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Waterpik Ultra Plus Black $129.99 Delivered @ Chemist Warehouse


Pretty good price for Australian shop with 2 years warranty. I have been recommended by my dentist to get a water flosser.
Cashback from cash reward 15% for today.

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    I've had one of these for a couple of years. Black one looks a bit prettier than mine, but function is the same.

    They are very good. Effective and remove what floss or brush would never get too. A bit messy perhaps, bet definitely a good investment. And this is a pretty good price.

  • Man I asked my dentist about these the other day, he said to stick with floss (but a Waterpik is better than nothing)
    That said, I'll get one, because gadgets. Thanks for the post.

    • My dentist said that too. Flossing regularly is best and cheap. I hv to pay the price sadly for not being a good flosser. Thus she recommends me this type of flossing

    • Great for people with braces though !

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    If you want something a fair bit cheaper and probably just as good.

    • Agreed. I would recommend to try this one if available

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    I have been recommended by my dentist to get a water flosser

    But is it 9 out of 10 dentists recommended?

  • Some people have bleeding gums when flossing so this could be a good option?

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      Is bleeding gums due to not flossing enough and by flossing the bleeding eventually stops because it makes the gums stronger?

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        Bleeding gums is extra wet

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