What Is The Best Smart Robot Vacuum / Mop?

So want to buy a smart vacuum / mop for home. We have tiles in the whole house and want something that we can just say clean and it will clean the house (meaning mop). so moping is the main thing I need.

I have looked around and it has done nothing but confuse me. I just want to know if its worth to start with and, what is the best one out there? I need it to be long lasting and something that has a mopping pad that is washable.

Here are few I found:

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo T8
iRobot Braava Jet m6
Roborock S6 MaxV

Thanks in advance!


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    Hold out for the Roborock S7

    • when abouts is that coming out?

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        I couldn’t say but it was released in the US. Can’t be that far off.
        I have an S5 Max and an older S50. Both work great and I have picked them up for about $500 each time. Recent Kogan deal was the best I’ve seen @ $479 for the S5 Max. Usually it’s available around $600-$700.

    • Might be holding out for a while. There is no confirmed release date as of yet. When they do eventually make it here will be hard to difficult to get your hands on one let alone finding any deals on them.

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    S5 Max

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    S5 max

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    S5 max

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    s5max, bought it for $479 in the recent Kogan sale

  • The Hook Up did a good video on robot vacuums recently, and he has a number of other one's about them on his channel.

  • I think it depends on what your budget is. I bought a roomba e5 from Costco for $750 and it was rubbish. noisy, and hit our furniture hard. navigation was primitive.
    I have a Goodguys Commercial account and recently bought the Eufy Robovac G30 for $411 and its awesome. Great navigation, returns to charging port with no issues, vaccums our short pile rugs and never gets stuck (unless I leave my socks on the floor). I also like the fact that I can go to the Goodguys if I have any warranty issues. Only downside is I'll need to order any consumables (brushes etc) from Eufy or Aliexpress direct.

  • I hv got Roborock S6 Pure - pretty pretty happy with it…shud hv bought it sooner !

  • Is mopping performance better with newer models? ive got an S5 currently.

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    Hi dezi and all,
    A lot of recommendations for the s5 max - it's good but quite expensive imo, just putting it out there that VIomi have quite the strong range in comparison. We sell the V2 Pro, V3, and soon (End of May) the Alpha S9

    3 very comparable specs to roborocks and much better prices too.

    Dezi, either of the 3 are great for mopping, same as roborock, you can set no go zones etc. The S9 doesn't have washable mop pads (one use) but does have an auto dumping station so you don't have to empty dirt daily (if you schedule daily vacs), more like once a week.
    So both V2 pro or V3 are good options. V3 has better suction, double the battery and has a copper-silver disinfection feature that also kills bacteria - about $100 more.

    Both come with 1x dustbin (500ml), 1x watertank (500ml), and 1x 2-in-1 dust box/water tank
    The 500ml water tank is the largest on the market and should do your whole house in one go (depending on sq ft & water usage setting though) so as you mentioned for mopping specifically, might be a good choice.

    Anyways, hope I helped. Viomi is quite new to Australia so not talked about too much. Our family bought a V2 recently and couldn't be happier with it.

  • Ecovacs T8

  • S5 Max

    until the Roborock S7 comes out

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