This was posted 1 year 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Kogan First] Komodo Pop up Beach Shelter UV50 $29.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Usually on "sale" for $49.99, now really on sale for $29.99 delivered with Kogan First. Mine (different colour) is still fine after 4 years, can't really fault it for the price.

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  • price is usually not the issue, more the ease 9f i0en and closing
    this does look like a simple on, similar to the rebel sports one. I got the rebel one and it's simple, spread open, lift the top into the slot and done. this looks the same.

    also has vents on the side to open for air flow

    looks good

  • I have the same one, it's really easy to operate. Still going well.

  • Good item, got one for last summer and gifted another one. Really easy to setup, does the job perfectly

  • +2

    Potential solution to Sydney housing problem (summer months only)?

  • would like to get one but kogan first is unavailable if you're more than a stone's through from a capital city (in qld at least)… dumb

  • How is this sun shelter in the wind? I've got a fairly old cancer-council one, similar overall shape, but it's falling apart and needs replacing, and it tends to get pushed over in a mid-strength wind.

    • +1

      If you look carefully at the picture you may notice the pockets on the side. These pockets can be filled with sand to help it from blowing away. I have one of these but can't say I've used it on a windy day.

      • My current old one has those pockets too, and we fill them with sand, and it still leans over if it's anything stronger than a very light wind. The main criteria I think is how strongly the wire frame holds the arch shape.

        • +2

          This doesn't lean over in light wind, I have had this on reasonably windy day where other people umbrella and smaller tent flip but mine is fine.

          Anyhow the deal still show in stock for me not sure why it's marked OOS now. I have updated back to in stock as I just tried and have no issue adding this to cart and check out at Kogan First price.

  • Thanks OP, will try this

  • 1 cent more for cashrewards $10 cash back. Any recommend?

    • Buy 2

    • +3

      Spend $30 to buy Choice Gift card, get $10 cash back. Then buy this with $0.01 donate to Ruslan Kogan? AFAIK Gift card is eligible for 10% cash back.

      • Saw this in the conditions for Kogan:

        You may not be eligible for Cashback:

        If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.
        If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards.
        If your order is not fully completed online or is later changed.

        • It's actually under Cashback Tips and not Special Terms. They stated it "may not" rather than "will not". Special terms does not say gift card payment is ineligible, just that cashback is not available on gift card purchase.

          Special Terms
          During the 14 hour promo, 10% cashback for Kogan is capped at $15 in total per member account, irrespective of the number of transactions made. Valid 10am to 11:59pm AEST 04/05/2021, for new & return Kogan customers.

          Cashback is ineligible on Kogan services, mobile, internet, credit cards, energy, super, cars, money, all insurance, home loans, travel, trade-in, gift cards.

          Cashback is ineligible on purchases made via the Kogan app.

  • Thanks OP, bought one

  • What's kogan first like? I never really look on kogan so feel reluctant to join

    • +1

      I got a Kogan Credit Card for the points, I think it's $1 at Kogan for every $100 spent. Kogan First comes free with this. Main benefit is the free shipping on lots of items, plus slightly cheaper prices on some items. At $49 by itself it quickly pays for itself if you buy more than a few things a year from Kogan.

  • +1

    thanks OP, bought one with recently purchased Choice GC from CR. So, costed me less than $20. Cheers

  • Looks reasonable and inoffensive… unlike some of the tents I saw in the beach this Summer, which could have doubled as roomy accommodation or a wedding venue.

  • -3

    I literally just signed up to Kogan First in order to purchase this and the price jumped up $10 to $39.99
    what the actual f***?

  • +1

    Shows up as $39.99 for me :(

  • +1

    price has changed, $10 dearer

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