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Dell 27" QHD 165Hz Gaming Monitor S2721DGF $398 (OOS), 32" 4K UHD S3221QS $389, S2721D $239.20, S2721DS $269 + More @ Dell eBay


Good prices on Dell monitors. Stacks with existing item discount. Repeat of Limaa's deal

Model | 20% off Price | Listing
S2721DGF $398.00 View Listing OOS
S2721DGF (with 5 year warranty) $447.20 View Listing
S2721D $239.20 View Listing
S2721DS $269.00 View Listing
S2721QS $319 View Listing
AW3821DW $1549.00 View Listing
S3221QS $389 View Listing

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  • Worth cancelling my refurb S3221QS? Is there any advantage to new, both seem to have same warranty? Refurb was $359 bought because previous deal had expired

  • Is the S2721QS x 2 overkill for laptop gaming?

    I have an i9 XPS 15 9500 with a GCT 1650 Ti and mostly play strategy games.


  • Sad, ordered S2721QS $331 last night, and already shipped

  • How do I connect 2x 4k to a laptop with USB c?

  • Is the S2721QS worth the stretch over the S2721DS for home office usage?

    Reconsidering my purchase of the DS…

    • Rtings convinced me. Bit the bullet.

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        Hope your teeth are alright.

  • Has anyone tried connecting the S3221QS to a Lenovo Thinkpad X270 via HDMI? According to the X270 specs, it has the Intel HD Graphics 620 inside, and "…supports external digital monitor via HDMI or USB Type-C; supports 3 x independent displays; max. resolution: 4096x2160 @60Hz (USB-C), 4096x2160 @24Hz (HDMI)". If I use an HDMI cable to connect the laptop to the monitor, will it work OK? Or would it be better for me to get a USB-C to HDMI cable to connect the X270 (USB-C) to the monitor (HDMI)? I'll only be using this for spreadsheets, web browsing, email etc.

    • You need to use USB-C to DisplayPort (or HDMI) that supports 4K/60Hz. Most of them won't support HDR.

  • Hi, few hours ago, I tried using the code to purchase two S272DS but eBay said the code couldn't be applied.

    I then contacted Dell on eBay and I was told they weren't sure why it wasn't working, I was then asked to contact eBay support instead because the discount came from them, so I did. But eBay support told me that the code had expired and that I should ask Dell on eBay. Im a tad bit confused and I sent Dell on eBay another query.
    Anyways, yeah, is the code still working for anybody? Or has it actually expired?

    • Try logout and login again, it may help…

  • Does anyone have a S2721DGF and S2721D/S2721DS mounted on a vesa mount?
    If so, are you able to confirm if they're the same dimensions and look indifferent when mounted.


  • S2721D purchased for work. Cheers 👍 Got an end of May start of June delivery date 🤷

  • Anyone have experience with cancelling an order direct from Dell, but then Dell shipping it anyway?

    • Yeah, just call them up. They'll arrange collection of the delivered monitor and there's no restocking fee because (assuming you're in the same boat as me) they advised it was cancelled but then stuffed up by shipping it anyway.

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    Bought the 32 6 weeks ago for $40 more. Any chance getting a refund for difference?

    BTW anyone asking for recommendation, this monitor is only good for browsing or doing office work. I have a ips Dell by the side the picture quality is very noticeable, looks washed out and black is closer to deep gray

    • Did you try calibrating?

  • Anyone having issues with the code PLCT20? My eBay wont accept it?

    • Trying to checkout the S2721DS with the above code and still only getting AU $336.25

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        This will mostly like be an error with the "This code can't be applied to your order." error as noted in the Wiki.

        The coupon applies fine so you should try the following to apply it fine:

        1. Complete the purchase as a guest without creating an account.
        2. Contact eBay Live Chat and request a review of your account and ask the representative to transfer the properties to be an eBay.com.au eBay account as the account may have been made in a different region originally and can't be used for some purchases.
        • Thanks for your help doweyy! :)

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    This may be lost in all the comments but if you don't mind a fixed stand, you can get the S2721Q for $289 using the same deal. Its just the stand that is different (adjustable vs non adjustable)

  • Can someone tell me why this monitor is so popular? Contemplating getting this versus the Gigabyte M27Q QHD

  • Thanks OP, excellent deal. I purchased one of the 75Hz models and iam really pleased with its performance. Much better value and quality than an AOC 27" model I bought just prior.

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    I bought S2721Q and was unhappy at first. After some tweaking in the brightness/contrast settings, It looks better now. However, my Ultrasharp from 2016 still does look better than the S2721Q. I'm not sure if it's the colour calibration or the quality of the panel.

    You can save $30 when you buy the Q version. But I wish that I had the QS with stand. It will be easier to line up with my current monitor

    WE can also save much $ in the used monitor market. Go to FB marketplace and gumtree. There are some offers that is like $200 for 2 used monitors.

  • bought 32"

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    Hi all,

    Anyone received any ebay notification that your monitor/s be en shipped out yet?

    I purchased on the 26th and hasn't been shipped yet, with an ETA of 1st of June

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      Same purchase date and similarly not posted. Hoping as previous posts some people mentioned theirs shipped within a week, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

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        I purchased a Dell monitor on their website from a previous ozbargain deal back in December, that was delivered within a week.

