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10% off Apple Mac Computers - M1 Mac Mini $989.10, M1 MacBook Air $1349.10, M1 MacBook Pro $1709.10 @ JB Hi-Fi (Extra 5% off OW)


The almost monthly 10% off Mac is back @ JB HiFi, but this time it is on the recently $100 reduced RRPs

Further 5% off at Officeworks, however buy at JB if you have access to 10% giftcards.

M1 Macbooks
MacBook Air - M1/8GB/256GB - $1349.10 (was $1499)
MacBook Air - M1/8GB/512GB - $1664.10 (was $1849)

MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/256GB - $1709.10 (was $1899)
MacBook Pro 13 - M1/8GB/512GB - $1979.10 (was $2199)

M1 Mac Minis
Mac Mini - M1/8GB/256GB - $989.10 (was $1099)
Mac Mini - M1/8GB/512GB - $1259.10 (was $1399)

Other Intel-based Macs also on discount, some on clearance.

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  • Do I finally bite and get an M1…Will the 2020s drop more with the 2021s being released?

    • There's always the 'new model' coming out wait til then. If you really need one get the M1 but supposedly the M2 chips have gone into mass production for the new Macbooks being announced later this year.

    • I'd wait for second generation. All the issues will be ironed out (even though supposedly, they're already pretty good)

      • +3

        Look up a guy on YouTube by the name of Louis Rossman. He can tell you lots of stories about serious hardware issues being repeated for years (ie. not fixed). Then there is the surveillance: https://sneak.berlin/20201112/your-computer-isnt-yours/ All the companies these days are into surveillance capitalism.

        • +5

          What does surveillance have to do with any of this? Is it any different between generations?

        • +15

          Across multiple threads you've mentioned the surveillance but never recommended another laptop. Compared to other companies, Apple is the only ones who are strongly against ad data sharing, actually encrypt and secure your data, and won't share. Not to mention MacOSx has no ads.

          • -2

            @Timmayc123: Linux 😳

            • +3

              @Leho: Linux is not very user friendly though, and getting it working can be a pain in the butt for the average user.

              • @Timmayc123: True, macos is good for the average user, but for anyone that is somewhat technologically advanced, linux is a good choice imo.

                • @Leho: And expert that values their time use Os X

                • +2

                  @Leho: You know MacOS is literally based on unix. Open up the Terminal/shell and you can do a lot of stuff, if you are that way inclined. These days all OS will pretty much do everything most users want. It more of a preference thing, I like chocolate milkshakes and other people like strawberry milkshakes.

        • Wow, changed my perception about Apple and their security…

        • So… a feature that started out with well intentions can be abused. It's like a knife - it can be used for the purpose it was designed for, like cutting meat, etc. Or to murder/kill someone.

          To be fair. I am much more concerned and appalled at companies, specifically analytics companies that are tracking your every action. And then, letting companies replay those actions.

          I felt pretty disgusted when the guy demo'ed it to me. Check one of the big players in this area: https://www.fullstory.com/resources/the-definitive-guide-to-...

          It's these companies that create such tools and companies (sad to say 80%+ of companies) that use these tools that people should be more concerned and outraged about.

    • +1

      Wait for the new model. Rumour has it they're bringing back magsafe.

      • +4

        This is what I’m waiting for. Can’t believe they ever got rid of it.

    • +3

      If your getting a MacBook Air, I think buy now. They aren’t expected to be refreshed until 2022.

      If you want a MacBook Pro, wait. The new 14” and 16” models are expected to launch in June, with the M1X, SD card slot and HDMI port.

      Of course nothing is ever guaranteed, and now certainly isn’t a bad time to buy with the recent $100 price drop + 10% off.

    • +1

      I'd wait for M2, rumoured for later half this year. M2 probably will use armv9 with considerable jump in performance.

    • Got the M1 MBAir, 16gb upgraded. So frickin happy with this machine. Powerful beast/insane battery life.

      Probably no need to go Pro when you have this thing.

      Some issues I have noticed are: rare wifi dropouts and lousy pixelated camera, which I think will both get fixed by software upgrades.

    • DONT BE FOOLED! The TRUE next version thats a generational change will have the new, upgraded ArmV9 architecture. The M1 will soon be the M1x and it will have more GPU (from 4/4s to 8/4s) and 7/8GPU to 16 cores but the price will not be the huge price asked! Buy the AIR 8/256 and wait for the TRUE nextgen V9 replacement. Should be some time 2021 as all I can find out is the next version in the MacPro is V8 with just more large cores, and 4-8 extra GPU cores.

