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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ $129 + Delivery ($0 NSW C&C) @ PC Byte (Price Beat $122.55 @ Officeworks)


EDIT: Marking as EXPIRED as it is not AU stock from comments and OW is no longer price matching

Lowest price for AU stock if I recall correctly.

Managed to price beat at OW.

Reviews suggest it is one of the best in-ear earphones.
No active noise cancellation but rather uses the in-ear suction which I've found to be very effective on my standard buds.

*Apologies for lack of detail and any formatting, posting outside OW so people can still get the deal before close of business.

OW receipt

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  • I posted this same deal last time around and others have had mixed success in getting OW to price match. Managed to get mine price matched at Wetherill Park's Officeworks for $132. Great buds for the price you are paying.

  • Receipt please

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      Let me know if this doesn't work

      • OW in keysborough didnt allow it. citing differing serial numbers n produce codes.

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    got this from last deal, like it. very good pair.

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    Yeah, the Galaxy Buds are a great pair of earbuds, a really good option especially at this price point

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    Anyone comment on the quality on these for phone calls?

    • also keen to know

    • No issues at all. I have been using them for over an year now for Calls

    • I had the standard ones and they weren't great, watched the reviews of the Buds+ vs Pro and the majority had the Buds+ as having great call quality (+2 mics) compared to the standard and even edging out the Pros.
      Only thing to note is that the comparison was with the Pros at release so they may have had software updates since then.

      Reviews seem to be very positive.

    • Very good mic quality for Earbuds. Probably the best mic quality you can get in ear buds. Still not as good as a proper headset mic but I use them for business calls and usually don't get complaints, including using them while walking through semi-loud areas.

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      Clear enough for phone calls not as good if theres alot of background noise. Had an issue with calls on messenger being alot quieter, might be software issue

      If youre after excellent call quality, go for pixel buds(new version). But they cost morr.

    • sounds impressive according to this review

  • Have galaxy buds gen 1. Battery life is not great but good. Heard this is much better in voice calls and twice battery life

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      The battery life and mic quality are fantastic in the Buds+. Very pleased with them.

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    Great earbuds, nice find OP.

    Had them for a year or so now and would certainly recommend them, particularly if you have a Samsung, although they work reasonably well with other phones as well.

    • and call quality? do they pick up a lot of ambient background noise?

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        Call quality is pretty solid, not much ambient noise gets through. Never get any complaints from people at the other end, and even works pretty well with one earbud in.

        Much better than the Gen 1 buds, and battery is still solid after a year.

  • Why not get from Kogan? It is 119 delivered. Or maybe get OW price beat Kogan?

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      Grey stock, no local 2 year warranty

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        Are you sure PC Byte is selling AU stock?
        The model number on their website corresponds with Samsung's Indian SKU

  • How is it compared to jabra 65t?
    In terms of phone calls and sound quality

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      not certain but i think sound quality is better on the samsung's. no clue about the phone call quality

    • I've got the Buds+ and my wife has the Jabras. She likes them, but she is used to them. When i try hers I find them unbearably weighty and moving your head too much feels precarious. The buds you could leave in all day.
      Battery life for both is pretty comparable, lifestyle wise we don't notice a difference.
      The biggest plus to the buds is the touch sensitive buttons, compared to the Jabras where you practically have to hold it with one hand to press the button with the other, or mash it into your ear. The Buds have programmable buttons, and even this weird feature where to vol up or down you just tap on the back of your ear!! Incredible and I use it all the time.

  • Looks like a decent deal, but maybe not for the audiophiles. What Hifi say 'flat and lacks dynamics and detail' https://www.whathifi.com/au/reviews/samsung-galaxy-buds-plus

  • Got them in Red and have been using them for about 2 months across all situations - commuting, gym, gardening etc.

    Would absolutely recommend.

    • How about the phone calls?

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        I use them for work and have no issues - sometimes on zoom they're not amazing which is frustrating.
        On phone calls, the only person to ever complain is my mother, and I could say that about most things I do. Generally when there's excessive background noise they're not good enough (ie on a busy street corner).

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    I just got a pair of these and can confirm they are better than any other earbuds I have used to date. (Noted I have not used any expensive 200$+ ear buds)

    Case battery lasts ages and charges really quick with my galaxy fast charger. Really happy with the purchase.

  • Nice one. Just ordered 2 pairs to pickup at Auburn

  • Hows this compare to jabra 65t/75t?

