Driving Instructors Keep Blocking My Driveway to Practice Parking

I live in two ways a very quiet street where generally a lot of street parking spot available. My street could be one of the streets that RMS use for accessing the driving test. So, 10 to 15 L driving instructors let their student practise parking across my driveway every day. It has become a nuisance when 3-5 times per instructor blocking my access across my driveway. I have talked to several instructors to practise where there are empty spots, but they think they have right to park there and nothing wrong. Often, I bumped into them when I try to access my own driveway while they are practising parking. I also have talked to the council and local police but they both gave excuse that they can’t do anything unless they catch on the act. I know it is bull and lazy excuse, but I can’t get them to action. I am losing battle dealing with dense driving instructors who think 2 to 5 mins blocking is fine despite I am being annoyed when 50 times a day by multiple instructors constantly in and out.

Please suggest legal way what I can do and what are my options.

Edit: some may think I am exaggerating. here are some photos

Within an hour two cars practise across my driveway and I drove out third one. 4 and 5 saw me talking so they kept going


Thanks to those who provided suggestions. I will try some of the methods to drive the pests away.**


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    Put dog poo on the driveway so there tyre will have dog poo

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      How does he magically not get dog poo on his own car tyres or third parties'?

      • Put poo after your car in

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        Girls have a vagina and boys have a penis

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          some people have both …

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          You are offending boys who identify themselves as girls and offending girls who identify themselves as boys.

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    The way I see people and fresh P-platers drive in NSW makes it no surprise to me that driving instructors would do this. I would say driver education and training in this state is a joke.

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      I can totally understand the current crap drivers situation based on a recent experience.

      I saw a driving school vehicle, emblazoned with the school's logos and advertising doing a lot of illegal things with the L driver at the helm. Running yellow lights, arm out the window, instructor on the phone, no indicator, failed to give way at round about, and others, all within a 2~3km drive.

      When I rang to speak to them about their actions, I was basically told to mind my own business and that I didn't have proof. So, I uploaded all the dash cam proof I had to Imgur and made a comment on their Google review page. They contacted me, threatening to contact Google and their lawyer if I didn't take it down. Had a talk to them about their actions and they agreed to change their behavior while teaching after I said the next step was to contact RMS and police and let them view the footage.

      I removed the footage and review on the proviso that if I saw them do anything like what I saw again, I would escalate it to the relevant authority. I have since seem them training and am glad to report, up to this point that they have not broken any road rules whilst in my observation.

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    I'd give them a warning.

    If you're sure it's the same instructor, I'd just pelt a tennis ball at the car as hard as I can.

    Won't cause any damage to the car but will deter them.

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      I'd just pelt a tennis ball at the car as hard as I can

      Liability would be interesting if the L plater freaks out, hits the accelerator and rams the neighbour's car in front.

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        I think that's the whole point, to scare the people in the car.

        Plus, the driving instructor should also have brakes on his/her side of the car.

  • put on a mask and run at the car screaming 'ooga booga'. not illegal

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    I'd just keep throwing eggs at those cars. Crazy..

  • When they turn up, ride your bike out the front and practice your track stands in front and behind the vehicle depending on which would be more inconvenient.

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    OP's poor written english means everyone is confused as to what is happening here.


    a) the driving instructors are blocking the driveway, but op is just inside/not home and is having a sook
    b) the driving instructors are blocking the driveway when op is either arriving or leaving home

    if option a, then there isnt really any issue here

    if option b, then there is definitely a real problem. Imagine coming home after a long day at work, some moron is parked right in front of your driveway, who then proceeds to tell you to wait 2 to 5 minutes before he moves? stuff that. i would sit there and just lay into the horn, no way anyone would sit and block your driveway then.

    with regards to option b, op you need to be more aggressive, go ape shit at the driver or just keep blasting your horn until they move.

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    Just hold the horn down until they move. The instructor will stop taking students there.

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    Had a similar issue a few years ago. They had a few goes and then when the learner got overwhelmed they stopped and had a rest https://imgur.com/a/BGi2bRs

    Let it slide as a once off thing, but when they showed up the same time the next day…

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    I don't understand NSW

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      It's an initialism for New South Wales.

