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The Spice Tailor Curry Range 170-500g $2.75 (50% off), Philips LED Globes 2 Pack $6.50-$7.50 (50% off) @ Woolworths


Spice Tailor range half price at Woolworths. Was pretty popular as per last deal
Philips Globes

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  • nice

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    Tried the tandoori one last time, comes with chutney and spice sprinkle sachet - recommend!

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    If you haven't tried these you should. I will be stocking up, tastes like 'proper' curry rather than the jar stuff.

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      Yeah and don't buy any long life naan bread that's on the shelf. They're all so disappointing - have a chewy texture, rather than light and fluffy like the real thing. Get the frozen naan bread instead and cook in the oven. It's not as good as the stuff from an Indian restaurant, but it's much better than the shelf ones. Coles sells some frozen ones, probably woolies does too.

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        Not naan but can recommend the frozen roti from Aldi

        • yes, it's really good.

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      Not saying anything about this specific curry, it is probably top shelf. But bad mouthing jar curry, you need to try Pataks Rogan Josh mate!

  • Nice quality for pre packed ingrediants

  • Tried a few flavours last time when they were 50% off. They were great!

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    Anyone tried the southern pepper curry or the Keralan coconut curry?

    • Keralan coconut is a mild and creamy one, I go for these or the butter chicken ones personally.

    • The Keralan is my fav.

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      Yeah, they're both good. My fave is the pepper curry one.

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    I'm not normally a fan of produced curry sauces (prefer to make from scratch) but I do like these.

    • Have you used the Currymasters powder blends?

      • Never tried them but will have a look.

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    These are nice. IMHO I find the spicy rating inaccurate.. even the 3 chillies are not spicy. Add some chillies to spice it up if you like it hot

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      Chilli ratings are usually catered for a 'white, non-chilli' audience :-D

      i've seen people sweat and tear up, over Smith's Chilli potato chips.

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        i had a friend that found prawn crackers too spicy

      • My children… I've even tried slipping a tiny bit into food and they always baulk. Guess I have to microdose em for a while.

        • Microdose hehe

    • Try eating the dried chillies whole in the packet, you will change your mind!
      (I realise they are probably not meant to be eaten directly)

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        I did! 2 ways… tried chopping them up hoping it will release the spiciness in the sauce but didnt help.
        The next time i tried eating them whole but still not adequate.
        Prefer the actual sauce to be spicier to go with rice

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    I found the best Indian Blends are those from CurryMasters. Sold in most Indian grocers, and food specialty stores (or online). You can buy bulk packs (which quite a few Indian Restaurants around Australia use)..

    The Spice Taylor ones are quite nice, and probably more Authentic, than most blends are.

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    So they look like they make enough for 2??

    • I havent used any for a while, but its only 1. There are a few sachets to keep the ingredients fresh, and separate.

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      If you're a small eaters. Realistically it's a large single serving.

    • We find the sauce is fine for our vegies / protein to feed two adults, usually with rice and roti.

    • It's enough for 2.

    • I use it for 2.

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      I manage to get 3 meals out of them, just add more veggies and some extra liquid.

    • We have these all the time; with a protein and rice they're plenty for two adults.

    • We have two. You add in a bunch of vegetables as well.

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    My only complaint about these is that the smell hangs around for days, and seems to get into the air conditioning. But they are delicious.

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      Best to cook outside - it's actually what a lot of Asian families do.

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    I use these in the pressure cooker, add 2 packs with a kilo of chicken thigh. add the main sauce at the end and add butter and it tastes great! Serves 6-8.

    • Thanks for the tip, how much butter are you using?
      Are you also adding additional veggies?

      Does anyone else have any recipes?

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        I don't measure the butter, but 50-75 grams? Depends how hungry I am!

        Don't have an exact recipe, but I also add frozen homemade chicken stock - probably around 50-100 ml.

        I add frozen spinach when I add the main sauce and reduce it to the right consistency. The spinach spreads throughout. Also sometimes add broccoli at that stage.

        • Thanks!

    • How long do you set it for?

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        I'm happy to overdo it as the chicken falls apart and I don't mind. So, 20 minutes at high pressure. I don't brown the chicken either, just chuck it in. I've done 2kg before too for 30 minutes. Always works well.

