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No Contract BYO SIM Plan: 500GB/Month (Then 25Mbps Uncapped Data), Unlimited Calls & SMS, $60/Month for 12 Months @ Vodafone


First use 500GB Max Speed data, then use infinite data in Oz at speeds of up to 25Mbps.

SIM Only Ultra Plan | Month to month

Max Speed and infinite data
First use 500GB Max Speed data, then use infinite data in Oz at speeds of up to 25Mbps at no extra cost.

Speeds of up to 25Mbps
25Mbps is great for browsing, social media and streaming music. Not suitable for HD video. Find out more about what you can do at 2Mbps, 10Mbps and 25Mbps.

Standard int’l minutes from Oz
Unlimited to Zone 1 & 300 mins to Zone 2.

Standard national calls and texts
Unlimited standard national calls and text, and unlimited standard international SMS.

Tethering permitted but for personal devices only and not as a substitute for a home internet service.

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    • +10

      If you read the CIS, it is a $120 per month plan with 150GB data per month.

      The special offer which is shown right on the page is:

      $120 reduced to $60 per month

      350GB bonus data

      so it is 500GB per month @ $60 per month

      • +1

        ^^this guy reads the T&Cs

  • +4

    not sure why you would go on this plan instead of Felix - Unlimited data for $35/m (both vodafone)

    • +5

      Felix is always at capped at 20Mbps. This plan gives you first 500GB at normal speed which could be up to 100-150Mbps depending on the reception. Then it caps at 25Mbps.

      • 500Mbps or more if you're lucky, and connected to a 5G tower.

        • -2

          This would be ideal for me, as I'll be renting while building. I wouldnt mind still being able to game, and 20mbps may not cut it.

          • @Adelv: Haha I can’t even get a 10Mbps speed on voda at the place where I live

    • +7

      I guess I would go for Felix if I didn't care about max speed. I know plenty of people who are still on 12/1mbps NBN by choice. $35/month for unlimited 20mbps internet is a good deal.

      • Felix speed is actually pretty slow. It lags whilst streaming only Netflix.

    • Felix does state "not as a substitute for a home internet service or in a modem. Fair Use Policy applies."

      Reading through that fair use policy there is no hard rules on what that really means but ill take a guess and say if your using stupid amounts of data for a 4G plan they will terminate you.

  • +8

    Speed limited at 25mbps if you go over that's pretty awesome, Telstra is 1.5mbps once you go over your limit which is plenty to watch video in SD. 25mbps is more than enough to stream multiple HD videos at once. If I could get a good signal indoors from Vodafone I'd be in.

    • Not suitable for HD video.

      I think they meant to say uncompressed HD video

  • +2

    I wonder if they are doing the bonus deal to entice people to forget their most recent outage which affected a LOT of people and services.

    • +3

      Nope, this has been running for a while. I am on this plan using a 4G router, getting 100mbps speed instead of my crappy 25mbps wired NBN. Also, my internet no longer craps out when it is raining.

      • You can use it as substitute for NBN? OP’s post says not a substitute. I am desperate to get rid of NBN.

        • I guess there's drawbacks if you completely use it to replace NBN, eg:

          • if Vodafone is down, then your internet is down (but LOL, some may argue NBN's track record is much worse)

          • if you don't live by yourself, then whenever your phone is out, your family members will have to rely on their own mobile internet

          But worth considering.

        • +4

          I think they just say that to keep NBN from complaining to the government. I think most telcos are very careful not to step on NBN's toes.

          • @geek001: Didn't think of that angle. makes sense

      • Oh that's good real feedback for potential NBN replacement.

        Although I just started a year long prepaid plan, but seems like it'll likely be a long running deal or will pop up every now and then. So thankful there's competition otherwise NBN won't even entertain the idea to maybe try get better.

      • which router do you use?

        • +1

          Openwrt running on an old laptop with an old mobile phone connected via usb tethering. I was using an old Huawei E5186 from Optus, but it had very limited DHCP control. If you dont need to assign static IP addresses on your network, then you can probably get one for cheap off gumtree or fb marketplace.

  • This has been $55 before, so you may be able get it again.

  • +1

    NBN Co has left the chat

    • Not a substitute in the T's and Cs do you think they won't check?

      • +3

        Been using Optus sim it has similar T&C but they never shaped data or checked anything.
        0 calls from last 12 months.
        But Vodafone network outages and thier turn around time is messy 🤐

        • Good to know

  • +4

    Have been with Telstra for the last few years and recently ported out to Kogan prepaid to sit out my 30 days before I can move back to Telstra as a ‘new customer’. I’m amazed by how bad Vodafone is in metro Sydney. Low speed or no access to 4G or even 3G in the city, a complete network outage the other day (lasted for 5+ hours). Just something to keep in mind before signing up to this deal.

  • +1


    My wife is on Vodafone but an older plan. Methinks it's time for her to jump on one of these unlimited data plans. I think she pays $40/mth but gets slogged their exorberant high data fees when she goes over her monthly data quota. May as well change to the $35/mth one which gives her more data at max speeds than her total data right now.


    Will be useful especially when she goes back to Uni midway through the year.

    • +2

      My wife is on Vodafone but an older plan. Methinks it's time for her to jump on one of these unlimited data plans. I think she pays $40/mth but gets slogged their exorberant high data fees when she goes over her monthly data quota

      Yes, shaped data has been the norm for… years now, much less worry than $10/1GB (or more if the plan was even older) in excess data.

