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Google Pixel 3 64GB Smartphone (Not Pink) US$188.10 Delivered (~ A$244) @ B&H Photo


I think this is the cheapest ever.

24 hour flash sale, ends Monday 2pm (AEST).

Key Features:
GSM+CDMA / 4G LTE Compatible
Verizon Variant
Rear 12.2MP Dual-Pixel Camera
Optical + Electronic Image Stabilization
Dual 8MP Front-Facing Cameras
Wide-Angle Lens for Group Selfies
2.5/1.6 GHz Snapdragon 845 Octa-Core CPU
64GB Storage Capacity + 4GB of RAM
5.5" 2160 x 1080 FHD+ OLED Display
Android 9.0 Pie

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  • Does this phone still come with unlimited Google Photos storage?

    • +6

      From the description:

      Unlimited Storage with Google Photos
      The Pixel 3 includes free, unlimited storage of all of the pictures and videos to take with the Pixel 3. This free access only requires that you setup a Google Account. (expires 1/31/2022, and media stored prior to 1/31/2022 will remain free).

  • Shipped from where?

    • USA.

      • will covid survives the shipping ?

        • +9

          Put the phone in a quarantine hotel.

          • +2

            @The Milk Man: All jokes aside. I literally leave deliveries sit for a week before opening them.

            • +6

              @PainToad: Thats cute, however, COVID Cannot survive on plain lifeless surfaces at the extreme temps it may induce through transit, both heat and cold - i've opened many iHerb packages from all over the USA from Mid 2020 till January 2021 , never got sick.

              Rest assured you're fine :P

              Unlessss….they filled one of the big bubble wraps with covid-air and waiting for you to have a blast POPPING IT!

              • @The Milk Man: Genius :-)

              • +1

                @The Milk Man:

                induce through transit

                Too bad if the postman who hands it to you, or the countless other people in the delivery chain on the ground in Australia has it.

                • +1

                  @PainToad: waiting 7 days to open a package? a very strange precaution but each to their own.

                • +1

                  @PainToad: You could also argue you shouldn't open it incase your partner living with you had covid and they coughed on it πŸ‘€πŸ‘Œ
                  That chain won't stop.

                  Covid doesn't survive on non-hosting surfaces for longer than a few hours, I assure you. It's not like the box gonna cough at ya , yeah?
                  Wash your hands , after you manhandle it , it'll be fine πŸ™πŸΌ

                  Trust, I've flown through HK , London, TLV , MEL and New Delhi throughout the pandemic. If it was that easy to contract through surfaces , I'm sure my clumsy ass would've been next.

                  Obviously, don't take me for a medical professional , yeah? But no need for unnecessary panic πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜

            • @PainToad: You didn't leave joke aside afterall cos what you doing it a joke in itself.

            • @PainToad: Just triple mask and stay at home. Save lives.

              • @Blue Cat: Same here. More orders during covid from ali

                • +1

                  @ChiMot: Too bad most of the small stuff now has paid shipping. Free shipping is so hard to find nowadays.

                  • @Blue Cat: IKR!
                    I'm trying to buy a BULK of brand dupes but nobody's offering free shipping! I wanna fill my wardrobe how am I supposed to do that with $6-10 per ITEM?

  • +1

    Does it cover Australian major

    • Yes.

    • +41

      Yes silverchair and ac-dc

      • +2

        Ah this remind me when Apple cover major UK band… Lots of people got pissed

        • +1

          Well it was actually an Irish band, but yes.

  • Does anyone know about the warranty? It says limited, whatbdoes that mean?

    • +2

      I think it just means warranty doesn't cover user damage like dropping, getting wet, etc.

      • +1

        Thank you :)

  • +3

    I am still using my Pixel3 from launch day and I love it.

    The only issue currently I am having from all that time is that the USB-C connector appears to be on its last legs.

    Considering buying one of these as a quick replacement.

    • +2

      I had the pixel 1, 2, 3, 4. They've all been great phones, but the connector seems to be the weak point in all of them.

    • What do you mean, exactly?

      My pixel 2 occasionally becomes really hard to plug in and stay connected, but giving the slot a proper clean out brings it back great and connecting solidly. Could that be your issue?

