Which TV Should I Buy within The Next 3 Weeks?

I have actually never bought a new tv before.

Looking for my first tv for my first house I bought. Prefer a tv size of 65inch or above.

Happy to spend max 4 to 5k but obviously would not mind spending less then that.

Heard good things about the LG CX series, but have also seen that a new model might be turning up within the next month?

Please point me in the right direction :)


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    CX is an amazing panel. They are used in Hollywood colour suites all the time. You're not going to see that much more improvement with something like a G1. Depends on your use but calibration is going to be important. I wouldn't over think it, for home cinema use it's going to be amazing.

    • You will definitely see improvement with the G1, since that's the only 2021 OLED model that got the new 'evo' panel, LG's first hardware upgrade in years. IMO, it's still too expensive for mainstream users and outside OP's budget, but hopefully evo will trickle down to next year's C2.

  • I'm happy with my 55 inch ffalcon tv. It was $447 from JB hi Fi in April 2020. I think the 65 inch is around $600. They use TCL panels so even though they're a low end tv, the panel and picture quality is mid range.

    The question is will the more expensive TVs last longer than the low end TVs? I'm not so sure they will and if they do would it be long enough to justify the price? And also when you're sitting at home you don't think of the super expensive TVs so it's not like in the store when you see a really nice tv playing 4K content next to the low end TVs playing SD broadcast TV or not even switched on

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    LG CX

    • Do you recommend for it to be wall mounted or ok to go with a tv stand?

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        Personal preference

        • Ok thanks. Obviously the new G1 was showing it is for a wall mount. Hence why I asked the question about the CX

          • @iNeed2Pee: GX would be better for wall mount though a bit more expensive than cx

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    You also need to consider the TV's operating system - not everyone uses android. We settled on the Sony Bravia.

  • Merged from What Price Would You Pay for The New LG C1 "65" Inch Right Now?

    I enquired about a couple of tvs today and got a couple call backs from retailers offering me the LG C1 for $3800.
    (65 inch)

    Is this a good deal for a new model that has just been released. Had a look around and the cheapest shows Video pro for $3980.

    Not too sure if I pull this trigger or not. Any help would be much obliged.

    • Why are they calling you?

      • I put an enquiry in and they called me back saying the one I wanted was sold out.

        But they offered me that one for that price.

        What do you think?

        • It's ok but it will be better in 6 months time.

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            @MS Paint: I pulled the trigger.

            $3770 I got it for. I can't wait 6 months, I have no tv when I move in:)

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              @iNeed2Pee: Nice! Well you enjoy it.

              • @MS Paint: Thanks, now will this shit fit in my car? haha I might need a diagram for that!

                • @iNeed2Pee: Should’ve just paid $3800 inclusive of delivery, why risk picking it up yourself?

                  • @Pecan: Yeah will get it delivered to the new house.

                    That was an option, I asked for the dimensions and reverted to getting it delivered

    • Got a credit card with price protection?

    • I would pay $3800.

      Which retailer is offering it $3800?

      Please share a receipt if you end up buying it.

      • The good guys!

      • I tried to pm you but you don't accept new conversations. PM me

    • Right now, maybe $500, probably more when I need a TV.

    • I think about $700 if I had to keep it. I'm already happy with my TV and I want my next one to be like a hologram TV or something, smell-o-vision maybe.

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