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Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G 128GB $799 @ JB Hi-Fi


It looks like a good price for S20 FE 5G ?

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    yup. good price

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    Good price, great phone. Mine just received the April security patch on Android 11 One UI 3.1. might even get one for my wife.

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      Do you have any of the touchscreen issues that are widely reported?

      • Nil touchscreen issues for me. I believe most of the units affected by the touchscreen issues may have been US carrier versions. The only time I've seen weird behaviour is when I plugged a cable into a hotel USB port on a PowerPoint but I suspect that was related to a fault in the actual USB port rather than the phone. It's the best phone I've ever had, Snapdragon 5G version is much better than the Exynos version IMO.

        • Thanks for this. Presently trying to decide between this and the POCO F3.

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            @albert0pia: I would say poco f3. I got the MI 11 a little while ago for just a bit below 1k and I feel like it's a great phone, a much better phone than the FE 5G by miles for an extra few bucks.

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              @itsmoe: 100 to 200 dollars more seems like a bit more than "an extra few bucks" to me. But suppose everything (and everyone) is relative.

              • @nitens: I mean from S20 FE to Poco F3 is about $200-300 cheaper (you can get one delivered from AliExpress for about $600 maybe a bit less), so if you are willing to spend that much more for an FE then you might as well squeeze in a bit more and get a much better phone like the MI 11 otherwise I think the F3 is a brilliant phone for the price. The camera will be a bit of a let down but if you can manage to get GCAM on it then you will be good.

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        Got this black Friday last year, yep got the touchscreen issues. My wife's (bought at the same time) doesn't have the same issues.

        Samsung have been addressing the issue slowly…

        EDIT: Should note, that some days it's fine and others not so much.

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        I've had touchscreen issues, and while I otherwise love the phone, it's a big enough problem for me personally that I can't recommend it.

      • I had the touch screen issue at first but they've fixed it after a few software updates. A great phone but not the best price though

      • Had the touchscreen issues with a Telstra version. Never had much of an impact - you could only see them with a specialised tool. OneUI 3 update fixed it completely.

      • Yep. I have one bought from Samsung Australia online store. A few times a month I get issues using swipe on my keyboard because parts of the screen won't register.

        It's pretty annoying but comes and goes randomly. A restart always fix it but it goes away randomly without doing anything.

        Might just be my phone though. I haven't really had any other issues.

        • Definitely not just you, I get it too. Restart only thing that fixes it. Seems to be whenever I go outside in direct sunlight the issues start occuring. Quite annoying to be honest.

        • I do have swipe issues. Is that what the touch screen thing is about? It's quite annoying that it selects different words from what I type or click.

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        If it helps, I bought the S20 FE 5G (256GB / 8GB RAM) Snapdragon version last year from the Aus Samsung Education Store and have not experienced any touch screen issues. Overall very happy with the phone - if I broke it now I would attempt to replace it with the same one.
        However, things that could be better:
        * Missing headphone jack
        * Forced to use main camera lens when in Manual/Pro mode (can't choose zoom / wide angle lenses)
        * No 60fps video when using wide angle lens
        * Optical fingerprint sensor not very accurate

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          Can you confirm if the pro mode is still not available on the wide angle? Internets seem to report that it's been added in some recent updates: https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyS20FE/comments/mp8uba/s20fe_5...

          • @Gravity: Yes! Thanks for the tip, wide angle is now available! Cheers :)

            Unfortunately Zoom is still not there yet, and that is the one I was most looking forward to - e.g. choose Zoom lens at native 3x optical, set manual focus to closest possible point, then take close up shot of something to get narrow depth of field / nice background blur.

            If you try to do the above in Auto mode, the camera software randomly switches between the Zoom and regular lenses based on lighting, AI, etc. It will only let you absolutely use the zoom lens at 10x or greater zoom but then that introduces compression/ visual artefacts.

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              @wheelieb1n: Cool, thanks for the original summary and for trying it out and reporting back!

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        My FE 5g loves to randomly bug out. It doesn't want to swipe to exit apps, and it takes lots of touches to get anything to happen on the screen. Hard to replicate, but a soft reset always fixes the issue. Very annoying and definitely a software issue

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      Hi mate, does this phone support dual sim (with eSIM + regular SIM)?


  • same price at OW too

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    this or A52 5G?