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      I have these and the 65t. I have interference issues with the Jabras in a specific location in my house - the left earbud starts to cut out intermittently and eventually loses audio. The Galaxy Buds+ do not exhibit this at all. You can only use the right earbud of the Jabras by itself as it's the master. The Buds+ can be used independently of each other. The Samsung ones are a better fit for my ears and produce less discomfort. My ears only start to get sore after about 1hr of listening. The Jabras start to hurt the instant I find a good enough fit for noise isolation. In my opinion, the Buds+ sound better also because of the superior fit. They are also better supported than the 65t. Battery life is much better on the Samsung ones. And the charging case has a smaller footprint.
      Regarding call quality, I haven't carried out in-depth tests but I haven't had anyone complain about call quality being bad. I pretty much stopped using the Jabras after I got the Buds+.

      I knew someone who had the 75t. They complained once about one of the earbuds dropping out. They eventually got the AirPod Pros after dealing with that issue for a few months.

      Hope this helps.

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        thanks Bud

  • Anyone tried this side by side with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless v1? I might continue to put up with the TW if it has noticeably better sound quality than the Buds+, but man the battery drain on the TW is getting suuuuper annoying…

    • SQ - I enjoyed the TW1 much more….more immersive…wider sound stage, deeper bass… better clarity…
      MIC - The buds are better…
      Battery - the buds lasts longer

  • I have these and the Sennheisers that usually go on sale for around the same price (last sale was $150 at JB Hifi)

    The Sennheisers have much better sound, but these have better mic quality, audio pass through, smaller case, wireless charging case, and they have decent sound quality.

    If you're after the best audio quality then there are better wireless Earbuds on the market for a similar price. But these are the most versatile and usually my goto for most stuff.

    • I wouldn't say much better, more so different sound. Honestly, the galaxy buds sound clearer to me.

      • I personally find the Senny's to be much better quality sound, but yeah. Different sound profiles, different people. And neither are going to match up to decent quality headphones.

  • Whats the real world playtime battery life for the buds (not the case)?

    • Samsung claims about 11hrs. A review I saw once said they got over 9hrs, if memory serves. Battery longevity would depend on the volume you listen at amongst other factors, so YMMV.

      • Yeah manufacturers grossly over state battery life. I've returned several different types of buds for this because they all struggled to reach 5hrs playtime despite claiming much much more. If these can't do a solid 8 hours at decent volume then i wouldn't waste my coin.

  • how do these handle wind noise in a call?

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      Quite well, I made a call a few days ago riding my bicycle into a strong wind and the person on the other end said I only sounded slightly muffled - that's about as hard as it's going to get to have a clear call.

  • Got the Pro's in Silver for $200 if anyone is looking for the newer model.

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      Where can we get the pros for $200?

  • This or Sony WF1000XM3 ? Appreciate any feedback.

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      Sony sounds better, Samsung better for calls…

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      Apparently the new Sony's are on the horizon but don't expect it to be close to this price.

      Sony's don't have water resistance and the mics aren't as good. Charging case is much bigger and doesn't have wireless charging.

    • I regretful my purchase of the Sony's. The mic Quality is so poor and I find them falling out. I got a set of the original buds and they are my go to. Except when on a plane.

  • Wonder if the pro is worth the extra over this

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      Pro almost costs double. In my view, earbuds plus is the best earbuds around this price range. The battery life is so good, wireless charging case and most importantly good call quality.

      If the budget goes up to around $250, then Jabra 85T and other high end earbuds are all can be considered.

      One more important thing is that it best fits with Samsung devices. I haven't tried these buds with other devices.

      I have both first gen earbuds and now earbuds plus. I don't feel that I need more active noise cancellations which cost me almost another pair of earbuds plus. Even for the first gen earbuds which is good as well but the battery life and call quality on earbuds plus is way better.

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    Awesome price for these….i have owned these for about 4 months now and I'm very happy with them great call quality too….. at this price you can't go wrong honestly

  • I'm after the Pro, bud. Any current deals happening with these anywhere?

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      Pcbyte shows as $239 now so can price match with Officeworks.

      Amazon price fluctuates daily so have to keep an eye out for that.

  • I called OW this morning to price match against PC Byte price of $129 (so I got it for the same price as OP) and got it click and collect at my local store (available for pick up in 2 days).

    • Wow i should do this next time

    • did the same.. it's already ready for collection

      • im so annoyed. got my OW price beat knocked back. they said the product codes dont match and barcodes different so they think the stock is grey market. so annoyed.

        • Product code is same. OW has extra A's listed on their product code

          • @plal: apparently the product code needs to end in SA which is for samsung australia.

            • @Christoshizz: that's annoying. maybe you can use the OW receipt OP posted to get them to price match that

              • @plal: This didn't work for me, the staff member simply claimed some stores don't properly check

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      Looks like they've clued on, tried doing this said the models are different and cannot price match

      • Yes I just tried too on the phone after Im saying PcByte they straight away say cant because of the different product number

      • they have sent comms internally to Barr this apparently (following my attempt)

        I think its BS to be honest as the stock is AU so should apply.

