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[NSW, QLD, ACT] $5 Roasted Veggie Pizza (Normally $19) Available Dine In, Pick Up and Delivery @ Rashays


With the struggles happening in India right now, RASHAYS wants to help! Today RASHAYS is raising money for the Indian Human Relief by offering $5 Roasted Veggie Pizzas, with ALL proceeds being donated. Let’s help support all those struggling in India πŸ•

Napolitana sauce, onions, mushrooms, mozzarella, Kalamata olives, oregano & pesto.

Mod Note: Extended one more day,

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          This might be a new concept for you, but meat eaters can also eat vegetarian food.

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            but meat eaters can also eat vegetarian food.

            Not pizza.

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            @DisabledUser130521: Some people think they have to eat meat 3 times a day..

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              @G-rig: I don't eat pizza 3 times a day.

              • @jv: No one said pizzas. Anyway none near me, so pointless.

          • @DisabledUser130521: Yup. That'd be on account of the fact that humans are omnivores: we'll eat animal, vegetable and/or mineral.

            And on that note: v2food burgers (they were 90c for 4 cos the best before date was near) are alright. Second best veggie burger on taste and best veggie burger on size and texture.

            Not sure they're worth $9 but the better the discount the more worthwhile they are.

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    Someone who has the most power in India has down played the pandemic and is trying to control the media is the main problem that going to cost 100,000's of lives needs countering .

    • Who?

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      Like Australia, it has a Federal system. The Prime minister and chief ministers did a poor job by letting massive protests(targeting the PM), religious gathering and electioneering(Targetting CMs) and not upgrading health infrastructure.

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        agree to some extent but no one ever through of such huge second wave. State heads - CM's can't too much as Central/Federal govt took full control of Covid.

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          TBH, The full control was half baked. The Central Govt does not have control over hospitals, sanitary workers etc. Complete fc*kedup system, which no one can fix.

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          Everyone had role to play including center government, state government and people themselves. Then there are factors that are little hard to explain to outsiders.

          • After numbers came down from first wave, everyone took things lightly. Center and states didn't make it their priority that we need to prepare for second wave. Most in India though numbers are under control so most likely Indians have strong immunity or have developed immunity to this virus. Even there were huge amount of world wide publications on it. Funds allocated from PMcare fund were not properly used by any of the states.
          • Products procured were sitting in public hospitals in many states where staff do not know how to use it because they were never trained for it.
          • Public heath is state matter, center can provide funds or take over when states fail to control e.g. Delhi was briefly taken to create for temporary places dedicated to Covid initially.
          • Marriages were happening where hundreds were gathering, protests were happening, all kind of religious ceremonies with hundreds of thousands were taking place, masks were no where to be seen anywhere in India and so on.
          • Most media houses were questioning why Indian government is pushing for vaccination.
          • When second wave came people were still in denial. Most said it is havoc created by government to curb protests happening by farmers. Others believed states wants funds from center so they are in bed with center government.
          • People were not telling others when they were positive and not were getting tested so that others do not stop talking or seeing them (social delima).
          • There are near to none social services in India and then there is very high corruption rate. Things provided by governments, only around 20% of that reaches the needy. Laborers, hawkers and small shop owners earn every day and feed their families. They have seen last loackdown and they were not ready for it again.
          • Center government seen the economic loss last time around and didn't want to lock whole county. They given powers to states to decide what is best for them. They also were busy with election to which they made priority. Election rallies were conducted where thousands gathered, be it any political party. They are all the same. People were not their priority, votes were.
          • Lot of people who returned from farmers protests were positive but locals in villages decided they will inform anyone. Many died at homes.
          • Tussle between state CMs and Center resulted in Oxygen hording and medicines hording because a CM of a state decided to go on news channels and declare we are running out of those resources.

          Now there are people who have injections and oxygen calendars stocked at homes which would have helped saving others lives. I lost 2 extended family members last week to Covid in India. One was declined admission by hospital and other didn't survive in hospital. An injection which is supposed to cost around few hundred INR was bought for 50000 INR in attempt to save one of them them which didn't help.

