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SVS SB-1000 12" Sealed Subwoofer $849 Free Shipping @ Space Hi-Fi


Probably the cheapest ever, arguably the best sub at this price point

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    Not a good deal. You can get the SB-1000 Pro (new model) for only $50 more at several stores (eg CHT Solutions, Melbourne Hi-Fi.) Looks like it's only $50 more at this store too. Also your title says Pacific Hi-Fi but the deal links to Space Hi-Fi. They are different stores.

    • Yes and I believe CHT has $40 off first purchase as well. Go the Pro. This is not a good deal.

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        Ok, thanks buddies

    • Great comment, the SB-1000 has been discontinued for the Pro at the same price point, and it's a fantastic upgrade on the original.

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      To be fair, this deal is for remaining gloss black stock. The SB-1000 Pro in the same finish is $150 more.

      Personally I'm not a fan of gloss black and would prefer the cheaper matte finish anyway. In fact I'd happily pay a $50 premium to avoid gloss black so for me the Pro is the better value even when setting aside the superior performance.

      (I have two SB12-NSD back from 2013 when they were $749 each.)

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    Agreed with all the comments above.

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    not a great deal.
    +1 for actually posting a decent audio brand and not some another HTIB/soundbar/

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      +1. Waiting for comments wishing to compare this with something from Edifier.

      • Not even in the same league. Edifier = glorified pc speakers. SVS make home theatre products.

    • I used to be sus on soundbars until I bought one, and now I love it more than I care to admit.

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        I own two expensive sound bars and about 10 pairs of speakers. Gotta say the soundbars fall well short - they are ok but the lack of cabinet space lets them down.

      • if a soundbar is an order of magnitude better than a TV's speakers, a decent large bookshelf or floorstanding setup is another one or two orders of magnitude better again, easily.

        • more that if you aren't a home owner, soundbars are significantly easier to install and move with when renting. They also take up a heck of a lot less space and decent ones are a massive improvement over your TV speakers.

          If you've got the space/time/interest in setting up a proper speaker set up, that's great and you'll end up with something better for your money, however, soundbars have their place and I get a bit tired of everyone knocking them when for a lot of people they are probably more appropriate for their space and interests.

          FYI I have both setups.

  • Great value sub, but I think under $800 is probably a better target price now…

  • Slightly off topic, but i bought my PB-12 ultra from deephertz many years ago (best HT purchase ever, still wobbles the neighbours windows when i crank it up).

    They still around? I see the website there but wasnt sure if (peter i think?) is still running it?

    Anyone recommend one of these other stores? My HTIB sub blew up, so using my pb-12 in a 4x4m room which is overkill.. so need a SB/PB 1or 2 k in there now.

    • yep I got my sb13ultra from Peter so many years ago… he stopped selling svs when they changed the distribution model. I would presume Peter is still running deephertz.. not sure he is still lugging subs around though… I think after the PSA triax he might have decided he was getting to old and his back too sore.

  • I have had this sub for a few years now and love it. Everytime I crank the volume the bass moves my wall pictures around. At times it is a physical assault on your ears, brain and internal organs!

  • Are these good for 4m x 3.8m x 2.7m room? Will they be enough to get the chest thump? or should I aim for something bigger/smaller?

  • Just thought I would jump in and add some clarification. I wasn't actually aware that this deal had been posted until now.

    As Simon Wright correctly pointed out, this was in fact for the gloss black variant which meant a $150.00 discount was applied. Yes, I certainly wouldn't lay claim to this being the best deal in history, hence we didn't actively post this deal here or anywhere else. Thank you mlburnian for the kind gesture.

    However, even at the full RRP of $999.00 (or $899.00 for the black ash variant), this subwoofer represents exceptional value, and even more so with any discounts that may be available. It was only a few months ago that this same subwoofer had an RRP of $1,299.00.

    Now with the Pro version of the PB-1000 and SB-1000 being released at this same low price, I honestly cannot think of another subwoofer that I could recommend above each of these in the same price category. There are some models that come very close such as the JBL Stage A120P or Polk HTS 12 (both available for a little less than these SVS models), but the SVS PB/SB-1000 Pro subwoofers just edge ahead of the competition in my opinion.

    • Any chance of a further discount on the new pro's, I was looking to get one within the year or from the first store that discounts it.

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        It is unlikely you will see any advertised discount for quite some time as supply can barely keep up with demand at the moment, especially with the ported model. That being said, feel free to reach out and we can discuss this further. Always more than happy to look after our customers in the best way possible. :)

        By the way, we do have a few of the original PB-1000's in stock that we would be a little more motivated to move! ;)

        • Can you outline the differences and advise on price on the older.model?

          • @HitlersDad: Key differences:

            PB-1000: 10" driver / PB-1000 Pro: 12" driver
            PB-1000: Sledge STA-300D amplifier (300 W RMS) / PB-1000 Pro: Sledge STA-325D amplifier (325 W RMS)
            PB-1000: Single port / PB-1000 Pro: Dual port
            PB-1000: No app control / PB-1000 Pro: SVS smartphone app for DSP and control

            SB-1000: Sledge STA-300D amplifier (300 W RMS) / SB-1000 Pro: Sledge STA-325D amplifier (325 W RMS)
            SB-1000: No app control / SB-1000 Pro: SVS smartphone app for DSP and control

  • Edit: Deleted comment as this was incorrectly posted as a reply to the main deal instead of the comment above.