingly over 3 years without issue but now a little worse for wear.

    Went ebay since postage was the same and had a few $5 vouchers to burn. Good deal op/miss B!

  • Welcome 10 dont work and stores say 0 stock for collection

  • If WELCOME10 isn't working for you, make an account first.

    • Not working with new account

  • Bought one, thanks! WELCOME10 coupon worked after making an account

    • Same 10gift i think i used but with new account.

  • Website shat itself after 15 minutes of messing around

  • no click and collect to qld but good price

  • +3

    Don’t forget the $20 voucher available until 27 May for in store purchases https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/613396 I used the image provided by maccam01 further down in the thread as did my hubby and friend, it worked for all of us. That would make this $39.40

    • +1

      Thanks. Just got it for $39.40

      • Does it work online by putting the number as promo code? or do you have to print and hand in store?

        • Both

        • I think it’s in store only - I guess you could try online though. You don’t need to print, can just show them your phone. This one said it can be shared with a friend so they don’t need original email either.

  • Does anyone know the volume of the pots? Looking to get something bigger for pasta

    • Also do some stores not offer click and collect? My local says it has stock but I can't select it for C&C

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        Ok so apparently Spotlight's C&C is only available in Vic and WA…. wtf?

    • +2

      The highest marker on the biggest one is 4.5L, second is 2.5L and third is 1L. There's probably an extra 0.5L to the brim.

      • wonderful, thank you :)

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    Placed order last night and got cancelled. Any one else?

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    Price matched at Victoria's Basement

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    The Tefal Cuisine 5 piece was on clearance for $50 at my local Spotlight at Indooroopilly (QLD), with the $20 voucher I got it for $30! 😍

  • I have had this set on a deal from Catch less than a year ago (bought for $118) and have just requested a return because although you can't see it in the photos, the handles aren't riveted and they keep coming loose which is a PITA. Note we cook A LOT, YMMV.

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    I come to collect, and they're like, "another one!", I love the ozb effect lol

  • Would like one but it's only 26cm which is a little small to my like. And no stock in my local shop.

  • Finally caved and got it from eBay as had 15$ off there (not including shipping, so $63).