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[eBay Plus] Boost Mobile $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit 240GB $208.20 Delivered @ Mobile Tech Mart eBay


Activate from 30th March 2021 to 5 July 2021
(240 GB Data)

Unlimited Calls & Texts + 240GB for 1 Year

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    Thanks, bought two.

    • Honest question, what are you going to do with two?

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        ditto, bought two. if you are still curious, one for myself and one for my partner; we will use it once we finish with our existing plan. Trust that helps.

  • Bargain. I paid $230ish for this just two days ago. Gutted.

    Do people stock up?

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      Can't speak for most. In the past I had stocked up on the RECHARGEs, I bought 4 from Coles and just kept the codes in a google keep note for >12 months till I needed them. This (I think, don't quote me) is a 'new customers' deal, so if you bought multiple (check expiry) you will have to port out and back to use. I can't be bothered with that sorta faff.

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        I never could be bothered also but when you pay $230 for a $300 recharge and they included an extra 80Gig, I made the effort. Very simple and will repeat again next year.

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      Has to be activated this year? If correct no point in stocking up?

  • Anyone got any tips for getting cheap recharges? My first starter kit is almost ready to be recharged from last year

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      Port out then back in.

      • What is the cheapest way to port out and in..Aldi mobile ?

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          Ideally you want another network. Aldi is on the Telstra network too, so they're not a great option. 1 day before your old kit finishes, port out to something like this: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-mobile-prepaid-voucher-co... - i.e. $5 for Kogan on the Vodafone network, use that for 29 days, then day before it ends, port back in to your new Boost starter kit.

    • You can use this starter kit to recharge your current number. All you have to do is go to live chat snd ask them.

      • what do you mean?

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          If you are already a prepaid boost customer, you can buy this kit and ask them to recharge your current number with it.

  • 5 left, hurry

  • Got two, thanks. Good deal.

  • OOS

    • +10

      Many people these days have access to wifi at home and work…

      • Yeap I survived still have 40GB left on my last month

        Wifi logs show 100GB in past month alone on mobile, so very much use wifi over mobile data

      • Some people don't?? You'd have to not stream TV and not have a pc, or screw around with tethering constantly. Weird

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    Late again lol….

  • Back again.

  • Would the 150gb deal for $149 be ok for a teens mobile to just use iMessage and the occasional call? What’s Boosts coverage like

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      They use the Telstra network.

    • Should be enough…Boost uses Telstra network except 5g

    • Personally for a kid o would go for a Kogan SIM or similar as they won't use all the data in the first month.

      • Set a data cap on the phone, easy enough. 👍

        If they remove it, bad luck, they'll never do it again!

  • Was waiting for a deal like this, thanks OP !

  • as I was about to pay, it went OOS

  • What's the deal with activation window? Doesn't make sense…

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    more sellers for:




    • And how trustworthy are they

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    Back in stock

  • the code doesnt work for me?

    • code works for ebay plus members only

      • i am an ebay plus member?

        • error message

          To apply this code, you need to be an eBay Plus member.

        • are you?

          • @chickenface: I am one. It just keeps saying this code cannot be applied to your order

            • +1

              @smurph: did you use the code 5 times already?

              "Multiple items may be purchased in up to 5 transactions per person "

              • @RogueWolf: nah havent used it at all

                • @smurph: that's strange, whats the expiry date of your plus membership?

                  think you'll have to contact eBay ask why it's not working

  • Does anyone know when boost will have an eSim? I need to second phone number for work.

  • I want so send my dad my old iPhone all setup with a working sim. He is not tech-savvy in the slightest. I was thinking of buying this but I was just wondering if anyone with the experience of porting their number to Boost recently knows whether I might run into any trouble at this point in terms of being asked for some ID for my dad that I might not have on me at the time when I try to port? It says I might only be asked for his name and date of birth on the Ebay post.

    • +1

      Hi mate. I'm currently in the process of porting my number from Optus.

      I put in the transfer on Tuesday 22nd. It was yesterday (Tuesday 27th) that the number finally ported. However, I have not been able to make calls, send SMS or access data for over 24 hours now. (I can receive calls and SMS).

      I've been on the phone and used support chat and they said it's "normal" for this to happen and also that there are "technical issues currently". It will apparently take up to 24 business hours to fix.

      I've ported the same phone number between phone companies at least 8 times since 2003 and have never had an issue like this. Just be warned - I may just have bad luck, but it's extremely frustrating and I regret going through the process.

      Also, to answer your question about ID, all I had to provide was my License details and DOB. No other follow up was required. I don't think they're linked to eBay, so you should be able to purchase the SIM for another person.

  • How is it that you have to have it activated before 5 July? I thought the expiry on these things was usually much longer than that.

    • It gives a window for activation, I guess there has been a promotion for extra data maybe… Not sure

  • they've upped the price to $212.46 so use this seller $207.82

  • Has the code expired?

    • keeps telling me the code has expired

      • Expired yesterday