      • Agree. Wife's phone (Huawei P30 Pro) has got flakey wifi. My Oppo has no issues but her's will drop off (even when we're in the same area) and we can't figure out why. Mobile data works well and she usually just switches to that to get around the wifi drop outs… but then she racks up additional charges. The shaped data will be more than enough for her needs. 720p youtube vids is about the extent of what she streams.

  • +9

    For those who are wondering about ‘not a substitute for home internet’, have been using a same plan on a portable 4g modem, multiple devices are connected to it at all times.

    Not experienced any issues with the speeds or connections and haven’t been contacted by them either.

    • +2

      Same here. No issues whatsoever and decent speeds too.

      • Yeah, I have a colleague who goes home, plugs his phone into a docking station and all his home devices will just piggyback off his mobile data from there. He never uses up all his monthly data and he's mostly out and about for work or with his other commitments, getting dedicated NBN would be a waste.

  • What is the max speed for the 1st 500Gb?

    • +2

      As high as the Vodafone reception in your area will allow.
      This includes 5G speeds if you have a device that supports it.

    • +1

      Uncapped, depends entirely on local coverage and device antenna, others in comments saying 100-150 in good areas.

  • If only Vodafone's coverage wasn't so craptacular in Brisbane. Lucky to get more than 2 bars where I live which is just 20 minutes from the CBD.

  • Vodaphone feels like a third world network in comparison to the competition. It feels like coverage outside of metro sydney is constrained by aggressive QoS meaning you'll get good reception to make calls and text however data is painfully slow.

  • Is it a 5G Sim? Or just 4G?

    • 5G - Vodafone allows all prepaid and postpaid services access to 5G (probably because their 5G footprint is much smaller than Optus and Telstra)

      • Damn, good deal then!

  • If you've got FTTP, HFC or in a lot of cases even FTTN I'd much rather pay $60 a month for superloop 50/20NBN plan if you want this for home internet, you'll get a much better quality connection.

    If you are a single person and plan on using this as your phone sim while out and about and then data when you are home… If you can make that work for you then it could work well and save yourself $60 a month.

  • Can anyone interpret Shopback's cashback rates?

    They list:

    Month to Month SIM Only Plan (Cashback On First Month Only): 100.00%
    Month to Month SIM Only Plan: 73.50%

  • bundled with full-day service outage for free.

  • Tempted. On a Optus wireless broadband plan for 250gb at $65 a month and I barely get 10mbps down at times, perhaps goes up to 22mbps at night.

    • Is that with the Huawei B-something-something wireless home modem? My cousin has one of those and had similar issues (only 6mbps down). Try heading into the interface and choosing either "4G 2300MHz only" or "4G only no 2300MHz" and see if you notice any difference. I find that the modem holds onto whatever band it determines is best (or stronger) and ignores the other band that's weaker but provides a higher throughput. YMMV of course.

  • +3

    Appears to be $48/month for those aged 18-25 (inclusive)


    • +2

      Post it as a deal!

    • +1

      I'm surprised this doesn't violate Australia's Age Discrimination Act.

  • +2

    Any recommended 4g modem/router to with it?

  • Tethering
    "Tethering permitted but for personal devices only and not as a substitute for a home internet service."

    How would they police this?

  • If you get good reception inside with Vodafone 4g then o think this is a great NBN alternative and it's portable. I really hope Telstra ups their shaped data speed limit before I'm due to recontact in November.
    I'm on the $59 80GB JB HiFi plan it's surprising how quickly you start using data when you stop keeping track like I used to on prepaid monthly Sim rotations. If Telstra switches to even 5mbps shaping I'm more than happy with that as I'm only ever using one device at a time even if a couple are connected. 5g just seems like a complete overkill for me I just need a decent 4g connection.

  • Vodafone is sucking up all of those the least wanted data heavy users.

  • +1

    How many users are out there that would actually use 500GB purely for mobile usage and tethering without using this to replace their home internet? It feels like this is intended as a home internet replacement plan despite words to the contrary.

    • +2

      Please don't use this as an NBN replacement, wink wink.

    • Almost nobody who has home internet, maybe someone who is regularly uploading/streaming video in high quality?
      This is targeting people who want mobile/home internet all in one service pure and simple

  • +1

    At the moment I use Tangerine Telecom PAYG $69 monthly for home 4G internet. 500GB/mth and uses full speed 4G Optus network. When’s it’s good it’s great. I’ve seen speeds of up to 200Mbps down. I am only a few hundred metres line of sight from the mast however Optus seem incredibly bad at keeping the local mast up and running. Almost every few weeks it seems to have problems and when it goes down we get little to no signal from the next nearest mast.

    Would like to switch to another network but judging some of these comments it seems Vodafone is no better.

    • +1

      It's the same for me Optus and to a lesser extent Vodafone are awesome when they work but the variation in quality esp indoors is crazy. Telstra for consistency is the only network that I can use indoors without any issue and I'm in a suburb reasonable close to Melbourne (western) they seem to put way more effort into fixing black spots than the other 2 maybe they just have better data being a former monopoly as Vodafone has the closest tower and Optus has more towers close to me??? Weird, having said that I've haven't had issues out and about with any of the big 3 in Melbourne for 4-5 years. I really look forward to zero data caps and healthy shaping speeds.

  • +1

    Completely unrelated question ;)
    What's a good and affordable 5G modem/router for NBN replacement?


  • Any luck for current customers?

  • ENDED!