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3 Shirts for $99 + Delivery @ Charles Tyrwhitt


Another mail out campaign received from Charles Tyrwhitt, another 3 shirts for $99 code.

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Charles Tyrwhitt
Charles Tyrwhitt

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    Standard Delivery $20 from UK.

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      Jeez it used to be free delivery with this deal. Lucky I don't wear business shirts anymore!

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        “Unexpected pandemic outcomes”

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    Perfect for the post-COVID size increase….

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      Yeah, I ordered some "business casual" shirts & had to go from extra slim to slim fit… the extra's were getting a bit tight!

    • I'm glad I went and tried instore last week when I needed some shirts.

      "I'll just go up one size" I thought. Yeah nah.

      • Where is the store?

        • Just for shirts in general, CT doesn't have a store in Australia

    • Lmao I felt this

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      Not being boastful, but I've gone the opposite, from XL or XXL to medium.

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        Howcome? Not eating out for work lunches?

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          Cycling in to work at least twice a week, running or gyming at night and (the biggie) eating healthy meals every day, except on weekends.

          • @SupeNintendoChalmers: Ok, so not really Covid related but good on you :)

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              @spillmill: well sort of COVID-related. Being at home initially I realised how sedentary my lifestyle truly was, and not walking around the office reinforced this, so once we went back to the office I started to cycle to work (~30kms each way). The first few weeks were hell on my body (not to mention the healthy eating meant less calories, which my body was dying for), but it soon became a habit.

              Thanks for the kind words

              • @SupeNintendoChalmers: 30km each way is epic! I used to do 14km (hilly) each way and that took it out of me, and I was pretty fit. Well done. Yes, the first few weeks are hell, but like you kind of said, after a while your body starts craving the cycling if you don't do it.

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        Boast that all you want, you deserve the praise.

        WHat healthy meals are you eating? I haven't gone full healthy, i can't outrun my diet lol

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          A combination of healthy, simple home made salads and light carbs, meal kits like Youfoodz and MyMusclechef, a cessation of all sugary drinks, only drinking low fat\no fat milk for breakfast and no eating past 7pm, the latter was a huge problem for me in the past.

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      I got a post-COVID size decrease. However I haven't even got a chance to wear those shirt that I bought last year.

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      All my work clothes shrunk massively over the last year. An incredible and totally unexplainable phenomenon.

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    Thanks mate, was waiting for another code like this!

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    Never thought this deal would return, albeit now having to pay extra for postage

  • Great shirts, but post covid work wear doesnt involve these anymore, filled up a big box of them and stuffed it into the garage!

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    Good shirts, though some of their non iron shirts are more wrinkly than others. They all still require some sort of method to get the wrinkles out after being washed, though don't necessarily need an iron to get them pretty good.

    • Agree, I’ve found their non iron are definitely not non iron.

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        Disagree; haven't ironed mine once in two years, and creases down the sleeves are still there and crisp. I use the easy iron setting in my washing machine and hang up straight away.

        • i fold the creases and chuck em under my mattress

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      There was some discussion about this in the TM deal yesterday, but seems to depend on personal preferences.

      Personally I don't iron them at all, just wash and hang on a coat hanger.

  • Whats the ETA on delivery to Australia?

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      Fast, in my experience. I made a couple of purchases recently – they were both dispatched within one business day and arrived five business days after that.

  • Thanks, love these shirts, and now own another three.

  • When I used to go into the office, these were fantastic. So, if your manager or boss is still a prick forcing you to go to the office, get around this. Delivery charge is balls though. At least you're getting quality.

  • Thanks for posting. These are great shirts and I've been waiting on this deal to come back for a few years…

    Ordered six shirts for $36.33 each delivered. Have bought 9 of these in previous deals. Never have to iron the non-iron shirts; they look like they have been pressed if you wash them and then run them through the dryer - as long as you get them out of the dryer immediately. Highly recommended.

    • Hi how you get to $36.33 price? i am on their website, do i have to click the clearance tab?

      • 6 x $33.00 per shirt + $19.95 delivery = $217.95 = $36.33 per shirt.

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    Anywhere in oz that they can be tried on? Myers? DJs? Lowes…. Lol?