      I find dust and debris gets compacted right down the bottom so it can be tricky to get out

    • +4

      Every one I know that has had this issue has been fixed by cleaning out the port. Try a fine (wood) toothpick using a torch and magnifying glass. The build up of debris from pocket lint etc eventually stops the connector from seating fully. After cleanout works like new again. (There are several articles on the net about this issue with USB-c ports)

      • This exactly its amazing how much gunk sits in there and gets compacted in

        I have a 3 year old pixel the USB C connector will stay connected if I dangle the phone upside down by the cable
        If yours doesnt its probably gunked up, and needs cleaning.

      • I had a small bit of paper that got into charging port from my pocket. I thought the connector snapped off inside the phone when the cable would not stay in the phone. So I brought it to one of those repair places in Westfield. Guy had a look, pulled the paper out with some tweezers and said that it was $20!!!

        What is the opposite of OzBargain?!?

        • +2


  • +6

    Pixel 3 end of life Oct 2021 tho. No more update guaranteed after that.

    • +1

      It really is not a biggy as its a great phone - total shame tho

      • -2

        Charging port turns to crap after a few years, no updates at the end of year, you are easily pleased.

        • is it notorious on pixel 3 for charging port to be faulty ? like the nokia ?

          have they fixed that in pixel 4 ?

          • @phunkydude: I had the charging port issue on both my pixel 3s

            • @chris666: I've been using mine daily for about 2 years now and this thread is the first time I hear of a charging port issue.

              • @AngryAlfred: I ended up just using a wireless charger when they sent back the warranty replacement before I upgraded phones

        • same as most phones

    • +4

      Yes but it will still get Android 12 on launch date and Oct 21 Security patch, that's a lot. There are still new phones releasing with Android 10.

    • Yep, this is a dead end. Don't get one. They have issues at this age and will be slow compared to even a 4a.

      • +1

        what other phone at 244 do you recommend ?

        xiaomi ?

        • At 244, it's not an awful deal IF you're willing to roll on a custom ROM.

        • eh I've changed my mind. $244 is in the "screw it" category. I'd save for a Poco X3 PRO for $315-ish instead but that's me, for the right person it's a good deal

      • +6

        I'm curious, what's your alternative in this price range that is faster than SD845, has OLED, IP68, wireless charging, Android 12 guarantee and a decent camera?

        • https://nanoreview.net/en/soc-compare/qualcomm-snapdragon-86...

          As for OLED, IP68, wireless charging etc, sure, that's a little harder to attain. The problem is this phone becomes useless in December of this year if you care remotely about any apps that use SafetyNet. Warranty is dubious, hardware replacement and repair is harder, etc etc…

          • -1

            @Zorlin: You could just stick with the official software and not install a custom ROM though (although Magisk workarounds are still effective for now, anyway). The most egregious bugs should be covered by app updates and Google Play system updates. Personally I haven't heard of anyone being compromised considering they keep at least those two things updated, but I'm happy to be corrected there.

            • -1

              @trishmapow: It's simply not worth the risk. There's been plenty of breaches with remote exploits that use Bluetooth or WiFi. There's no reason to stick with an old phone, and Magisk is going to be permanently bricked before long - even John Wu says so…

              • @Zorlin: I use a custom rom. Best thing you can do to your phone.
                I have no idea about this remote hack..

                Stop lying.

                • +3

                  @shegeloaf: "stop lying" is an awfully accusatory thing to say.

                  There have been publicly documented cases of this attack being possible. Here, I'll Google it for you since you seem to be too busy throwing the L word around - https://insinuator.net/2020/02/critical-bluetooth-vulnerabil...

                  On Android 8.0 to 9.0, a remote attacker within proximity can silently execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the Bluetooth daemon as long as Bluetooth is enabled. No user interaction is required and only the Bluetooth MAC address of the target devices has to be known. For some devices, the Bluetooth MAC address can be deduced from the WiFi MAC address. This vulnerability can lead to theft of personal data and could potentially be used to spread malware (Short-Distance Worm).

                  You could make the argument that it's not truly "remote" since you have to be within Bluetooth range, but it's not hard to break into someone's IoT crap at home and get enough of a beachhead to pwn their phone.

                  I have used custom ROMs since Android 1.6. Don't @ me.

                  • @Zorlin: Ah yep I remember that one. Still a limited scope attack, and the OG Pixel avoided it by being on Android 10 very early (despite last security update in 2019/12). But it wasn't covered by GP system update so I have to give it to you there. (Not sure why the other guy is so aggressive haha)

    • Luckily they're among the easiest phones to install custom ROMs onto. Linegeos ftw

      • custom Roms

        Yes go with a custom rom on this phone.