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          Yeh, one of the guys at office works said, they add an extra digital to their product codes… Probably a way they get out of price matching

      • I was intially told the model was the same and that it would be okay.

        I was also told I would receive a phone call back as "the difference in price was big" so they wanted to confirm if it was okay to do so.

        Did not get a phone call back, called back, waited for 10 minutes to be told they can't do it. Pretty annoying that they won't honour this.

  • Has anyone picked up the buds in store and can confirm these are AU stock?
    I tried OW locally and they were claiming that these were imports due to the different product codes.

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      It's difficult to explain…I have a Telco background so I'll give the high level overview.

      Previously Samsung products were allocated to more regions (IE: a few countries would share the same product code based on multiple factors).
      You would see codes such as SM-950X where the X would denote that region and then you'd have following letters to describe the variables such as colour and if produced for a Telco the Telco code.
      This was important because the software loaded would be specific to that and you could easily use Odin to flash a stock build or region image.

      A few years back, Samsung consolidated it all so there would be less variants and accessories and wearables that fall under a region could be allocated from one source.

      Hence the codes will be the same SM-R175NZKA where that's where the allocation comes from.
      Retailers and distributors should realistically add the country of distribution ASA for Aus or INU for India etc for their own purposes but this isn't necessary because they're all from the same allocation via Samsung.

      In this case it seems Pcbyte didn't add that detail to their listing but it isn't an indication of grey stock.

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        It is indian grey market stock, you just have to google the model number (SM-R175NZKA), so Officeworks are right to not honour price match as their product has local warranty and this product doesn't.

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          No it isn't…

          The allocation of these for the countries is from the same allocation.

          They then get their regional distribution. India is INU.

          Until someone can confirm from what they've received from Pcbyte we don't know whether it's INU or ASA

          • @Unorthodox: Yep, I called the store today and they said they are "global" stock but they would honour the full warranty by returning to PC Byte.

  • Got a pair this morning, no issues.. thanks op.

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    Galaxy Buds+ - $121.95 (eBay Plus members)

    • OS version

      • How to tell if os or au version?

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          @HL2 - the title is;
          Samsung True Wireless In-Ear Galaxy Buds+ Buds Plus Earbuds OS Version Black

  • this or jabra 75t?

  • Trying to pricematch with officework and this was so disapointed. The guy wasnt helpful at all. They was trying to get out of the pricematch by saying that the website said its instock online and pick up available but they are not sure if there are actual stocks. Thats so ridiculous and stupid!. I will go to the physical store and lets you guys know what happen!

    • managed to price match with officework wetherill park nsw!

      • Lucky - tried at my local and after umming and ahhing for 10 minutes they finally said they wouldn't match it because it's a "different product". Told them I wasn't surprised since in my experience they try to find every reason not to match even local stock at brick and mortar stores. Waste of time :)

        • Bruh, it was so annoying! very bad customer service. I ended up going to a different OW to price match, But the girl was charging me with the shipping fee. I am like no, there is a physical store which I can go and pick it up. They are either trying to avoid to price match or try to cover their RRP. Just try to call the other store see if they can do it. dont visit until they said yes. hope it help man! and goodluck!

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    I've just picked up my order, the buds are 100% grey import not AUS stock, the clear seal on the bottom opened and they have added one more layer on top to show it's legit, there is also Samsung seal on top with two layers inner side already cut and opened, the top one is intact.

    I think these are refurbished grey imports. PC Byte Must have got them for 50bucks each

    The Model no - SM-R175NZKAMEA Which is Middle East model

    The Aussie model is SM-R175NZKAASA, tried to get beat the price or atleast match the price by officeworks and I understand why they can't honor the price.

    First time bought from PC Byte, not buying again. I'm going to call my CC to charge back the payment.

    Beware buying from this store.

    • Damn… Sorry to hear that.

      I'd definitely go ahead and get a refund etc

  • I'm looking for a replacement for my Soundpeats Trueair2. They're perfect in every way apart from sound isolation which I'm looking to improve.
    Ranked criteria are:

    Usability/connectivity/Call quality
    Sound isolation

    Any assistance would be much appreciated 😀
    Front runners at this stage are samsung buds plus and 1more comfobuds pro, maybe huawei freebuds 4i happy to take other recommendations
    Also interested in Fiil CC Pro but cannot find any reviews

  • Deal is back on.

    • Go for price match. Otherwise, might as well get it from Kogan as both are grey imports (Kogan being only $119). Managed to get another pair for $70 with all the cashback and amex offers from Kogan yesterday!

      • Yeah not buying, just noticed it when browsing their specials.

  • +2

    For those who don't want to deal with pcbyte I just pride matched Amazon ($139). 132ish from officeworks over the phone.

  • Price Matched Amazon with Officeworks today for $139 then 5% price beat to $132 and I had a gift card, so it was $112

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