Buying new 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander

I'm looking to buy a 2021 Mitsubishi Outlander LS AWD 7 seat.
There's no stock in Perth at the moment so am aware I'll need to wait. Several dealerships have told me the following:

  • There's a ship on the way to Perth and there's 2x Titanium & some white vehicles left but I better be quick (8 week wait)
  • If I want another colour, I'm looking at the next ship which is expected to land late August, meaning I'd get the car in September sometime (16 weeks wait)

They're all quoting $39,990 plus paint depending on colour, eg. Titanium is $740 and Diamond Red is $940.
I've asked one dealer if they'd give me a Diamond Red for $39,990 (ie. give me the paint free) and they gave me the usual "I'd have to ask the boss, but I think it would be ok… I don't like your chances of getting any more than that".

I suck at negotiating, and I know that during this time it's really hard to negotiate on new vehicles due to low stock (Covid + shortage of semiconductor chips).

What else, or what other approach do you think I could use? Should I be asking for little things like a set of genuine car mats, or should I be going harder and asking for darker factory tinting? Any suggestions appreciated.


  • Buy your white one on the current boat and live happily ever after

  • Have you tried any of the online brokers to see if they can get stock sooner? Do you really need AWD? Have you considered a 2WD model? They still have the 2.4L engine and are still 7 seat as well and might have more stock available.

    My last car purchase, they increased my trade-in price from $4k to $5k if I signed on the spot. I fired back and told them it will be a done deal if they throw in mats and bonnet protector. You could always try this sort of approach and tell them you are happy to sign today if they throw in a few items.

    • The missus is fixed on the AWD model and I'm not willing to have that argument with her. I'd be okay with the 2WD but there isn't much stock of that either. I just found out there is 1 white AWD LS in Perth but not too keen on the white colour. Happy to wait, our current car is not falling to bits but will start doing so if we don't think about replacing it soon. Will see how it goes with the trade in and signing on the dotted line today type thing. Heading down there shortly.

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    Perhaps ask for a discount on the DA costs?

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    InB4 the "i aLwAyZ gEt 25% oFF aT MiNiMuM" bozos turn up.

    Popular model, new body shape, Covid tax, Low stock, backorders etc… If they are offering you free metallic paint and can allocate one of the next shipment, take it. You're not going to get much more discount than that when they could sell it to the next person that walks in the door who will pay full price…

    Maybe ask them to waive the bullshit "Dealer Delivery" or at least discount that portion.

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      Thanks, this is useful info.
      They are offering $39,990 drive away so I'm guessing there's a $2k DD fee hidden in amongst that. I'll try to ask for some extras chucked in and at least have that reduced if they aren't willing to waive it.

      I have a 2008 Camry that I was going to sell privately, but if they are willing to give a decent enough trade in price I might consider.
      Heading down there in half an hour so will report back how it goes later tonight.

      • That's the best way. Ask for some freebies. We used to give these away if asked and then just write it off on the advertising or PR budget. Floor mats, protector parts, chrome valve stem covers. They should do a bit of that stuff. Cost them almost nothing.

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    i aLwAyZ gEt 25% oFF aT MiNiMuM

    Edit: dang! 3 minutes too late

  • If you are happy at $39,990 then I would call the dealer and tell them $39k flat and you will sign over a credit card authorisation to pay for the deposit. At least you can negotiate from $39k upward - they might not budge and end up paying the $39,990 that you are originally happy with.

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    The all-new Outlander is coming in 2021 for MY22 according to mitsubishi site.
    So maybe ask dealer about new Outlander. They might squeeze some discounts by haggling about new model around corner that has new facelift both interior and exterior.

    If I were you, I would go for White color, it looks much cleaner and has great road presense compared to other color.

    • So I am after the new shape but its being
      Released in June or July. Is the OP talking about that model, or the fine camera car model which is 24990 is base model.

    • That front end looks like the Nissan Juke took some roids and bulked up…

    • The all-new Outlander is coming in 2021 for MY22 according to mitsubishi site.

      gets pretty ok reviews in US reviews (was released there recently)

      If you like the current mitsubishi styling, i think the new series looks pretty good, and will likely be popular with all new design and 10yr warranty

      • For me new design seems like hint of range rover. :D

      • The new Mitsi styling… some love it, some hate it.

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    Ok so I bought a car. Got the 2021 Outlander LS in Diamond Red for $39,990 drive away.

    Metalic paint, floor mats, tinted bonnet guard and full tank of fuel all included. Also screwed them down to $400 for window tinting (cancer council stuff, darkest legal). They originally wanted $695 even though the computer showed $875.

    It's a factory order so won't be here until likely end of July.

    They're trying to sell me this Schmick club, does anyone know anything about it? The finance girl tried telling me for 5 years it's an extra $1.70 per week but I'm not interested in tacking it on to the loan. If I think it's worth the $ then I'll pay cash up front $1250.

    If you ding your car, get a shopping centre scratch etc they fix it for $50. Alloys and windscreen chips included. Kind of seems like good value on the surface compared to paying insurance excess or going direct to a panel beater but I haven't read the fine print just yet. Worth it?

    • I just read the Schmick T&C and a bunch of reviews, it looks too scammy for my liking. So many parts of the car are excluded, I'm going to give it a miss.

      • Anything except Car from dealer is a big NO. They usually makes money selling these protection, tint offers. They might not be scam but same level of protection can be purchased at much cheaper price elsewhere. Also, Congratulations on new drive. Which color did you chose? Titanium?

        • Yeah I figured as much, but decided to go with the tint @ $400 anyway. We went for Diamond Red. A few weeks ago we went looking at cars on a Sunday and liked the look of Titanium, but when we went back today and had a 2nd look it seemed lighter than what I had in mind, so went for the red.

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      We also bought an Outlander in December last year (MY21, ES 7 Seater, Starlight) for ~$33,500 driveaway. After signing the paper, dealer also sent us to see another guy trying to sell us that Schmick club thingy. As per what many OzBargainers have stated over the years — big NO for any of these.

      We also ended up getting the tint elsewhere. Got Rayno Phantom for $400. Who knows what kind of tint the dealers are using.

      • It certainly does sound like a load of schmick. I sent them back an email politely declining it. Just waiting on finance approval now (for a portion of the purchase) then the 3 month wait will kick in for delivery. Damn Covid…

        Hopefully the tint isn't rubbish. They said something about it being a special cancer council tint that you could only get through dealers. Could be junk but then again it supposedly has a 10 year warranty.

  • I was looking at the phev for a family car any input?

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