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        Plus vote for knowing that it is an initialism and not an acronym.

  • Feel for you OP, a lot of inconsiderate people out there unfortunately. Could you ask your neighbour to park a car length forward so when they do park it won't block your driveway

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    Next time avoid the instructor and talk to the driver/learner and tell them they are on camera and will be reported to police. If you start annoying the students, the instructors will keep a distance

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    Can I have a cutting of your euphorbia?

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    What is the actually problem? They were on public road. They didn't not block your driveway. They did not drive into your driveway. They did not damage anything.

  • The reason why your spot is chosen because there's a car and also in shaded area.

    • Yeah I could not understand why they had to do that at the driveway then noticed there is only one car parked on the very quiet street.

  • Another strategy:

    Buy 2 sign poles (measure other sign poles in your area to get the correct height): https://nationalsafetysigns.com.au/safety-signs/sign-posts-a...

    Mount 2 No Parking signs (with correct arrows of course): https://nationalsafetysigns.com.au/safety-signs/no-parking-s...

    And bury one on either side of your driveway.

    I doubt council will notice and I think maybe the instructor would think twice about telling their student to park there (I hope). You could also paint a straight white line on the road in line with each sign and the edges of your driveway to reinforce the point.

    Alternatively instead of No Parking signs you could use No Stopping signs. Not sure if those would be more noticeable by council or not though.

    • He's had many run ins with this instructor, i'm sure the instructor would question the council. Just to be petty and vindictive.

      At least thats the impression i'm getting from OP.

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    I'd definitely ask your neighbour to move.

    Driving instructor cant parallel park anymore without that car, so they'll go elsewhere.

    If i was your neighbour i'd be annoyed that Learner drivers were using my car to practice parking. Wouldn't want it to get scratched.

    I'm sure if you explain the problem to them, they'll be very understanding.

  • And… This is exactly why we have so many bad drivers on our roads coz the driving instructors are idiots to begin with! Self-entitled and self-centred. …. Only gets passed down to their driving students who will only follow as the instructors have advised.

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      Lol it's a public street and op has a residential house.

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    Looks like the instructors are using the other parked car as a reverse parking reference point for their instruction. i would guess if that car wasn't there then they would not practice parking there as they would not have a reference point for reverse parking.

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    get some white paint and paint the road with no parking put plenty of stripes in the marked area. If you also paint no learner parking as well that may solve your problem. If the council asks who painted it tell them you dont know.

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    How many times are you coming and going each day that it becomes an issue?

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      I need to access often and sometimes for medical emergency issue for sick family member. The problem is there is always someone would argue when I asked to move or asked me to wait until the student is completed with it's parking. some people would think what's the big deal for blocking 2 mins. This is so frustrating when I have had this inconvenience for everyday for years and I can't get help from council and police.
      one of my aim is I hope someone who work in RMS would read this and start giving education and compliance check on instructors

      • Personally i think you're exaggerating the number of times you need to access your property, and how many medical emergencies during the day does one really have?

        Yes it's a minor inconvenience but i believe you just have too much time on your hands and nothing to do with it.

  • Have you send the number plate, the pictures and the video when you lodge a complaint with RMS or other bodies? … in one hand they can t do anything but in another hand on if it 's an occurence and you have proff they can issues some infringement notice. People where blocking my driveway on a daily basis for school pick up. One day , it blocked the ambulance from attending my house… i can told you that after, our driveway was totally clear…

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    Hose or sprinkler is probably the best option

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    grab a seat, popcorn, camera and some friends and a white board
    start to laugh and criticize the learner and the instructor for any mistakes and errors
    and keep a record
    after a while the instructor will get pissed and embarrassed or the learner will get spooked

    I'm sure they will move away after that

  • Just put a road cone on the road right next to your driveway (so you can still get in and out, but there isn't enough space to reverse park there).

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    A Raisin Affair loves this shit. Send them all the info, they'll be on it like a fat kid on cake.

    Also, it'll prevent retribution from the instructors, otherwise there's…A follow up story!

