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[LatitudePay, Preorder] Apple Airtag - 4 Pack + $1 Item for $100 ($25 Each) + Shipping (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman/JM/TheGoodGuys


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          • @Pricebeat: Cheers 100% will do that, thanks for the heads up.

  • Harvey Norman now says "Pre-Order Now! Available from 7th May 2021". So I guess Harvey will not have the stock ready to collect in store on launch day? I already placed my order at 10pm on the dot

    • Well the HN email states 30 April. Maybe it’s staggered but most likely it’s not and the dates will get pushed further

  • Thanks OP. Just ordered.

    Your order
    1 x Apple AirTag - 4 Pack

    Pre-Order Now! Available from 30th April 2021

    1 x Kodak Extra Heavy Duty AAA Batteries - 10Pk

  • Joyce Mayne is back in stock

  • Be careful.

    If everyone orders "Kodak Extra Heavy Duty AAA Batteries - 10Pk" with their order and that item becomes no longer available - then if they refund the $3 and your order falls below $150 - I am guessing you would be ineligible for the $50 credit. Just a thought….

    • Your transaction is already complete, a partial refund should either give you the full $3 back or a pro-rated one in the worst case. It is actually a good thing so that you don't end up with some crappy batteries.

  • Bought one, thanks

  • hey, anyone has this problem? I have checked out with Latitude pay, but there is an error came up, no order confirmation from Harvey Norman, But Latitude pay has already send me an email says it has been started.

    any advises ? thank you

  • +4

    For those looking to buy a leather looking case, this seems to be the cheapest option since there's buy 2 get 1 free. Also a decent range of colours.

    Works out to $6.73 each

    • Seems like they’ve raised the prices!

      • They haven't. It's $10.09 each, buy 2 get the third free

        • Says 2 is the max you can order?

          • +1

            @Adster01: Depends on how much stock they have per colour, you'll have to choose a different colour for the third one

  • I'm out, never used Latitude before and it couldn't verify me - now its waiting for someone to check my id.. fantastic.

  • I think we’ve fried the latitudepay checkout

    • +2

      Nah… Looks like latitudepay has fried my pockets this week

  • Just purchased a 4 pack and some A4 paper for a total of approx. $104. ETA 7th May.

  • If anybody is looking to offload two of them in SA, let me know!

  • +2

    Forgot to add the $1 item doh!

  • If anyone in WA looking to sell 1-2, i ll take em

  • Anyone wts 2 in NSW, i’ll take them

  • Missed this deal, if anyone in adelaide wants to offload. Please shoot me a message

  • Anyone wants to offload 1-2 in Sydney?

  • Received an email on delayed order on the Airtag and a ready to pickup order for the $3 battery.

    The delayed Airtag email still mentions "Available from 30th April 2021". Not sure what to make of it since there is also a 7th May date.

    I'm assuming that the 30th April date is wrong.

    • +1

      Like all others on this forum I ordered the Kodak batteries, also got the email saying batteries are ready to be picked up. So initially for the first 10mins once preorders started Harvey Norman was saying 30th of April, and then they changed it to 7th of May. I am hoping as we ordered early we get the 30th of April stock, so day one pickup.

  • Hmm have already got $50 from Harvey Norman for buying a keyboard. Now trying to check this out on JM with Latitudepay but am not getting $50 off. (Included the battery) is it because HN and JM are the same to Latitudepay?

    • +1

      Latitude promo expired last night at 12am. thus why the deal is marked expired.

      • Bummer, thanks for the info

  • Anyone know how long Harvey Norman will keep their click and collect orders on hold for you, many of us will get the Kodak batteries ready for pickup today :) but will have to wait for the airtags, just hoping Harvey does not cancel the batteries part of the order before the 30th if not picked up, stuffing up the latitude promo $150 spend :(

  • -2

    Im keen for buying 2 of these for $50. Location Sydney

  • +1

    I just got a tracking number show up on my Auspost account from Harvey Norman saying 'Shipping information received by Australia Post'.

    Hopefully it's not just the batteries but fingers crossed I'm in the first batch of deliveries.

    • Was your AirTags marked as 30th Apr or 7th May?

      • +1

        30th, ordered at 9:59pm.

    • +1

      Looks like they're sending the batteries first.

      1 out of 2 of your remaining items have been shipped.
      Please note: If you have items that do not appear in this email, these goods will be shipped seperately and we will send you an email update as soon as they have been shipped.

  • anyone got extra, sell one to me ?

  • Fingers crossed we get picked up on launch day. Anyone dealt with HN for a launch product know?

  • I bought mine from Domayne at 9:58pm, two minutes before they were meant to go on sale, and just got an email saying they were out of stock and there would be a 2-week delay. Not great

  • Ordered from HN and it looks like a "who knows when it'll come" situation

  • My batteries are ready to pickup from QC melbourne lol. No idea if the AirTags will be ready tomorrow.

