Apple Music - Cheapest Payment Method

I have used my free trial up for Apple Music and am thinking about continuing on. I just want to know what the cheapest way to go about this is, such as gift cards and ShopBack/cashback.

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  • As a HUGE iOS ecosystem fan… Get Spotify Premium instead.

    • on m1 with no native app?

      • I'm sure it's being worked on but if it doesn't already play well in Rosetta, then at least you can use it in any browser. The hand-off between that and iPhone, PS5, TV, Carplay etc is fantastic and library is far larger with better features.

        Oh and Spotify integrates really well with Waze app if you drive a lot.

      • I'd stick with Apple Music if you're an Apple Guy. You can live stream the three main stations for free too if you ever want to cancel it and like their radio shows anyway, though they do repeat programs a few times per week.

    • thinking about that as well - still cannot get used to Apple Music after so much time using it, and all of the suggestions etc just very generic

  • Apple Music Family Subscription and then share it with mates

  • Single user?

    Buy discounted Itunes cards
    pay for a year up front

  • Ask for your tax refund to be paid in iTunes cards.

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    20% off with iTunes cards

  • Get an .edu email account, and sign up for UNIDAYS discounts. You’ll be able to get Apple Music for $5.99 per month, and Apple TV+ thrown in. Stack it with 20% off iTunes cards and that’s a nice $4.80 per month.

  • I looking for people to share apple music family plan together, let me know if you are interested