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Samsung Galaxy A21s (Optus Locked) 32GB/3GB $149 Limited Stores Only @ Woolworths


First post so put the boot in where it hurts. Pretty decent price on this entry level Galaxy. No NFC on this bad boy but acceptable specs otherwise for $149. The battery and the half decent cameras seem to be the highlights from the two reviews that I've watched.

Technical Specifications
Network: 4G
Sim Card Type: Nano
Operating System: Android 10
Display: 6.5 Infinity-O
Display Resolution: 1600 x 720
Rear Camera: 48MP, 8MP, 2MP, 2MP
Front Camera: 13MP
Video Recording: 1080p 30fps
Storage Size: 32GB
Expandable Storage: Yes
Processor: Exynos Octa-core
RAM Size: 3GB
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth: Version 5.0
Sensors: Accelerometer, Fingerprint Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Geomagnetic Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Virtual Light Sensing
Battery: 5000 mAh

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      Perhaps it's an in-store only thing. Picked up one today at my local (Cabarita Beach) and there was still stock left in the cupboard https://imgur.com/a/cPskFO0

  • Optus locked

  • same as this one? https://www.target.com.au/p/samsung-galaxy-a21s-unlocked-mob... this one is half price, now 100

    • Definately no stock on that deal. Prove me wrong

      • oh, okay. sorry

      • Warringah Mall

        • Only Tamworth coming up as "Limited Stock" for me. Ain't nobody got time for that round trip

  • dont think price is the same at all stores, saw it for $179 yesterday

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      Nah, it's listed as $149 on their site but in-store only

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        lol I should have clicked the link

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          It's a visually unappealing link, I wouldn't have clicked it either

  • https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_galaxy_a21s-10239.php

    May 2020 release.
    NFC, B28, USB-C/15W, Android 10 with Android 11 update.
    Only real downside is the 3GB/32GB.

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      those specs are for overseas models. we always get the crap specs this optus one doesnt have nfc

  • got 1 optus a21s at target for only $85
    Storage Size: 32GB
    RAM Size: 3GB are a concern for me so i havent opened it up yet might return it later on.
    anyone have one care to comment / review it as i would like to know if its snappy or sluggish before i open the box?

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      Which Target did you buy it today from ?

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        got it on Thursday at 4122 Westfield. also got a $20 meal voucher from the Westfield customer service desk by showing them the receipt and app. probably none left now best call customer service to check for stock.

        • Wow. You deserve your ozbarbain membership.

          two teenagers of our family use the A20s for few years now, both are very happy with the phone,

          • @eatwell365: The A20 is a better phone than the A21S as it has an amoled display

            • @Andy99: Oh really? Did not know that, thanks. That's a deal breaker for me as I'm a big sucker for Always On Display.

              "While many of the recent Galaxy A phones have Super AMOLED screens, the most affordable ones, well, cannot afford such type of panels. That's why the Galaxy A21s relies on a PLS TFT screen, and it's 6.5" one with basic 720p resolution. "

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          @coolsteps Got an A21S as well, last one.
          Have you been able to unlock the A21S through one of those unlocking services ??

          • @Andy99: I haven't opened it yet trying to decide if the moto g8 or a21s is better? Care to let us know your thoughts on the a21s? Is the 3gb ram enough or is phone sluggish? I will probably get a cheap unlock code via ebay later on .

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              @coolsteps: 3GB ram is sufficient for Android 10 which the A21S has. My Samsung which has 3GB ram works well. The main issue with the A21S is it has an LCD as opposed to the better amoled on other Samsungs.

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      It's snappy out the box. Issue is tho the 3gb of ram is half taken up by Android. I'd suspect over time you could hit problems if you want to run resource heavy apps and games. For the price though it's great.

  • i can believe it that some of my local woolies still have them in stock.

  • Ugh literally bought one for $229 at Coles yesterday. Reckon they'd refund me the difference? Don't like my chances but might try lol

    • not if you broken up the wrapping.

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      Buy a new one and return it on the old receipt

      • Nah I've already used it. Just a bit of a bad feeling seeing it $70 cheaper the next day lol.

        • care to give us a review? Is the 3gb ram and 32gb storage enough or is phone sluggish?

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            @coolsteps: It's great now it's new. Although I'm mainly using it for a drone screen and the DJI app. For everyday stuff it's fine. But I suspect as you fill it up with apps and cookies then it could hit issues as the 3gb is more like 1.5 as android uses half.

            People who make flagship phones lag might be better getting the 6gb version with 128gb for around $299.

            But for $150 you can't really go wrong.

            • @Shane034: thanks for the review. now i just need to decide which one to keep moto g8 or a21s and return one unopened.

              • @coolsteps: I have opened both but thinking of getting another Samsung for my parents… Is Samsung better value for money

                • @Frugboy87: im not sure i only need 1 as a gift for a kid. im just concerned about the 3gb ram and 32gb rom on a21s while it has usb c and probably will get more android OS updates than the moto g8 power lite . but the g8 has micro usb, 4gb Ram and 64gb ROM which new apps really require as the minimum. Frugboy87 care to give ask your review on the moto g8 power lite ?

                  • @coolsteps: Frankly I can't tell how is it going to perform…

                    Out of the box, feel like both are pretty sturdy. Very large displays which was why I didn't go for y5 or realme. I tried watching a Dota match on YouTube and there are some parts of subtitle that wasn't crystal clear, not sure if it was video quality issue or phone. As of now phone is very responsive

                    They both come with 30 dollar Optus Sim card which will be handy.

                    So far so good. But same could be said with my Nokia 2.2 intially out of the box. Not laggy at all when I got it new for 60 bucks 6 months ago. Today it's so laggy that I sort of gave up and hence looking for a new phone. I think I only installed the mandatory update when i took it out from box. After that I kept deferring all the updates and still became laggy. Im hoping both these new phones don't become like that..

    • With all the phones on sale this week, how on earth did you end up paying 229 for this? Vivo X50, lite, TCL 10 and plex, all better than this and all cheaper than 229!

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        Well it wasn't as simple as price. The DJI fly app is notorious for not working on cheaper devices. So the a21s was kinda what I needed. And when I bought it $229 was the best price.

        • Ah OK, makes sense

  • Can we use this phone with Optus MVNOs SIM like Amaysim or Catch?

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    Can I use Coles sim for this?

    • Good question, will wait for someone to confirm

    • Coles Mobile is powered by the Optus 4G Plus network so I would say definately maybe

      • ALDI mobile is powered by Telstra. But Telstra-locked handsets do not work.

        I think optus is different. TBC

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    Not sure if anyone is still looking but currently at Target Eastland in Vic and they "take further 50% off the already reduced price"

    They have the
    A21S $200 down to $100 (3 in stock)
    Motorola G8 Powerline $150 down to $75(2 in stock)
    Realme C3 $150 down to $75( 3 in stock)
    Huwai Y5 $150 down to $75(7 in stock)

    A21S and the Y5 seem unlocked, but the Motorola and Realme have Optus Branding

    Would have posted as a deal but limited qty available


    • Looks like all gone..

  • anyone know if the specs are the same for the optus branded and the $100 unlocked a21s at target?

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    I got the mobile today and can confirm both amaysim and Catchconnect SIMs are working fine on the phone.

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    Update: if you plan to use these everyday get a case. I dropped mine and the screen now looks like a spiderweb :/

    • Which one cracked ?

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