        • Does google pay still work on custom roms, my last experience with a oneplus didn't allow it when rooted. Or is this custom rom without root?

          • @NigelTufnel: Magisk Hide can spoof the check used by Google Pay but some banking apps may not work.

            • @Jai: Oddly enough, the hsbc app tells me it won't run as my phone is rooted, then proceeds to work anyway. There are various ways to avoid root detection, and it's sometimes a cat and mouse game. But it's also possible to use custom ROMs without root.

  • +1

    Good deal, thanks OP .. bought one..

  • -2

    How much does it cost for shipping to Australia?

    • +2

      US$188.10 Delivered (~ A$244)

      Shipping is included in the price I quoted.

  • -1

    Do you know if these are new and not refurbished?

    • +5


  • +4

    Thanks OP, was looking for a cheap replacement for my ageing iPhone 5 and this ticks the right boxes

  • +3

    Brilliant, grabbed one and the pixel stand ($50AUD). SUPER. Perfect to replace wife's Pixel 2

  • +1

    They have a huge shop good place to visit if ever in NYC

    • Went there in 2018. Went in blindly had a cultural experience, Little Israel!

      • So true lol

  • 'Verizon Variant' means there is some (very minor it seems) bloatware? I've read this should be removable. Also that Android updates might be delayed?
    Would it be possible to flash Google variant OS on the phone, or is that what one would need the 'bootloader' unlocked for?

  • +1

    Is eSIM enabled on this one? Wish this was 128GB

  • Is the 3 a decent upgrade over the pixel 2?

  • +1

    Just a warning, for heavy users, the ram in this is a huge letdown. I gave up my pixel 3xl due to not being able to switch apps without forcing a reload. Some times Spotify will crash when using Android auto

  • I wonder should I upgrade, currently on Nokia 8, please help me out?

    • +1

      not much difference ?

      won't call it an upgrade

    • Using a Nokia 8 now, apart from the pixel possibly having a better camera and more updates. I can't see it being any better elsewhere. I too was thinking about upgrading my Nokia, but I don't think this is it.

  • It's showing USD149.99 / AUD194.24 for me… Price dropped?

  • Pixel 3xl has been a cracking phone personally,battery life could be a little better,but hey it's still very usable

  • FYI as it's the Verizon variant, I don't think you can unlock the bootloader like on regular Pixels.

    • does that mean can't load custom rom ?

      previous deal here from HN on optus variant seems to be plain android only optus sticker on box

      • no custom ROMs

    • +1

      Damn this is the comment I needed to read before purchasing. What are my limitations/options? Literally means I can't use a custom ROM, right?

      • +1

        Check xda forum

      • +1

        no custom ROMs, I did some poking around on XDA after I posted this comment and there was even a thread where people pledged money as a bounty hoping for someone to crack the bootloader on the VZW models. no one succeeded sadly.

        not worth it without custom ROM support imo

        • +1

          Cancelled my order because of this, thank you

          • @imnotarobot: Yep - ended up cancelling also. Such a shame with the verizon handset.

  • but this is such an old model at least 2 if not 3 generation behind. * as pixel 6 is about to be announced

    • +3

      For me it's a matter of what you get for your money. Upgrading from an iphone 5, this has wireless charging (my car has a wireless charger), a great camera, free google photo storage and NFC. It also syncs to my android smart watch.
      I don't use my mobile for gaming, heavy video use or storage. Need it mainly for calls, sitting on toilet, occasional google maps and music .
      The newer generation phones don't offer much more in what I use for the extra price, so this is a perfect fit for the $$.

  • Does anyone know what the battery life is like ? I mostly browse and use whatsapp but find my current phone not lasting a day a bit frustrating. Thanks.

    • It should last a day when new, after a couple of years half, but depends on usage.

  • Looks like it's sold out (or backorder, if that even makes sense)

  • Anyone know how it compares to the Sony xperia xz premium. Looking up specs alone the Sony has more Mp in the cameras and much higher screen res. But Google has newer CPU and Gpu. Sadly no sd card or dual sim on the pixel which the Sony has.

  • Booooo, I missed out. πŸ˜’

  • Pixel 3 XL 64gb is only $299. Isnt that a deal ? Is there free Google storage with it. ?

  • +2

    Delivered already yesterday. That is like 4days NYC to SYD.
    Google Storage till Feb 2022.

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