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    Leave your wheelie bins just on the street either side of the driveway. Or even over the driveway. Would take seconds to move when you need to but too much effort for the instructor.

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      Leaving wheelie bins will literally substitute 1 problem with another. Your neighbours can go to council or the council itself can warn and penalise you about them being out more than usual, then you'll be back at square 1.

      Bins are a road hazard, not to mention impede street sweeping

  • The above is good idea

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    How often has this actually affected you when trying to leave/enter your residence?

    While it does seem to break some road rules, it does make sense for learners to initially practice their parallel parking without the fear or hitting a curb.

    • “How often has this actually affected you when trying to leave/enter your residence?

      Enough to piss him off 😀

      • what pissed me off is some instructors argue it's their right to park in front of driveway and some would not give me a plain look and continue letting their student complete the parking "when I am trying to access my driveway". despite I send the footage to the police, they don't act.

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          “How often has this actually affected you when trying to leave/enter your residence?

          So, how often? once a day? once a week?

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          OP Do some life courses on learning to have a presence .
          Why in the `^ would you try ( again no presence and you are ignored ) tie up Police resources with such a trivial matter ?

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        enough to post on ozbargain!
        which doesn't take much

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          I know right? Why is it always the most trivial or dumb stuff?

  • Yes, a pain in the butt I agree. Maybe put a garbage bin accidentally of the kerb to hinder them. Or worse and more deviant, accidentally drop some nails or broken glass strategically across the space for a few hours at a time!!! Just broom them up into a bucket when done and put back a few times! To make it authentic can always put some planks next to the driveway and a bun on the kerb to pretend you were doing some carpentry and unknowingly missed the bin…

    Unfortunately I think it's actually legal: you CANNOT park fully or partially across a driveway EXCEPT for 2 minutes to pick up or drop off passengers (there is no defined measurement for parking near a driveway)…

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    From the photos and video OP provided, I think the main cause is the car parked in front of OP house. The parked car is the perfect target for reversed parking practices.

    My suggestion is to move the parked car in front of OP house (assuming the car belongs to OP) - hence the L car won’t have the reason to practice there anymore 🤞


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    My vote for wheelie bins on driveway. Effective for little effort.

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      Thats going to be effective how?

      • Errmm…. isn't it obvious they will not be able to park on OP's driveway with the bins there?

        • But the op isn't allowed to do it?
          The neighbours would more than likely complain about the bins always being out which is an offence

    • +1

      Councils can fine for that if it's outside the bin day window.

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    some people just love being annoying

    IMO OP comes across as one of those people who has nothing better to do than complain.
    Im sure it doesnt affect him as much as he says it does, but just loves to make a big deal about it.
    Im sure this guy accounts for a large percentage of complaints to the council, wasting ratepayers dollars.

    rant over

    • +1

      Well summed up. Pretty much how the whole thing reads to me.

      At least it keeps the driving instructors day a little interesting lol

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    For how long….. surely this does not inconvenience you. People don't "practice" 24/7 in one spot.
    And you have the audacity to complain

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    Spike the area with nails and tacks. The learner driver then gets to learn how to change a tyre/wheel.
    It just might just be down the road and then another Ozbargainer will post a thread ‘How to stop people changing their tyres in front of my driveway’.

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    Have a similar problem due to being on a main road people love to pull over for whatever reason blocking exit and entry. It's more frustrating than it sounds when you have to be somewhere or you're just trying to get home and some idiots blocking your way.

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    Sounds like you live on a test route.

    Honestly sounds like your making a lot more out of this that it really is. Poor kid is trying to learn how to drive/park and your house seems to be a sweet spot for the instructor to use car park in front of your house. I would be curious how often this actually causes an inconvenience.

    You don't control the road outside your house so complaining to the police would likely give you a non-response. Also I don't think what they are doing is illegal ie 'standing' is not 'parking'. Maybe talking to the person in charge of the learner driver program would be your best bet. They are government employees that enforce code of conduct on driving instructors. They can suspend a driving instructors endorsement at their discretion or make their life difficult.

