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LEGO NINJAGO City Gardens 71741 $399 + $14.95 Shipping @ Toys R Us


I believe this to be the first time this is 20% off RRP of $499.99.

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    Plenty of other good specials on ToysRUs at present including Medieval Blacksmith at $199.
    Shame about the shipping charges.

  • Is this a good investment set ?

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      Mate we are all waiting for the answer from you.

    • If you're buying lego for investments, you're doing it wrong.

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        Why? I have sold some new sealed boxes of Lego sets I had in the cupboard for around 1yr at around 40% mark up.

        • Oh wow!!!

          I guess I just didn't think people would be paying more for something like lego.
          Most lego collectors know good prices and just wait.

      • ive made thousands flipping lego the last 5 years. last 12 months each of the clone army battle packs i made 40 dollars each on top of each set paid 30. huge money in lego

        • Hi, which set is this?

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          WOW! I had no idea.

          I guess if you could really get easy money and not too time consuming sure…for me anytime I sell something on facebook or gumtree the amount of time I spend is really not worth it.

          • @HappyPooPants: Just have a look how much the previous ninjago set 70620 is selling on ebay, $1400+ and the original price is like $400

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              @ozvictor: absolutely nuts!!! Of course it only matters if people actually buy them for that much of a markup

              • @HappyPooPants: and to think I got a Lepin set back in China for less than $100 AUD….and yes quality is spot on.

                • @HappyPooPants: I bought a few lepin sets just to compare the quality, and the quality of the sets I got were definitely not acceptable. Maybe its because they were technic sets and theres a lot more moving parts but stuff were either too tight or too loose, and stuff just didn't fit together properly. Got the genuine lego version to replace them and the the quality difference was night and day. Ended up just chucking the lepin set. Never again.

                  • @Kenb0: Yeah depends the sets. My LEPIN porsche is good, but bat mobile horrible.
                    DECOOL is generally better for technic, but for normal sets and minifig, LEPIN is good.

      • I bought Lego market st for $270, sold it for $1650 (unopened) about 5 years later. Lego can be an investment!

      • I have a buddy that made over 10k on 3 sets green grocer Cafe corner n market Street

        • Imagine the scalpers who bought like 100 sets.

          • @lilkid28: I doubt there was many scalpers around when those sets were out lego was struggling big time

        • Wow decent - I had 3 green grocers (mint in box) and sold 2 over the years (1 for $850, 1 for $1250). I have a cafe corner (opened) but I don't think I'd ever sell that one.

          (I bought a bunch in England when they were about $160 each, and shipped them over in a friends shipping container.. had a stack of lego sitting in the attic for like 10 years.. Idea was to collect one of each and then sell the rest to pay for the others. They keep coming out so I decided to stop collecting them as was getting a bit much. Selling Market St released me from collecting this set!)

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      Considering how good an investment the previous Ninjago City 70620 set was. I would say it is. On another note, this set has just been released, maybe wait for a bit more for better deals?

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        True, this is a new set still have plenty of time to buy it, i will wait till it drop to the $350 mark

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          So for the next 2-3 years LEGO will have at worst case scenario $499 .
          Definitely for builders only ( upvoted for them as they can build it and get their dough back easily at Douglas's price ) and investors who don't know what they are doing .
          It might end up like the Disney Castle that never retires .

  • amazon price match please

    • they did some, they dont have this one yet.

  • It appears at myer at the last day of buy one get one half price deal chadstone/Doncaster/MEL Cbd

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    I’d wait on this one

    • Reckon it will clear out like NCity did? Maybe $299..

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    Thx. Got piano for 370 delivered with Amex.

    • Good job. I can't keep track of off those side /add-on deals. 😅

    • Whats the amex deal?

      • 15% back on store favourites. List of stores in offer T&C

        • Ah, is this a targeted deal? I don't seem to have it on my amex

        • Doesn’t appear in my Amex offers. Is there something I’m possibly missing?

    • Yeah, I bought Piano and Ninjago Garden with Amex too.

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    😭 so many on sale especially after AMEX but don’t have moolah

    • Where are you guys finding this Amex offer?

    • oh no, I saw your post now i have spent to much on lego……

  • And it’s gone..

  • My order just got cancelled…

  • Order cancelled!

  • Same - cancelled. Bastards!

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