  • +4

    Just picked mine up. Got a text from HN saying my AirTags were ready for pickup earlier this afternoon, much to my surprise. Ordered last Friday at 10pm and picked up at HN Fountain Gate.

    • Lucky!

  • So just chatted to HN online, no idea when they’ll be in store for pick up. Should have learnt my lesson from the last time I was burnt by them. Never again.
    This was for the Caringbah/Taren Point NSW store.

    • Yep still nothing from Melbourne QV!

    • +1

      HN online told me to call the store and ask for the computer department to check status. I did that and my order was ready for collection at the end of the call.

  • I ordered the 4 pack of AirTags and 1 leather apple keyring.
    Got a pickup confirmation for the keyring but nothing for the AirTags.

    • No ETA on mine. Pretty disappointing considering other stores in the area have stock.

  • +2

    I put an enquiry in online, and got a call from a store quickly. Looks like they got sent too few units, they reckon mine will be coming in this arv.

  • +1

    Picked mine up just now, batteries still on back order though….:)

    • LOL…. will you even bother picking the batteries up!

      • i doubt it!

        • You might get refunded if you don’t. Could void the $50 discount?

  • Stock seems to be progressing out from Brisbane since this morning so hopefully mine aren't far off.

  • Local HN said they’re in transit. Will probably arrive Monday if they don’t come in this afternoon. Said computer/electronics shipments usually come in the morning.

    • Well, like others, my order is still processing with an apr 30th date. Tempted to just go to my next closest store which is showing in stock.

  • +1

    I was told 5th May for QV Melbourne :(

  • Called the store and they don't have a date they said Apple delays the shipment.

  • +1

    Got email and call, Ready to collect from VIC Preston

  • Anyone collected from any NSW Harvey Norman store yet?

    • +1

      Still shows as order processing for me - collection from North Ryde, Sydney. I ordered early when they went on sale and was given the date of April 30th before they pushed it out to May 7

  • Same here. Awaiting collection at Auburn. The order confirmation email says 30th and no update since then.

  • There seems to be limited 4packs.

    Still nothing from QV

  • +1

    Still waiting VIC Nunawading 4 pack. Got email for the stupid batteries

  • +1

    Spoke with HN Caringbah store yesterday - now telling me they should be available to collect from 13th May.

  • +1

    Hm, its not looking good. Airtags are now missing from The Good Guys, and JB says they are temporarily unavailable online due to 'very high demand'.

  • +3

    Finally got an email to say it's ready to pick up from HN Liverpool, NSW

  • Its not looking good - HN QV said they’re ETA has passed (4th) and now the 11th.

    I’ve got a feeling Apple has pulled them possibly to update packaging or something? (Due to other retailers pulling them).

    • Possible free holder or key chain from Apple onway? Like they gave a bumper case for Iphone 4s / 5 antenna problem. It would be nice for the long wait :D

      • Thing is they are available same day pickup from Apple stores. Bizarre what’s happening …..

        • +2

          Just as I hit submit - my order is ready for collection finally!

          • @katz: What $1 item did you get? I'm curious if my order is delayed because of the batteries…

            • @ATangk: Nasty Kodak AAA batteries.

              • @katz: Ugh. Coz I’m still waiting but I know my batteries were on back order too.

  • Just got my pickup email finally.

    • What store mate?

      • +1

        Mornington, Vic.

  • I am contacting you in regards to your order that was placed on 23/04/21 for item Apple AirTag - 4 Pack. Please be advised there is currently no stock available with no estimated time of arrival. Once an update has been received, we will get in touch with you.


    • Is this from Harvey Norman?

      • +1


        • Strange. Wonder if Apple halted distribution following the battery issue? Or just haven't shipped to HN in sufficient quantities?

  • +1

    Anyone hear anything from TGG?

    • I called the Springvale tgg store who advised it is back ordered. No ETA. Disappointed. Paid with latitude pay so I’ve already made a couple of payments, but no idea when the item is expected to be sent.

  • Just did a HN live chat to ask about my order status and got this response.

    We have no time frame on the airtag currently I'm afraid. We're still waiting to hear back from Apple regarding a time frame.
    I apologise for the lack of info. We will get back to you via email as soon as we can regarding this though.

  • Checked for status via HN chat and received below. Wonder if it's true.

    Currently the store is expecting shipments to arrive today (7/05). Once the stock for your order is available you will be notified immediately.

  • Ordered from JM, and friend got one from Domayne - both have had zero updates and chat says they're waiting for stock from apple.

  • Anyone got theirs from HN?
    It’s May 9th now.

    • Nope - no shipments on weekends so if you don't get an email during weekdays you most likely won't get any notifications on the weekends

  • Has anyone cancelled their order? Or just riding it out for a few weeks first?

  • HN shows 1 pack in-stock in many stores around Sydney. Guess they are not pulling out from stores atleast.

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