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      This. The camera of A series is not too good…

      • The A series is more budget-orientated, this FE is meant to be more middle-high end. Correct me if I'm wrong

      • interesting… A52 is meant to be 64MP camera, compared to this having a 12MP.

        would you say this or Google Pixel 5G?

        • yes, i though the same. 64M vs 12MP…

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          This has bigger 12MP sensor than the Pixels. It is roughly as big as 48MP sensor ones, but software processing matters a lot and A52 64MP sensor won't be able to compete with either this or Pixel 5.

          I would say if you need Optical zoom, go for this as Pixel 5 does not have Optical zoom. Gcam is still better than Samsung camera App IMO and even DXOmark rated Pixel 5 on par with Note 20+.

          • @Bigboomboom: in conclusion, this is way better than A52? how about compare to S20?
            Didn't want to get S21 cz cant insert SD card


            • @CDG: It's less premium than S20 BUT it has better battery life and performance due to SD865. Camera experience is very similar to S20.

              • @Bigboomboom: Thanks!!!!!

                • @CDG: It is plastic but still has ip68 rating. S20 is metallic frame with glass back, which is more premium.

                  We got the Exynos 990 for S20/Note 20 though and that eats a lot of battery for less performance than the SD 865.

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      This all the way. It is better in all aspects compared to the A52 5G.

      Interestingly it has been reported that the S20 FE 4G has recently been refreshed with SD865 minus 5G modem, and went on sale in some country. Could be a cheaper alternative if you don't need 5G, same specs just without 5G.

    • I don't think the A series offers wireless charging and fingerprint recognition, so I would choose the S20 FE as it offers both features..

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    Amazon have price matched (red only)

    • AAhhh!! Would like to see other colours price match too

      • red is the best colour.. black white the worst

      • +1

        Navy and lavender have also been reduced to $799

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    Dual sim?

    • Nope

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      Model #1091007799 is a Single Sim model. Sucks. Cross checked with Harvey Normal.
      P.S. Office Work model is Dual Sim!

      • Single sim only for Australia.

  • When you can get Snapdragon 888 for$700 this is a waste of money. Two gens behind

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      Where pls

        • +5


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          Only a fool would import and get no local warranty just to get a snapdragon to be able to open apps 0.04 seconds quicker

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      SD865 is only 1 gen behind the 888. And you can't get a Samsung with a 888 outside of the US. The S20FE is the only non-Exynos you can get here.

      • -2

        865 is far better than the exynos piece of trash in s21, infact even 855 is better

        • No it's not.. 2100 and 888 are on par with each other. Stop talking trash and maybe try it for yourself instead of regurgitating

          • @LifeStories: They may be on par in benchmark, but the exynos heat up and use far more battery life, I have owned s8, s9, s10, s10e. All trash, bought a s10 lite and it was a far superior phone because it had a snapdragon 845.

            • @Sukh: Have a note 10 plus with Exynos 9825 and it runs great, good battery life and don't overheat. Have fun importing grey market phones and warranty because of 30 mins battery life and 0.03 app opening times.. Pretty sad man

      • You can get it from China, but the 888 overheat.

  • Great phone, grear price have had mine for a couple months now, no dramas!

  • Picked mine up end of last year and been very happy with it. No problems with the screen.

  • +3

    A family member had this phone. The front camera has really bad focus as it doesn't have auto focus. So if you need the front camera to be half decent, look elsewhere. They ended up trading it in with the recent deals for a s21. I'd probably prefer last year's flagship phone over this phone.

  • One red unit available for nephews on Amazon:

  • Almost went for it with my discounted JBHiFi gift cards, but model #1091007799 is a SINGLE SIM! what a shame. Thinking of getting kogan one instead. That one is almost same price for 8GB Ram and Dual Sim!

    • +1

      But grey import, and Kogan… Even worse, third-party store. Stuff that

      • It seems fine for me since I have brought stuffs from Kogan before. Had one faulty one before, but they replace that pretty quickly.

        • Yes, but you're not dealing with Kogan, you're dealing with a 3rd-party seller (Heybattery)

          1yr warranty (via Heybattery) as well, not 2yrs (plus ACL) via Samsung for the local model

    • Can u help me with the link to gift card?

  • Amazing phone and price. Loved mine that I got last year. If you're on the fence about it, I'd say go for it. Its an S series phone.