          Still people are not ready for lockdown in most places in India because their business are not doing well already, labour market is impacted and so on.

          Only those who lost close friends and families understands what Covid can do.

          We also need to remember India has 1.2 billion people, when countries like US with small population than India, better health and social services in comparison could suffer huge amount of loss of lives, India would suffer even more. They are not a country where they will lock down forcefully and track movement of everyone who goes out. Neither they have economy that can work for long lockdown periods.

          All I can hope that there is soon light on the other side and world gets out of grip of covid.

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            Still people are not ready for lockdown in most places in India because their business are not doing well already

            So they'd rather blame other countries for the their self-inflicted situation…

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              @jv: It depends on your prospective, especially jv we all know your thought process so I would not go that way.

              When a country is in a situation like India, they would have to ramp up their medial supplies. Be it covid vaccine, be it medial equipment or anything similar to that matter. Now if country like US decides it would stop supplying raw material used in Astazinca medicine which Indian pharma is capable of producing as long as raw material is there, how else would India tell the world? Did you see initially till it got that bad, India tried to help every country that came with request for Atrazinca? If you do not believe me, check how many smaller countries India provided shots to. When Canadian PM asked for vaccine, India didn't say no.

              US didn't come to the table easily, there are all kind of information/theories on different news outlets around how it would have happed. One of them is that India also produces a material used by Pfizer so if they would have chosen to block supply it would not have worked well. Remember how headlines were in Australia when EU countries decided they would not supply vaccine to Australia?

              In times like these all countries need to help each other to come out of pandemic, with mindset of "I/we first", there will never be end of pandemics.

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            @http404: You forgot to mention that the PM of India and his cabinet have taken near to no interest in preparing for the 2nd. wave during the months after the 1st. wave subsided, as they were busy convening & addressing mega rallies comprising of tens of thousands of attendees (where masks and social distancing were optional) asking for votes for the various state elections on a daily basis. Spending hundreds of billions of dollars (which a third world country like India can ill afford) to build the new parliament house in Delhi (which is nothing more than a vanity project to appease the PM) during this grave period in India's history. Allowing a 1,00,000 spectators to attend an inaugural cricket match at the world's largest Cricket stadium (another vanity project, named after him). They had the time to plan out a national vaccination rollout schedule, they could have placed orders for vaccines and made it mandatory for people to get vaccinated. India was doomed the day the first person got infected, because it is ruled by illiterate goons.

            • @karteej: Please read carefully if you would find I missed then let me know. Seems you are most interested in blaming only PM and no one else. It is okay, everyone can have different take on it.

              • @http404: Yawn…I glanced through your discourse - it is curated to the hilt like a generic template pushed by the IT cell to post on forums. It also seems like you have danced your way around the main cause of the issue while blaming everyone else bar the most powerful politician & his cabinet. I blame the PM solely because of the circus show he is presiding on, instead of providing responsible governance.

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            @http404: An Indian friend of mine told me about this massive Hindu festival, which apparently happens once every 12 years, and was attended by about 3-4 million people earlier this year. Something to do with taking a bath in a river to wash off sins. Imagine the havoc caused when 3 million people affected during the festival then disperse all over the country!

            Apprently all local media is hushed about this massive gathering so as not to invoke the wrath of religious groups.

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      Agreed, donations arent going to do anything and out less pressure on the gov to do anything. Indian media can blame other countries for hoarding vaccines or whatever their narrative has shifted to, but ultimately their government failed to put an effective plan in place. Like always, promises much and delivers nothing.

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        Agreed, donations arent going to do anything

        The IPL cricketers can no longer work.

        How will they feed their families without donations ???

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        blame other countries for hoarding vaccines

        Who is hoarding them and not using them on their citizens?

        • I saw one comical news report where they blamed canada.

      • -1

        India buying lot of Medical stuff and any donations would help. No one expected such a huge second wave, yes Indian govt had not done enough but in this crisis time we need to help Indians as fellow humans.

        • +2

          we need to help Indians as fellow humans.