      Unlike ATI/nVidia GPU does not boost encoding so its not much use to me and games run fin with my 7 GPU cores!

      So save money, get the AIR, take a pass on the Pro's 14/16 and wait for the 2022 V9 refresh as it will have legs! Its backward compatible but aside from core count, its 30% boost just in architecture alone! It will have the sort of Omph worth spending on!

      BUYING THE AIR, Buy the 16gb and 512/1tb Apple refurbished and save! 10% off on new retail is all 8gb base memory! So to get 16gb, you need to EDU pricing (add $300 software edu bundle) or REFURBISHED apples! Links at the bottom of the apple page!

  • Is the pro better than the air?

    • +7

      slightly brighter screen (500nits vs 400nits), touchbar, better speakers & mic, has a fan.

      Other than that, no real world performance difference. MBA 7c GPU version is ridiculous value at $1349.

      • I had that model air and gave it to my daughter for Uni last week, will get the 512gb but not sure if pro this time.

      • +2

        And even the slight performance difference can be equaled by adding thermal pads to the air.

        Also also apparently the speakers sound better on the air.

      • Fan does mean the pro doesn’t throttle after a couple minutes.

        Not an issue for non-power users though, my fan has never kicked in during normal use

    • Pro has a touch bar. Not sure if it is more useful or more painful to use.

      • I find the touch bar very useful. Common functions for the active app are there for quick access.

    • +1

      Pro has a bigger battery as well.

      • Believe it comes with a faster charger too - I am personally waiting on the Air from Apple, hard to justify the extra $$ when I have already shelled out for 512gb/16gb M1.

  • +1

    Anyone know where 10% off JBHIFI gift cards are available? I can only find 5% through work benefits…

    • I don’t think there are any 10% off promotions at the moment, but I did stumble across this:

      Big W is currently running a promotion where you get 1000 bonus Everyday Rewards for each $50 TCN HER gift card you purchase. However, you will only be credited bonus points for 10 gift cards during this promotion for each Everyday Rewards account, so you can only realistically get bonus points on 10x $50 HER gift cards (and that assumes you can find 10x $50 HER gift cards).

      To me, that’s too much hassle for not a lot of savings, particularly when you consider the bad reputation of TCN on these forums…

      • +1

        Agree, it's takes time to buy and activate the cards, sometimes having issues, then you have to spend time to sort it out. Not worth the hassle for the amount of savings.

    • This may be of interest (even though it is not quite 10% off), but keep in mind that TCN has a patchy history.

  • Any Imac's good value as one of mine is basically history going reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal slow ?

    • +2

      New one this Friday, i am selling my 27" 5K late 2015.

      • How much are you looking for you iMac? I'. planning to buy one.

        • Around $1500, has new screen replaced by Apple and 24gb ram, 2TB fusion.

          • @DisabledUser341338: Wow !!
            I'm better off with a new Macbook Pro

            • @abhayks: horses for courses, $3.5K new

            • +1

              @abhayks: Have you seen how much a 5K screen equivalent (color gamut, Nit etc) to the iMac costs? Their 2015 screen is still way above the average 2021 monitor screens. I think 1500 in very good condition is very reasonable. I have used this same model myself with 16GB RAM and 1TB fusion and sold it for $1800 last year. The screen was incredibly crisp and accurate when working with photos and videos.

              • @Buy2Much: I'm not questioning the value here @BobSam really has set a good price for such a beast machine, just that I don't need so much HP :)
                I was either way planning to buy a SurfaceBook/Macbook Pro for WFH. Main use will be just to RDP to work and some photo editing ( to justify my toy Sony A7II ).
                I thought that if I can get something within 1K, that might be a good so asked about iMac.
                Additionally if I buy new I can claim in taxes for WFH.

                • @abhayks: Fair enough. I can see a Macbook Pro would be best for your use case.

    • +5

      not at all. Better to get a Mac mini and display

      • Why is it that we can never get a16gb ram on these sales for the M1 mini?

        • +1

          It's because the Macs with 16GB are custom-built orders, so they're only available directly from Apple. They will usually take a few weeks to fulfil because they are built and shipped from the factories in China.