    I sympathise. I live in a mixed business/residential area so constantly have people parking out front (or on my grass!). More just the fact that cars are coming and going at all times of the day and being careful no one tries to pull out when your trying to pull into your own driveway.

  • Park your car in their way and/or add your wheelie bin into the mix. You could even get some cheap traffic cones. If you make it difficult they will go elsewhere.

    • Can you leave wheelie bin out all week ?

      • that's what I am going to trial

        • Cool great idea someone might need a bin lol .
          I can imagine the whinging and whining when you find out the replacement cost :)

        • Even better, simply borrow a wheelie bin from one of the driving instructor schools to use, then return it when done, that way the cost will be on them.

    • +7

      If they aren't providing enough clearance, then you sitting there patiently will provide useful guidance to the learner that clearly their positioning is not suitable and they could do something about it.

      Or the instructor can teach them not to practise parking in front of the driveway.

  • Just stand or setup a chair where they are trying to park, sue them if they run over you

  • They do it because they are using that car parked just after your driveway, if it's your neighbour you could ask to park the car in a different spot.

  • If it bothers you that much put your bin out there or move house. Honestly you need more important stuff to worry about than some L plater learning to park on your street. They aren't actually blocking you from accessing your driveway and if you were trying to leave your house they would just move. You can't control it without becoming some sort of crazy person so honestly this isn't worth your time or your headspace.

    • Actually I have a better idea. Put a L plate on back of the car out the front of your place if it's yours. It will look like someone else is already there and they will keep driving to the next spot to try and park. Btw do you like right next to a Vicroads or RMS?

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    if they are really blocking you, just do a continuous honk until road is clear? i am sure that will make it difficult for anyone to concentrate let alone beginners

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    A lot of driving instructors use driveways for parking practise to minimise any damage to the wheel from the kerb. While I understand the intent behind this I believe it will lead to bad habits.

    • Maybe a lot do, but I can't ever recall doing this in ten years as an instructor. There is a reason we have dual controls.

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    Your an L plater yourself

  • +1

    I have a little bit "softer" solution, that will require some extra effort.
    Everytime they come, just pretend you are leaving and start honking like a mad man. If they don't leave after giving you way, park your car a little bit out of the driveway, just enough to block their parking "lesson" and pretend it broke down. Hopefully, after 50+ times they will learn and will stop doing it because they know you will waste their time.

  • I have a simple solution, albeit one maybe a little harsh, just litter your front yard, maybe use some heavy rubbish that won't blow away and go crazy with the littering, make your front yard look like dumpster. They will find it unappealing and find a nicer street to practice on, then just simply clean it up, in a short time frame, the shire probably won't have to to action anything. Just giving you ALL the options…

  • Leave your garbage bin on the edge of the road, next to the right edge of your driveway. (As seen from the camera view).

    If the rest of the street is as empty as you say it is, they will simply drive to another location - rather than getting out and moving the bin

  • Dude, if it's the same guy just get a moveable spike strip, he'll cook his tyres, call a tow truck to move him off your property, don't see why this is an issue? The install CCTV camera when he inevitably comes back to get revenge, golden.

    • +2

      I suppose it won't be an issue when OP is in police custody.

  • Throw rocks at them

  • +1

    It is pretty obvious to me that there is ALWAYS the same car parked in EXACTLY the same spot each time that can be used as a reference point to reverse park. If that car was not there the instructors would have to find another place to do the reverse parking manouver.

    If you want to influence change then consider finding out who is leaving their car out at the exact same spot each and every time and see if they are willing to consider parking in an alternative spot.

    Otherwise the OP could park in their own car in that spot the learners are trying to park in and the teachers would have to find another spot with similar conditions.

    Or you just stand outside holding an axe each time whilst watching them park.

    Personally there are more annoying things in life.. like people thinking its ok to put dog poop in your bins.

    • Maybe the neighbour moved their car there cos they were sick of having the instructors blocking their driveway

  • +1

    If its so popular perhaps consider selling advertising space in front of your home (if legal etc) ? I'd imagine a competing driving schools advertisement might dissuade competing schools from picking your place to practice reverse parking :)

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