    • Yeah, was trying to work this out. Currently wearing TM so want to find my CT fit…

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        CT's measurement guides are pretty good. I got mine perfect the first time. Can't say the same for the guides for other brands.

    • They (used to at least) have a great returns policy if the fit isn't quite right - I had to replace a couple as I worked out their sizing/fit for me.

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    Not a fan of CT shirts compared to TM lewin. CT cuffs only have one button so there's a big gap (unless I have small wrists lol?). Make sure you check which collar you buy, the classic ones are very long and pointy so wouldn't recommend wearing without a tie.

    • Thanks for the tip. Some nice designs & sale on now.

    • CT cuffs only have one button so there's a big gap

      Depends which shirts you get. It tells you in the description if it is a one button or two button cuff for each type (slim, extra slim, etc).

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        If that is the case definitely go for the two button cuff IMO

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    If anyone is 6’5 and 80ish kgs please let me know your size so I can double check my order haha!

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      Hey that's my weight…minus 7 inches on the height…

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      I’m 6’1 and 80kg, and I always order a 41 super slim.

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      I’m 6’4 and 85kgish and 41/91 is as good a fit as I’ve ever had. Great shirts. Very happy with mine. Wished I had bought more of these instead of the crappy VH ones…

      • Thanks for the help man! I was gonna get the 86cn sleeve but maybe now I’ll go to the 91. The VH ones are so bad I’ll never buy them again haha.

        • Yeah unless you have very short arms in proportion to your height that would be safe. They’re certainly not huge on me.

          • @Pretzal: I was originally going of my TM Lewin shirts which are 87cm in length but my arms are kinda long so thought I’d play it safe

            • @Nomad2233: Also 6’4” about 80kg. I ended up going with a 38/86 super slim. They’re a quite snug fit although not so much that I’m constantly stretching against the buttons. The 86 sleeve is long enough for me without feeling too short, but an extra couple of cm there wouldn’t hurt.

              Next order I’ll probably go back up one size to 41 as some of the less stretchy fabrics feel a bit restrictive on movement with such a snug fit, it’ll give me a couple more cm on the sleeves too.

      • VH?

    • I’m 6’6 and 80ish kgs as well. You’ll be right with the 41/91. I’ve got long arms, so really should probably pay the extra on some shirts to get the 94 length, but 91 does the job fine.

      Edit: I also go the super slim where possible, but also have some slim fits

  • Hi how you get to 3 for $100 price? i am on their website, do i have to click the clearance tab?

    • You type in the code above in checkout

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    Is the deal suitable for Stevens?

    • +2

      No. This spelling is an abomination before the Lord…

  • Does anyone know how the 'extra slim fit' and the 'super slim fit' compares to TM Lewin's 'fitted' and 'super fitted' shirts?

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    I've accumulated more than 12 of these non-iron shirts (exact same style/ size) which I wear daily. Some are more than 3 years old and are still in decent condition after hundreds of washes and getting put through the wringer (e.g. copious amounts of blood, feces, anal glands, urine, sweat, etc). I hang them out immediately after washing them and I've never needed to iron them.

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    Note that once you reach the 3 minimum, all shirts you add seem to be $33 each as well. So no need to buy in lots of 3

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    Hmm would anyone happened to know when this deal finishes?

    • just tested still working

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    Don't get the classic fit, I bought it just to be safe on the size and it's extremely unflattering.

  • I always hang my shirts in their hangers. This can help with reducing creasing and make it easier to chuck in the wardrobe afterwards.

  • How is the delivery from this shop? Anyone has an experience?

  • Thanks OP bought 4 shirts.

  • Always quality. Got enough from previous deals though.

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    found out that if you google "business shirt" and got their ad come up you'll get a $39.5 per shirt deal and 5 for $199 including shipping

    • … and sometimes the 3 for $99 comes up.

  • Many thanks OP :)

  • Any offers on pants (formal/semi-formal) ?

  • can anyone from personal experience comment how the non-iron CT shirts are in comparison to Brook Brother non-irons?

  • Code doesn't seem to work anymore :(

    • it's working again :)

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