        But yes, hopefully they will deliver in a timely manner for eBay orders

  • Any recommendations for a curved ~4k IPS monitor around 32"?
    The S3221QS is super tempting, but I flick through docs a lot and expect the black smearing on a VA panel to get annoying fast.

  • Dell 27 S2721D Monitor - AMD FreeSync QHD 2560 x 1440 at 75Hz

    Would this go nicely with a Lenovo Legion 5 pro with QHD screen?

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    I have a pair of the 27" QHD S2721D's and highly rate them, especially at this price! Mine are on this stand and I can't fault the setup.

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    I'm on a 4K dell S2721Q. I bought two and only installed one. I think I will return one.
    Desk is not enough to place 3. I don't see any use case that I can utilise all of them

  • How does the S2721D or DS or the S2721QS compare with say "https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/acer-27-nitro-gaming-monitor-black-qg271-acnitro27" other than the Resolution QHD on the Dell ones vs FHD on the Acer one, isn't the Acer one better? Sorry don't know much about monitors so please excuse my ignorance if this is a noob question.

  • Has anyone price matched this ebay deal with The Good Guys? (there's a few local with stock, to avoid shipping)

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    Purchased my 2nd screen on 28th April S2721DS no news so far. Generic eBay delivery states june. Can someone confirm when I can get it shipped ? I live in Sydney metro area

  • My second order was on 28th April after emailing Dell EBay they result was not promising. They simply said wait until their given ETA which is June.
    Anyone here with their second order waiting for shipping?
    My first order through the same channel was just in a week and a half !

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      Yep waiting here. I had the unfortunate timing of having my old monitor die same day I ordered too.

      Hopefully won't be too long and we get it this or next week.

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        It seems they are making us wait cause they ran out of stock. It didn’t happen few weeks back with my first order

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    Anyone got the delivery? It's been a week and it hasn't been posted yet.

    Checked the item again it shows ETA June.

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      Nope but eBay Dell confirmed they have it their stock it’s in Sydney warehouse. They are waiting for headquarters to upload the info to Dell eBay.
      WTH. I thought dell eBay and Dell are the same thing.

    • I got my Dell order number. Estimated ship date is today 5 May but haven't received any tracking info yet.

      • Atlas when did you order ?

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          • @atlas: I’ve ordered 28/4 still waiting for confirmation

        • Ordered 27th S2721QS nothing yet.

  • I assume today is the last day of the sale?

    I can't decide whether or not to get the S2721DGF or get a bigger screen. My budget is about $1000.

    I was looking at the Samsung G7 32", but not sure if I'd like that more pronounced curve. I've never used a curved monitor before, so not sure how I'd go with one of the more curved ones like the G7. I want to be able to game on it and use it for productivity. Will I get used to something like the G7 that has a more pronounced curve compared to other curved monitors?

    I'd also be replacing 2 x 24 inch Dell 1920 x 1200 screens (16:10 screens), so not sure if even the G7 would be too small if switching to a single screen.

    I'm guessing if I want to replaced both the 24 inch Dells, I'd need an ultrawide screen? An ultrawide like this LG looks really good to me if I was to go to a single screen, as it's also not too curved, but yeah, it's out of my price range https://www.computeralliance.com.au/34-lg-ultragear-34gn850-...

    The other option is - maybe I can get the S2721DGF and keep the Dell U2410 as a side monitor for now until I find a better large monitor later this year.

    I'd love to hear any suggestions you guys could give me. Thanks.

  • Man still not shipped… ordered on the 26th. Was hoping the month long ETA wasn't going to be true… but it looks like it is lmao

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      Damn !! I’m on similar boat here. At least ordering with Dell directly we get an order confirmation.
      With Covid restrictions going on again that June ETA could be coming true.
      I really should have ordered two screens in first go

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      Message from Dell eBay if anyone else is wondering:

      ** "The delivery period we have set on eBay is due to the volume of orders we have during this sale period. We are taking into account the possible delays in the delivery from our warehouse and courier side. Generally, orders are fulfilled within 7-15 working days. We also will endeavor to get the unit to you earlier than the quoted timeframe.

      Confirming that your order has already been processed and we are just waiting for our Head Office to send us your Dell Order Number so we can upload this on eBay. We will provide you with your order number and/or consignment information for your order within the week or as soon as this is available." **

  • +2

    Order has now moved to 'confirmed' status.

    The contrast in order processing times is quite funny - I literally ordered the same monitors on the Saturday, 2 days before this eBay sale started on the Monday. The sale happened so then I called up Dell to cancel my first order that morning. Literally 2 hours after I called the monitors shipped out from Sydney and made it to Melbourne before being recalled and returned by Startrack.

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      Status updated to shipped today woohoo

    • +1

      Received today!

  • I got my order confirmation today and suddenly in few hours it went from confirmation to production. ETA 11th of May. FYI I placed my order on 28th April

  • Still waiting - ordered the S2721D on 30th Apr. Should have cancelled and ordered the S2721DS from the Dell direct deal.

  • Ordered an S2721Q on 2nd May and it had just shipped, due to arrive tomorrow.