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LG 65" OLED 4K Smart TV OLED65BXPTA $2,950 + Delivery @ Appliance Central


HDMI 2.1

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  • +5

    Can get the Cx for $200 more with abit of haggling at JB and TGG if they still have stock

    • -2

      Find me 1 in Melbourne. Seems to be OOS everywhere!

  • +1

    Worth paying more for CX (2020 stock)… noting BX is 2020, B1 is 2021 upgrade and C1 is 2021 upgrade of CX

  • although I do love my BX I would have preferred the CX for the faster OS, the BX is a bit laggy

    • Elaborate on laggy?

      • Essentially every button press is a little slow to respond. Not a big deal if you're mostly consuming HDMI content as you wouldn't use the menus that often. Browsing FTA guide is a bit frustrating though.

        • I think firebladez is confused, the new WebOS 6 is on the B1, C1 and G1 new panels and is definitely feeling more responsive.
          I cannot find any resource where the CX is faster in WebOS response time over the BX. Both take 2 seconds to launch YouTube and both take 7 seconds to change the backlight.

        • Cool. I don’t watch FTA anymore. Stream only

  • Assuming I have an xbox or pc plugged into it as 100% of the content, is it worth spending extra on a cx?

  • I know as of last week Traralgon (vic) JB HiFi had 2 x CX 65", if your keen on a drive - did confirm they don`t transfer stock to other stores.

  • +1

    I picked up the 65” GX from HN on the weekend for $3410 if anyone is in the market.
    Happy to share receipt, etc

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