          [edit] Seems I was wrong, someone else ordered a custom BTO Mac from JB. See discussion further down the page.

  • Can we upgrade RAM or we're stuck with 8gb?

    • +1


      • Oh no! Bought the TCN GC without reading this comment first…well stuck with the GC now will probably have to wait for iPhone 13 to redeem these…luckily just bought $1k worth GC and not the fully amount.

    • +3

      You're stuck with the RAM as it's soldered. I ended up buying from Apple so I could upgrade it all…

    • +3

      Too bad we can't upgrade RAM on JB/OW. 8GB isn't much if you're doing heavy stuff.

      • I too was concerned about that, until I read this:
        I also realized that web browsing, terminal sessions on my 2011 MBP with 4GB also hasn't been a limiting factor for me. For anything else, its onto the Windows desktop with 32GB ram.

        • +2

          I agree for most workloads 8gb should be enough. But for heavy stuff like video editing and programming, you can eat up 8gb quite fast. Swap memory in M1 is very fast, but it will affect your SSD lifetime, as shown in recent findings.

          • +1

            @TrueMonkee: Swap is only middle of the road on M1 based macs, it just seems really fast because of how painfully slow the SSD on the last gen Intel macs was.

    • +2

      The RAM can only be chosen at the time of purchase, no future upgrades. This is just the way the new chips are designed, its not a sale tactic as many people accuse.

      The way the new architecture works, 8GB is actually plenty enough for everyday tasks. Its not a fair comparison if anyone says their intel Mac suffered with 8GB RAM or if their windows laptop suffered with 8 GB RAM. There are specific scenarios such as content creation when the added RAM is beneficial in M1 systems, but real world evidence suggests not by much.

      Me being a risk averse person and wanting to future proof myself, I ordered a Mac mini 16gb RAM / 256GB SSD from JB instore in March. They offered 5% off the order (without any haggling, just by asking). Had some gift cards with me, so overall worked cheaper than going to Apple directly.

      • +1

        Did you ask for the 5% off or did they simply offer you 5% off without you mentioning it?

        • +3

          Simply offered when I asked if there can be any discount on Build To Order (BTO). This was at JB HiFi Parramatta, NSW

          • @rake: I didn't realise you could buy a BTO Mac from a non-Apple retailer, that's nice. Have always been told in the past that you could only get these from Apple.

            • @deadpoet: Same. Good to know! Thanks for the information.

  • Ive been in the market to replace my 2014 Macbook Air with the M1 Macbook, but with the new M1 Ipad Pro, im wondering if its worth waiting to see if they update IpadOS to bring in my desktop type functionality.

    • +3

      I actually tried the iPad Pro with smart keyboard as a desktop/laptop replacement. For everyday browsing, content consumption and touch-screen functionality; it really was a great. The FaceID was a great way to login/authenticate too.

      However, I really struggled with file management. I wanted to edit photos on it and just getting the RAW files into them and then culling/managing/moving them was just too painful.

      With iPad and Macbooks now sharing the same processor/architecture, I really hope they get iPads to a state with what Samsung does with DeX mode. I want iPad to work with iPadOS when in tablet mode, and switch to a MacOS or Desktop kind of mode when its put on a smart keyboard. That is something I would definitely pay the premium for!

    • General consensus is that the iPad Pro will always be something that complements the MacBooks, not replace them. Apple won't cannibalise their own sales. So definitely don't buy an iPad Pro expecting them to bring across desktop/macOS functionality.

  • +3

    Decided to finally get one. Called office works and got the Air 512GB for about $1580.

    • Why did you choose air over pro?

      • +3

        From everything I read it seemed Air was able to do everything I needed it for which was mostly Lightroom. People just recommended getting the 8 core instead of 7. Ideally I would've got 16GB of RAM but most people seem to say the 8GB was fine.

        I'm so sick of the horrendously slow software running on Windows 10 so will be a vast improvement I'm sure.

        • -2

          For extra $300 think i would of got the pro for Lightroom.

          • +2

            @DisabledUser341338: Nah. I think the air will be much better to travel with which is more valuable than any gains in performance.

            • -1

              @jmartz: When 2024 lol, it will be had it by then :)

            • +1

              @jmartz: If you do the thermal pad mod there aren't any performance gains in the Pro. The air can actually best the Pro. Plus it's silent. No fans. The air with thermal pad is extraordinary.

