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Bonsoy Soy Milk 1 Litre $3.90 ($3.51 S&S; Min Order Qty 3) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Matching Woolies. I'm not sure when they changed this but the maximum you can order for S&S is only 3 pcs. I remember buying 12 pcs before to stock up.

Non Prime members can get it for the same price ($3.90) with no restrictions.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Just be aware there is a limit of 3 Bonsoy per Amazon account. If you would like to stock more, maybe head to Woolworths or wait for about a week for the limit to be waived.

    Source: confirmed with Amazon support.

  • Use to be 6, a carton.

  • why soy milk is much more expensive than milk?

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      Cow's nipples are bigger and easier to milk than soy bean nipples

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      This is Japanese import. Australian (long-life) variants are much cheaper.

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        Hopefully not from near Fukushima Daiichi

        • What an odd thing to say

        • FukuSoy is a completely different product, as is ChernobyVodka.

        • Why? Nuclear energy is touted as world's best "base load" renewable energy option - so, why not share the love (and consequences) with the world?

    • Soy milk is actually the same price as bovine milk, Bonsoy is just the up-market soy milk, kind of like A2 which is $2.5/L and is made locally, unlike Bonsoy which is imported.

      Further, dairy farms often receive tax payer subsidies.

      • Dairy farms also get bent over by woolies and coles

        • Yeah, well fresh dairy is a bit of a loss leader because of its tiny shelf life

        • Yeah, well fresh dairy is a bit of a loss leader because of its tiny shelf life

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    I think Aldi's price is similar to this also.

  • Costco is 6 for $22.

  • Cost effective alternative is So Good Barista Soy that's often for special at $2 - similar quality for coffee if you're using it

  • Unfortunate that it's limited to 3. What happens if you subscribe and save, receive the delivery, cancel the subscribe and save, and then create a new subscribe and save? No doubt Jeff is smart enough to notice, but does Amazon actually do anything about people gaming the system in that way?

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    But they limit you to 1 purchase for these. You cannot buy more after you received them until a week which is usually when the sale ends.

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