          How? By buying a pizza ????

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      Just last month PM Modi spammed my inbox informing me that India has conquered COVID. What a fool..

    • I've never heard of a pizza more political than this. Political food must be eastern states thing.

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    NSW, QLD and ACT only

    • +1

      Might be a good idea to put that in the title.

      I bet most people in other states have never heard of them…

    • Only 3 stores in QLD

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        Do they put pineapple on the pizzas there?

    • we need VIC.

  • I thought they banned them to return to Aus

    • +8

      I thought they banned them

      Vegetarian pizzas ???

  • online ordering does not have a vege pizza option. So probably in-store only

    • It does. I was able to add it to cart.

    • +2

      The Roasted Veg Pizza is available through online ordering, it should be in the pizza section.

      • i can add it but its not $5. I get 10% off only. Am I doing something wrong?

        • -2

          i can add it but its not $5

          Are you vegetarian ?

          • +2

            @jv: For $5 yes ill become a vegetarian for a day ;)

            • @Bang1:

              For $5 yes ill become a vegetarian for a day

              They are not paying you.

              You are paying to become a vegetarian. Not sure how this is helping the COVID situation in India?

              • @jv: As they are donating the money

        • +3

          I think because this is westfield Parramatta. I tried different store and it does come up as $5. Any chance you can change to $5 for the westfield Parramatta too? Thanks.

      • +1

        I don't see a pizza section for Woden store.

        • +1

          Scroll down on the left menu, it's there, underneath salads.

          • +2

            @hamza23: Ah yes, thanks. The scroll bar wasn't appearing for me so I could not see that. Had to use the touch screen scroll

  • The title says Delivery also but can't see an option

    • -2

      I ordered one for delivery to VIC, but the option seems to have now been removed…

  • it's not near my place!

    • +3

      Why don't you move house ?

  • No discount for Parramatta, still $14.9.

  • I've looked at the extras/amendments you can do online with this pizza, looks good $2 extra for chicken or pepperoni. However does anyone know what rashays sauce is?

    • +1

      Ordered one with rashays sauce, under the 3rd tab 'swap pizza sauce' and chose 'swap napoli to rashays'. Turns out it's a creamy sauce similar to a carbonara, and it was fantastic! Works really well with the rest of the ingredients, and for $5… 10/10!
      Disclaimer: I am one who would much prefer a white sauce pasta over a red sauce.

  • A BIG Thank you Rashays!! Keep up the good work!

  • Ordered. Very good menu too. Ended up adding other stuff as well. Thanks

    • +2

      Don't I recall you mentioning in another thread a couple of years back that your brother owns a pizza shop ???
      You got into an argument with them and you changed your username to "no pizza, no pizza" ???

      • +1

        Wow.. JV replied to one of my comments.. I feel privileged..😊

  • +1

    How many can I get?

    • +1

      How many can you carry?

      • 2

        so i bought 2 and ate 1

  • +1

    "roasted veggies" is a stretch.
    having said that, very tasty.

  • +2

    Was looking forward to the "roasted veggies"… But there were none! More a button mushroom pizza with olives. Pretty bland. But good size for $5.
    Ate in empty restaurant - 5 staff & me.

  • Damn. Timing. Dinner's already cooking. :(

  • Unfortunately I don't live near this pizza place, so I ordered a Dominos Veggie pizza for $5… it seemed awfully small tbh.

  • Great endeavour. Picked up 4. Raining non stop so perfect weather for warm pizza.

  • I had one with minus olives and mushrooms and plus chicken. Surprisingly not bad.

  • I'll do whatever it takes to help our poor, mistreated, unemployed cricketers get home. Those brave troopers…

    • Sounds like the beginning of an adult movie? Hmmm…

  • There's no way I'm eating vegetables for $5, try $5000

    • +2

      I'll take your $5000 to make you a veggie pizza.

  • SO

    • Was there? I added a bit of olive oil while heating it in sandwich press. Oil takes away the dryness and gives it that yummy crunchy taste

      • It's from the melted cheese.
        Good Olive oil would be much nicer.