        • +4

          i have the m1 air, its amazing.

          Ruins you for other laptops though, like: why the hell is this computer warm? whats this noise? wait, is there a fan inside? why does it need that?! Why does the battery say 20% when i charged it only yesterday?

          • +1

            @yahms: Coming from an MSI laptop that gets hot while logging in, battery doesn't hold charge, random blue screens and a screen that only looks decent on a certain angle…. im pretty excited to pickup my M1 Air tonight

          • @yahms: I've been sold! However, do you think that the Pro is worth the $350 upgrade in your opinion? Given the battery life and the Touch Bar?

            • @avgbowlofpho: Nope. I got a 16 GB 8 core Air (heavy video editing) from the Apple refurb shop and love it. Touchbar sucks IMHO and is rumoured to be removed in next gen. Screen is plenty bright, and battery life is insane. Couldn't justify the additional cost and put it towards the extras (RAM and storage).

              • +1

                @TheFunkySalsa: Okie dokie. I'm going for the entry level MacBook Air. I'm a uni student so I shouldn't need much more than that really.

            • @avgbowlofpho: probably obvious since i got the air, but the pro isnt worth it for me

              spend that 350 on the 8 core gpu air with extra storage(and/or ram)

          • +3

            @yahms: I thought that was just me. Got an HP Envy 13" recently for a school student with modest needs. Core i5, 8MB, medium specs but should be adequate (or so I thought). The fan is always running, battery only lasts half a day, Windows is always doing something, drives me up the wall 😡

      • plus a new macbook pro is coming out this year

    • That is a great purchase.

      • +2

        Every item on this thread is a great purchase since it boosts the size of your wallet, Mr Tim Apple.

  • HN will price match, also have 1000 days IF if you have a IF card.

  • This is what happens when you can't delete comments. Urghh

  • My partner just bought an air from jb Sunday evening, anyone know if there’s a way for them to honour the discount, or return and go to OW?

    • +2

      They generally will refund the difference, just go in to the store.

      • That would be awesome we’ll give it a try

  • Does the post need to be updated to reflect that there aren't really any 10% off gift cards deals going at present or if so, please drop a link in? I only know of the $10 Prezzee bonus card on $100 mothers day gift card, which is one per person.

  • I'm currently at uni wanting to upgrade from an old X1 Carbon, should I pay the extra $350 to get the Pro over the Air? From what it seems, the Pro has a few more hours battery life, and I think the Touch Bar might be somewhat useful? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

    • What do you like about your X1 Carbon, and are you ready to move to Mac OS X?

      I've used both extensively over the years but am now fully in the Windows camp, and whilst I love reading the performance reviews/etc of the M1 Macbooks, I can't see myself moving back into the Mac OS X ecosystem (even though I'm very much in iOS/iPadOS land).

      • +1

        I hate absolutely everything about the X1 Carbon lol. It's on 5th gen intel and only lasts 3 hours at the lowest brightness. Not to mention it reaches 70 degrees on basic tasks, and I've actually broken the screen alot. It's on its last limbs and I'm genuinely enticed by the battery life which Apple has.

        I'm alright with the move to Mac OS only because all of the software I use can be used on Mac as well as Windows. My only decision now is just deciding between the Air and the Pro.

        • Interesting that you didn't call out keyboard which I thought is the main reason people love Lenovos (I have used a few X1 Carbon's for work and now also have an X1 yoga).

          If I was in your position, based on the various reviews/videos, unless you have a need for the marginal benefits of Pro over Air in the M1 generation (and the Touchbar), most use cases seem to lean towards the Air with the slightly thinner/lighter profile too (perfect for uni students). I think even if you were a traditional target market for Pro such as content creation, there have been quite a few Youtube reviews indicating that the Pro has only very marginal (rather than the usually more noticeable/significant) gains.

    • +2

      I would actually buy the Air and spend upgrade the ram to 16gb instead. You can work around SSD limitations through external SSDs more cheaply but not ram. Also the new MBP is rumoured to have an SD card reader which may get around the issue. Really depends on what you use it for.

  • Cheers OP! Got a M1 MBA ready for collection :)

    • -1

      Why didn't you get the 2021 model directly from Apple?

      • +1

        One of us is confused and I think it might be you

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