Sony X9500G 55 Inch TV LCD Panel Replacement

Hi Folks,

My Sony X9500G 55 inch TV internal screen is cracked. It is still working with cracked display.

I am in need of your expertise suggestions in how to get it fixed for reasonable price in Melbourne.

Thanks in advance.


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    You don't replace panels of large TVs. Not worth the effort as it would almost always cost you the price of a new Tv. If you have contents insurance make a claim and if not cut your losses, sell the old one for parts on Gumtree/FBM and get a new Tv.

    This is the exact reason that you don't see repair shops advertising big TV panel replacements.

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    How old is your TV?

    Free tip from someone who used to work for the only Victorian Sony TV Authorised repairer.

    Step 1: Call sony and advise the tv has a crack
    Step 2: Agree to have it looked at by the repair centre
    Step 3: Repair centre will quote you to replace panel… your heart will stop
    Step 4: Ring Sony and complain that repair costs are more than TV
    Step 5: 9 times out of 10 they will offer to sell you a new TV (current version of yours) for a drastically reduced price (usually at least 50% off) .. if you agree go to Step 6
    Step 6: Repair centre will call you to collect payment for new TV once Sony supplies it to them
    Step 7: Repair Centre will deliver or get you to arrange collection of replacement
    Step 8: WIN

    You do not get to keep old TV as they keep them for parts but its a good way to get a cheap replacement

    • Nice tips there Jimbobaus!

      I had a warranty claim for my 75X9400C when i had some lines appearing in the LCD.

      Sony is a great TV and im enjoying my FALCD too plus the fluid dynamic speakers.

      Wireless sub is getting a tad crackly at times. Unsure what the fix would be. Any more tips?

    • Thanks jimbobaus, I will give a shot.

      • How did it go? did you end up with new TV? im facing kinda similar problem right now :(

        • Hi froddoog, I did end up buying new TV.

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