  • Spicy Goan Curry and use 275g of minced chicken instead of breast was a great suggestion from a fellow OzB poster.

    This is my go to combo when these go on sale.

  • Unfortunately the Red Thai Curry isn't on special. The quest continues, I'm getting low on my stock.

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    these are good as the restaurants- i tried before

    • even better than some

  • These are awesome with chips, just substitute meat with onions/mushrooms

  • I've never known what to do with the spices, I've just fried them in oil and then they burn… chopping them up is super difficult and time consuming too (bits fly everywhere). I'm not a practised cook.

    Remembered last night I had a mortar & pestle I was going to throw out, I pounded them up and added them and this time it made sense. I wish the instructions would be a bit clearer how you are supposed to use them.

    Added more butter and yoghourt to whatever curry sauce I got plus some salt and a skerrick of fish sauce. Only used a third of the chili in consideration of my fussy kids and there was ZERO heat, definitely white spice.

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      You cook them with oil to release the flavours and then add your meat and veggies after 30 seconds. Sauce goes in after the meat is half cooked.

      The ones i've tried taste fantastic.

    • I use as cheap electric coffee bean grinder to grind the spices into a powder. They cost about 30 bucks and it takes 20 seconds. Add the powder to the oil, not too hot and then quickly put in the meat. Don't have the heat up too high.

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      If the spices are burning then I think maybe you might be cooking them for too long. From my knowledge, the idea is just to fry them for 30-60 seconds on medium to high heat just to release the aromatics.

  • I haven't done it with these packet mixes yet but I've discovered that using a slow cooker on low for 8 hours makes them so much better.

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    They have this at Coles as well. The kits are half price a lot of the time. I use the same method with the beef masaman and lamb rogan josh ones.
    I also add a small can of coconut milk to the ones that have coconut milk, because of reduction during cooking.
    If you follow the quick instructions of the pack, the sauce is great flavour but the meat may be tough, if just cooked in the pan on the stove.
    I modified the process to slow cook in oven until tender and increases the roasty flavours.

    I blend the spices to powder in a coffee grinder and then halve them.

    Slightly smoke half of the spice on a hot frying pan, being careful not to burn the powder, then I add the oil and meat to brown when it is hot.

    After caramelising the meat in the spice and oil, I add the first sachet, this has onion, salt, garlic, ginger, etc in it. This is the secret x factor, and the dry spices help it too. (may need a little water added to the paste in a jug, before adding to meat)

    I let it absorb and fry for a short time before adding the second sachet, (coconut milk or whatever it has in that kit)

    I let that simmer and absorb and heat up for a short time. (may need a little water added to the paste in a jug, before adding to meat)

    Then I add this to a casserole dish and leave the lid off in the oven for hours until tender slow bake. (lid on for chicken korma)

    I also add a small can of coconut milk (korma) (or substitute with water or stock if beef randang or similar) and the other half of the dry spice that I saved earlier, to the casserole dish before i add the meat sauce and put in oven.

    The small coles tubs of basmati rice are great for this as well, they take 30 secs in the microwave and are perfectly cooked.

    With the chicken korma dish, I throw in some fresh baby spinach and cherry tomatoes a few minutes prior to dishing up. Also throwing in halved boiled eggs is good and or tofu.

    Serve it up with crispy fried onions (also tub from Coles) on top with fresh coriander leaves.

    These are as good as or better than anything you can get in a restaurant.

    I make double the amount of meat and use 2 packs and make batches to freeze.

    Then just reheat in on stove or in micro and a tub of coles basmati instant rice and you have a quick restaurant quality meal.

    I leave the casserole lid on in the oven for the chicken.

    I leave the dish lid off for the rogan josh lamb and the masamman beef, when in the oven.
    Use the toughest cheapest chuck steak that you can find.
    It will be fall apart tender after a few hours on slow bake in the oven.
    If you bake it, don't use expensive fillet steak, it is a waste and will dissolve to gravy if you slow bake the tender cut steak.
    Needs stirring and checking every half hour or so.

    The maasaman and randang versions add a teaspoon or 2 of fish sauce as well to it for added umami flavour.

    Best is chicken thighs on the bone for the Korma kit.

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    This plus 1,100 other items are HALF PRICE this week at Woolworth's!!!