  • Please ignore, same price at Office Works so no chance of price beat there.

  • Im so close to pulling the trigger on this, it would be an amazing upgrade from my S8! Or do I wait for the S21 FE to be released??

  • +1

    Lots of complaints about touch screen issues. Not sure if they are resolved now.

  • -2

    Bought February 25th 2021 $798, flogged off last week on Gumtree… My family's $300 Chinese brand phones compare better to this..dual sims, 6 gig ram 128 gig. Not worth the money to me.

    • +2

      Guarantee the camera is way worse tho

    • +3

      My family's $300 Chinese brand phones compare better to this

      Hahaha, so not true at all.

      compare better to this..dual sims, 6 gig ram 128 gig

      Pointless comparison.

  • use Suncorp gift card for another 5% off

  • The "FE" is the downgraded S20 version that was expensive and has been around for quite a while. Samsung have capitalised on that S20 reputation and released the "New" S20 " FE" as well as releasing the S21..I found the phone good and the camera good, but not that spectacular….

  • Excellent device for price

  • +1

    Still waiting for Ultra …

  • $798 at HN for anyone that prefers.

    One colour is now down to $795 at Amazon (Navy). In addition to the Officeworks $795 link above.

  • Is there any good s21 ultra bargains at the moment?
    I cant trade because my phone glass is partially smashed in a corner.

  • +1

    Interesting looking S20FE in the thumbnail there…

  • Anyone else having general system speed issues a few months down track?

    Most important feature of a Samsung phone for me is the ability to pull out and snap a photo nice and quick, but the stupid thing has me waiting ~40 seconds before it'll take one shot, then another 20 seconds of buffering

  • Just checked the Samsung Store. The S20FE page is pending updates. I think the release of the 865 4G edition will be released soon at 679.00.

    Therefore, we may want to hold off for now :|

  • +1

    Bloody Pixel 2 XL still going strong and takes amazing photos.

  • If only it was non FE

  • Is the S21 that much better than this? Specifically the camera.

    • Only S21 Ultra has real telephoto lenses (70mm and 240mm) (3x and 10x optical zoom).
      while S21 and S21+ have 29mm “tele” lens (1.1x optical zoom). 29mm is not a tele lens for sure.

      S20 FE has 76mm telephoto lense (3x optical zoom).

  • Don't forget to use this offer to save more (savings depend on number of cards you received with the offer) - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/618813

    Also, certain Amex Cards come with free screen insurance if you pay for the phone on that card. E.G. Amex Explorer Card.

  • I have this phone. It has great battery life, takes great photos and performs really well. Upgraded from a Pixel 3 and have no regrets.

    I've had no touchscreen issues that I'm aware of.

    I also grabbed the Samsung Buds+ and they really give an iPhone + Airpod similarly seamless experience.

    These also have a micro SD card expansion if you want more storage unlike the S21 models.

    While these don't come with 25w ultra fast charger, I picked one up and the charging isn't much better than the one in the box so possibly not worth the upgrade.

  • +1

    This phone was nothing but a nightmare for me.
    6GB RAM is way too limiting if you're any sort of power user. Constant, absolutely constant browser and app refreshes. And I had the phone setup with almost everything ind eep sleep to stretch it as far as possible.

    Plagued by touch screen issues, it was a lot better after the third fix, but never truly fixed, always did weird things.

    Bought an S21 ultra which has been flawless by comparison.

  • How does this one's battery life compare?
    I have the 4G version and I only get 3 hrs screentime.

    Apparently this is the only Snapdragon version we can get. Does it last longer than my 4G FE?

    Does this overheat?

  • My Oppo Reno 5g has 8GB RAM versus this 6GB and granted the snapdragon 855 is a generation behind it only cost $600 a year ago. It also has a larger screen and great camera. Good battery life still after a year.

  • Does anyone know what these are going for on the Samsung Education store?

    • +1

      800 I think. Education store is 20% off of MSRP which is 1000$

      • ok thanks.

  • +1

    TGG 10% off today (STAR10) -> $715.50, if interested.

    • This is the real deal here!

      Thanks, ordered from GG!

      • if use Suncorp giftcard 5% off = $679.73 !!!

  • Hypothetically, is it possible to return the device to retailer if I experience touchscreen issues?

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