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Free Ring Sizer @ Kavalri


one can never have enough ring sizers

"Are you based in Australia or New Zealand? Simply provide your contact details and we will ship you a FREE ring sizer that will assist in determining your correct ring size. Please wear the ring sizer at different times during the day to ensure you are comfortable with the size. The ring should be snug, but still able to slide over the knuckle.
Please note: This ring sizer should only be used as a guide and/or as a validation of your ring size. It is best to be professionally measured at a local jeweller to confirm your ring size."

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    Cheers. I was looking for a free ring sizer.

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    2 more and I can have my own Infinity Gauntlet made of ring sizers

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    Are ring sizers the new eneloops?

  • OzRingSizer

  • If you squint real hard, it'll look like Bvlgari.

  • +1

    At least this one doesn’t require an email address, worth an upvote

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    6th of May shall now be known as the day of free ring sizers

  • lame

  • +4

    Any deals on ring sizers lately?

  • Freebies blog flashbacks intensify

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    Is everyone else seeing a lot of ring size deals, or is it just me?
    As I am actually needing to buy a wedding ring, so not sure if Ozbargain algorithm taking effect as I've been looking up rings recently…

    OK looking at the responses above seems ring size deals is the new meta, all good.

    • Not sure what you're talking about, could you provide a link?

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    When I woke up, thought maybe there might be some good ring sizing deals today. Not disappointed.

  • Any ring sizer reviews out there? Wanna make sure I get the best one.

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    Rating: 1/10

    Review: Instructions unclear, penis got stuck.

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      I thought dimensions only start at 6cm.

  • Can someone help me? I desperately need to know how big my fingers are.

  • I have something else that could be "sized" with this sizing tool. That's just the tip of the ice berg

  • Of course! We have 10 fingers, we need one sizer each from diff sources

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    I got the Kavalri and BankWest ring sizers. But what if I use both and they don't agree? I am worried about developing ring size ambiguity anxiety disorder. I guess I'd better check out the other two deals as well. If I try all four, I could average the sizes for maximum confidence, discarding any outliers.

    Of course, I don't even like rings. But I do enjoy a good measurement.

  • I'm down to my last dollar but also need 4 of my fingers sized for rings simultaneously, anyone know a way I could get 4 ring sizers for cheap? Any help appreciated.

  • What have I started?

  • I'll probably take this deal when I'm in my 30s

  • Ozbargained

  • 404
    They deleted the page. You bast…

  • Ozbargained

  • Too many RING post!

  • It's working again I just tried it

  • It's back

  • Never received.

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