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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live White/Bronze/Black $129.99 (Was $279.99) Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


Galaxy Buds Live were created with your ears in mind. The unique and ergonomic design features no ear tips for a stylish new look, while the charging case keeps your buds ready to go. Enjoy spacious, wireless freedom and ultimate comfort, whatever your activity1. The buds are designed to fit securely in your ear, ready for wherever your day takes you, and they create a controlled sound experience with three mics for enhanced voice calls and improved bass tone.

Active noise cancelling blocks out unwanted noise so you stay fully immersed in your music, podcasts and calls, while the case easily pairs with your compatible device, making them the perfect audio companion for your tablet, phone or smartwatch1. Galaxy and non-Galaxy devices including Android and iOS devices are compatible2. It’s also easy to access your Spotify playlist with a simple tap and hold gesture3.

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  • +1

    Will it go down to $99 soon at this rate ?

    • Honestly samsung should have positioned these as a competitor to airpods than airpods pro. They are so convenient because you can hear surroundings with them. at 99$ theres no reason to get airpods over these

      • worth noting their last three bud models all have this functionality - buds plus, buds live and buds pro.

      • Any self-respecting ozBargainer got their airpods for $99 in one of the many eBay sales

    • No

  • +3

    The kidney beans

    • +31

      These exist

      • Ok… Buds +

        • +5

          this one has shitty anc and has no seal so u can hear surroundings. Also offers worse sound quality and no water resistance.

  • +1

    I wonder if they're going to release a new model soon or something, because there's been so many discounts on their Buds lately

    • +2

      They already have the buds pro

      • Yeah that's what I own. I love em, but my gf said she can't hear me clearly when I call her.

        It was just speculative statement before.

        There's also a few rumors such as this:

        • +1

          I guess they all have similar issues (either good for calls or good for music), may be they are more target to listening to music (since their original high RRP)rather than on hands free call. I guess if you mostly use for calls just get something cheap with free return policy so can test out. I bought a set of Soundpeats

          No complaints from the people I talk to.

    • +2

      It's possible, but then Samsung has been on a year with discounts and rebates across the board. My gut feeling is that they were on track to miss forecasting goals and have pulled out all the stops to increase sales volumes before the second half of the year.

    • -1

      No. just because theyre shit and nobody buys them

  • +1

    Don't buy these, the reviews are bad.

    • +5

      It's very mixed. It's a lot about expectations and fit.

    • -1

      Are any of the Samsung ones considered to be good?

      Not trolling, it's a genuine question

      • +6

        The buds plus is very highly regarded

        • +1

          Ditto. I'm happy with my Buds Plus.

        • yeah i gotta say i have the buds plus and if they broke today i'd probably get another pair? for cheap? they just tick every box.

      • Buds Pro are really good and have lots of functions, plus better audio and mic quality than Buds+. However the fit in your ear is way way better with the Buds+.

      • In addition to the buds, they also do the AKG N400, which is very good.

    • +3

      Don’t trust the review too much. It depend on peoples and the ears they have. I found it quite good, Better than 🍎 AirPod I had, but still, it depend on the ears you have.

    • +4

      I have Airpods, Buds, Buds Live and Buds Pro. I find that this fits my ears more than the other ones.

      • Did you try Jabra too. I have Jabra elite sport I think.

        Also was looking at Huawei pro buds

        • +2

          I previously owned 2 Jabra mono-ear headphones and I found that their quality's not that great, so I didn't want to risk it with their earbuds.

          Huawei FreeBuds Pro has good ratings for call quality if that's what you're after.

      • +1

        how does the sound quality of the plus compare to buds (the original), any better?

        • +1

          Sorry I couldn't help you as I don't have Buds+ but AFAIK, Buds has better call quality than Buds+, and Buds+ has longer battery life than the original Buds.

    • I finally caved and got them for 149 from a previous deal. Very happy with them. They're not audiophile quality, but they're also not meant to be. I have never gotten in ear headphones to fit properly, and these sound great for 'earbud' style headphones.

    • +1

      I don't like the feeling of 'in-ear' headphones so these are perfect for me. Unfortunately not loud enough for mowing but the quality is good and the seamless connectivity is great for the price. The reviews are probably comparing these at full price to competitors at similar prices.

    • I had a Jabra 65 Elite Active that didnt fit well and kept slipping out…

      After switching to this i've been more than happy with it…

      Different fitment for different purpose

      • Ah thanks. I'm finding Jabra okay as they have a few different sizes but they aren't the most comfortable.

        I have small ears. Will try a few others

  • < $100 soon :)

  • Not a member only sale item by the looks of it.

  • what are the best earbuds for calls. I need something I can use in the office that won't pick up the other noise around me. Preferably wind proof too when talking and walking outdoors.

    • The buds pro seem to be very highly rated in calls but i cant comment on them personally as i dont own them

  • soon they will start handing them out for free


  • Hows the fit for people with small ears?
    I have the airpods which were great but now are dying (wont last 10mins) which were super comfy.
    I just bought the Soundpeats TrueAir2 which are great value but have an awful fit; hurts my ears after 5-10mins of use.

    • +1

      Yeah, I'm considering getting some very high grit sandpaper and attack my left true air 2 bud. It has tiny sharp points that really irritates my ear. if they had gone for the smooth finish of the tronsmart onyx ace, they would be amazing.

  • How do they compare to the airpods ya reckon?

    • +4

      Well they don't make it look like you're re-enacting the scene from "There's Something About Mary", so they've got that going for them

    • I'd first consider what phone you have. If you have Apple, stick with Airpods Pro. If you have Sammy, stick with any buds. This will ensure that there's no connectivity issues and you get the full potential of the product ie changing sound quality, turning ANC on and off, etc. Also depends on your preferences. I like this better as i don't like earphones sticking out of my ear like the Airpods or the Buds Pro does.

      In terms of sound quality, this cancels outside noise better than the Airpods does for me and sound quality's better. Airpods's more superior in terms of call quality though.

  • Fellas just saw them on office works for 158.00, more expensive but at least you don't need a membership?

    • Costco have a promo between 30th to 2nd may. No membership required to shop at costco

  • Some trivia about this product:

    They were initially called the Samsung Galaxy Buds X.

    I don't have to tell you why they dropped this branding closer to release.

  • Costco has a good warranty and return process as well

  • -1

    I have the BEANS - and use them purely for phone calls and podcasts.
    It's literally the only thing they are good for.

    If you can get them at a massive discount, I would recommend them for the above mentioned casual use, however they are not good for music or any kind of situation where you would ANC to work.

    The ANC help drown out the noise of a computer or the rumble of an Uber, but that is where it stops.

    These beans do have a use case, but it is not what they were marketed for.

    Also if you have extremely small ears then you're in luck - however if you have average sized ears, ANC is all but for not.

  • +1

    Anyone have these and the Soundpeats TrueAir 2? How do they compare?

    • +2

      I have both and prefer the True Air 2. Better sound quality IMO.

  • +1

    Got them at JB Hifi in the deal price of $159. These are so comfortable. I own a gazillion TWS earphones and these are my current favorites. So comfy and amazing sound.

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