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Reolink 4K H.265 Smart Person/Vehicle Detection System Pre-Installed 2TB HDD RLK8-820D4-A $674.99 Delivered @ Reolink Amazon AU


Features & Specs

  • Person/Vehicle Smart Detection;
  • Super HD 4K Resolution; Up to 100ft Night Vision; Field of View: Horizontal: 87° Vertical: 44°;
  • 24/7 Non-stop Recordings: With a pre-installed 2TB HDD, you can also install an external hard drive (up to 6TB) for backup storage.
  • Reliable Remote Access; Support Simultaneous Live View for 12 Users;
  • H.265 Compression Format;
  • Support Audio Record with Built-in Microphone;
  • 2-Year Free Warranty..

This Time - BONUS
Add both to Cart: A 15% off on RLC-820A with the person/vehicle detection when bought together with this kit RLK8-820D4-A. This time, you can complete your system with up to 4 more person/vehicle detection cameras.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Hi OP, link to additional RLC-820A doesn't work?
    Also if you can help clarify some questions…:
    1. would the RLC-820A work on my RLK8-800D4 NVR?
    2. Can i use the google features on RLC-820A with a RLK8-800D4 NVR?

    • +1

      The link has been updated. Please have a check :)
      As the questions, A1 is yes, it works with RLK8-800D4 System; A2 is RLC-820A supports Google Home but when it is connected to the NVR, it won't be working with Google Home then.

      • I've tried adding the RLC-820A to another POE switch and then adding it to Google but I get an "Operation Failed" alarm when I try to enable it in the reolink app.

        • Hi Sanny Please feel free to contact our support team here. They will do the best to help you on this :)

  • Any deals on the x8 Camera kit?

    • Yes, the 4K system RLK16-800B8 is running a 7-Day Deal now.

  • Hi OP,

    do we have similar deal on RLK16-820D8-A? Can you please share the link.


    • Hi there. Currently, no we don't. And RLK16-820D8-A is not available yet.

    • If you would like to complete the system with 8 cameras in total, you can directly get 4 more RLC-820A cameras now on this deal :)

  • Oh no… I bought this for $750 a month back :(

  • Do you guys take trade-ins for older systems?

  • Literally just got delivered and I paid $770.

  • Hi OP,

    I purchased this on 17/04 for $769.99 and received it today.
    Contacted Amazon earlier to refund the difference but they said to do a full refund/return and purchase again.
    Any better way to do this?


    • Following, I'm in the same boat.

    • +2

      Hi, please send me a message and I will help on this :)

  • Hi OP,
    The ozb link doesn't exist, a bit confused on what to add to cart for this deal.

    • Hi there. The link has been updated. Please try again.
      If you would like to get the kit and the cameras with this deal, you can first click "Redeem" for 25% off with the code: LIJYU976 and then click the "Add both to cart" to get 15% off on the cameras.

  • I bought this through their ebay store for $640 month ago. also RLC-820A is cheaper $101 [Here] (https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/293961177960?hash=item4471739b68:g:ahIAAOSwvxBgdamC:sc:AU_StandardDelivery!3029!AU!-1)

    • are you sure you bought 820 or 800, it's 678 now

  • Are these wireless and connect over wifi ?

    • No, they are PoE (power over ethernet).

      You need to run an ethernet run to each camera only and back to the main unit.

      • Cat 6 would work with these ?

        • Yes, Cat6 works with the kit.

  • Hi OP,
    When would you anticipate a deal for the RLK16-810B8-A?

    • When the RLK16-810B8-A is available we will run a deal on this kit. Please stay tuned with us.
      You can also consider adding 4 more cameras to the current kit RLK8-820D4-A, to have 8 cameras in total.

  • +2

    Not sure if I'm missing something but $624.31 delivered at Reolink official Aliexpress store. Also don't forget shopback 6%.

    • Maybe you have to pay GST on top of that price?

      • That is with GST

        • Yes - it is with GST. The price before GST is $567.55

          • @shagaroo: Still adds a $61.77 tax for me at the checkout page to make it $679.55 (with a coupon applied). Am I doing something wrong?

            • +1

              @tfangel: Looks like price has gone back up. Sorry.

              Proof of my purchase on 22 April.

            • @tfangel: Price has dropped back down again though not as low as before.

              • @shagaroo: Thanks mate, already bought one when they had an additional coupon sale last week. Ended up paying $610.74 (converted from US$473.87 as it was cheaper that way).

    • Do they pay out on ShopBack. So many rejected cash backs in the past.

      • For Aliexpress, there is a link at the top of the ShopBack Aliexpress page - just enter the Aliexpress link for your product in that box and click "Check Cashback Status". For other sites, I can't remember having a cash back rejected.

        • No matter anyway if the upfront price is cheaper, just a bonus if they pay out.

    • It got delivered this morning - will test out tonight!

      Edit: Looks like Shopback is only 0.5% which is for "Non-Affiliated Products" -$2.75 (the wording is "Up to 6.00% Cashback"). I think CashRewards would have given me 5%.

  • Hi OP

    How long does this deal run for?

    • Hi Barry. It will end on April 25th.

  • Hi there, I am planning to buy security camera system for single storey. Please let me know if this will be a good buy. I am considering dahua and reolink. Also is it easy to install or I need a qualified or experience person to install it.

    What's the difference in this model and bullet model . Except shape.

    • Hi Nick. There is no other difference apart from the design. You can consider the camera type based on your own installation spot.

      This deal will end on April 25th and it's a good chance to buy the kit with extra cameras if needed.

      • Is there any specific camera which works with this nvr system?

      • Will a RLN8-410-E work with RLC-820a camera? Trying to get my head around the new cameras. The NVR is running H3MB16 hardware.

        If not wil the RLN8-410-E get a firmware update in the future to support that camera and features?

  • Just wondering where to find a qualified installer for this security camera as it has to be installed with cables.

    • Most sparkies are qualified for data cabling also. Worth asking your regular, or others in your area. You don't need to find a "security camera guy"

    • Believe they were withdrawn from production due to “no better than the 8MP”. The aspect ratio of the camera was 4:3 and not popular from what I briefly googled.

  • Is the ball base plastic and not secured to the base (twist off) like the RLC-520A?

  • This Reolink system or Annke H800 that is also on special?

  • 3-4 weeks delivery on amazon but within a week on eBay? That’s a bit disappointing.

    • Hi, generally speaking, Amazon will ship the item out within 2-3 days. If you encounter any issues with the delivery, please feel free to contact us or Amazon. We will reach you and help with the shipment issue.