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Razer Blade 15.6" Notebook RZ09-03519E11-R3B1 $1399.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


This is the base model Razer blade 15, with a i7 and GTX 1660ti it is a very good combo for just $1399. All you need is a $60 per year Costco membership. Even with the $60 extra price it still come out to be much cheaper that other websites.

The Razer Blade 15 features NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics and the new 10th Gen Intel Core i7 6 core processor, to deliver amazing power and portability. The 15.6" smooth 120Hz Full HD display provides an immersive and insanely fast visual experience for gaming. Inside the compact aluminium chassis is the expandable 16GB 2933MHz dual channel memory, 256GB PCIe SSD, and an extra open M.2 SSD slot for expanding your storage. The single zone Razer Chroma RGB backlit keyboard gives 16.8 million colour options for nearly limitless personalisation.

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  • +1

    Price in the title please

  • Might be worth spending more for a better GPU if you're going to keep this a while.

    • +21

      The 1660ti is a very capable GPU on a budget. Going higher will come at a significant loss to perf/$.

      • +3

        Bought a g5 with 3060 105w max p last week for 1550 or so. Would thump this machine in gaming.

        • +11

          Hard to compare a Dell G5 with an ultraslim.

          • @Sleuth: true, like they are not even in the same league, razer is the most premium windows laptop when money is not a problem

            • @striker5950: no mate, razer's whole current lineup has inferior CPU's at every price point, nothing wrong with this deal tho, but AMD is currently the best on laptop, and razer refuses to include it. cough intel paying them big $$$ cough

              edit: my bad i saw you meant premium not the best laptops.. (profanity) yeah they are premium but this deal is pretty good if you want that aesthetic with budget gaming perf

        • +4

          Got a link? That is a really good deal for laptop with 3060 105w

        • +2

          The Razer laptop is better in every other metric though. Some people want a balance or weight things other than raw FPS when making a laptop purchasing decision.

        • +1

          3060 is 'only' 30% better. Kinda meh for 2 gens improvement. Still limited by thermals in the laptop world. If I was buying today I'd defs be eyeing a 3060 or 3070 tho

        • link?

    • +2

      Worth considering but the Razer exceeds in other areas like form factor so you won't get a similar build laptop for a bit extra

  • -2

    Wish it had 11th gen cpu

    • +6

      This has a 6 core, which puts it above all of the available 11th gen chips.

    • +4

      The current 11th gen gaming chips are worse than the 10th gen. Intel hasn’t released their proper laptop gaming chips for 11th gen yet.

    • +10

      M1 - productivity, battery life, thin and light
      This - gaming, 120hz, and 16GB ram.

      If you wanna do some gaming, just go with Razer.

    • This absolutely annihilates the M1…..for gaming.

  • Is this as good as a Dell or Lenovo?
    Looks very thick for a Razor Blade

    • She's chunky due to being 15.6 - might be less chunky if it was the 13.3/14 inch model?

    • +3

      Friend had a Razer gaming laptop and said it was awful, in and out of warranty constantly, swore to never get a Razer laptop again after that.

  • +11

    This is a really good price for the Razer blade. Some people here are too critical.

    • +30

      Oh yeah? I don't like your stupid hat

      • +1

        lol I hereby award you the 'best comments under this post' award.

      • gotcha hat ;(

  • Anyone know how this would perform with coding and 3d modelling?? I'd need to use this for uni.

    • -2

      Anyone know how this would perform with coding

      It works well with Fortran 77

      • that's useful information

      • +4

        Celeron for coding?

        Your assertion is laughable

    • This laptop is 2.05kg, so it’s heavier than ultrabooks.

      It depends what you mean by coding. As a professional I would use an M1.

      • 2kg is still pretty light imo for any 15 inch laptop

        • +2

          As someone who carted around an Alienware m17x R2 for weekly work trips between melb and syd years ago, that monster was 5kg+, with the power brick about another 1kg. 2kg for a 15 inch laptop would be like a feather to me. I remember pulling that beast out to put on the tray at the security X-ray machines, and it would barely fit on the tray!

      • +1

        I would get an M1 but I'm pretty sure most of the programs I'll use will have compatibility issues on mac os

    • +1

      I have an Aero 15 with a 1660. It's more than enough for 3D modelling (Fusion 360, Vectorworks etc.)

  • -3

    All you need is a $60 per year Costco membership.

    works with $55 membership too…

  • This is a very good price! Great first post!

  • +1

    i'll take the 3060 for $100 more thanks.

    • link?

      • +1
        • +1

          not available, but i see your point.

          not sure about MSI vs Razer overall quality though

        • +1

          Hey, the MSI you linked to uses a rubbish max q variant of the 3060 that is starved of power. The gigabyte g5 is a far better entry level machine with additional performance of a max p 105w 3060 gpu.

          A max p 3060 will be similar in performance to a 3070 max q laptop (which go for 2k+)

  • +7

    "compact chasis" = thermal throttling galore!

    Enjoy unlimited* CPU and GPU power for the first minute, then watch as your performance drops in half…

    • +1

      I second this - I actually own this laptop and it does get pretty toasty, even when you only have a few things open like chrome, and an IDE.

      If you're going for a quiet gaming laptop the blade definitely isn't it

    • -4

      Yeah but morons on here like thin mediocre performance gaming laptops that function as a spare heater :p

  • +1

    What's Costco's warranty/refund policy?

    I really want to like Razer but they are known for having QA issues especially their laptops.

    • Basically expect the battery is die after 2 years, its just the reality of razer.
      I assume thats why major retailers barely sell them anymore, extended warranty nightmare.

      • My colleague had battery issue as well, and the laptop was bought almost 2 years ago haha.

        It didn’t die, but it bloated and the keyboard was raised as a result making it hard to use.

    • You can return them for xhange of mind for 90 days even you use them and not happy. After that 90 days , as long as it's faulty issue they accept return.

  • +3

    Good price but razers 256GB base model is stupid in the era of huge games.
    Be much more interesting at this price with 512 or 1TB

    • +2

      It doesn't cost very much to add 512GB or 1TB NVMe though.

  • Is this available in store?

    • I just called Marsden Park they have plenty.

      • Bought it from Costco Epping. Had at least a dozen cards this morning.

  • what is the battery life on this thing like? also does this one come with the hard drive or nah

    • +3

      This has no hard drive. Windows runs on a personal satellite that’s beamed to the laptop

    • Nah, hard drive's are a waste of space.

      If you want more storage, just switch out the NVME SSD

      • yea agreed , i just wanted to comfirm it wasn thte one with the hard drive as i saw on youtube reviews before that some models had a hard drive in place of a smaller battery

        • I believe this is the Base Model which actually makes use of a smaller battery unfortunately, and even though there isn't a hard drive, the space left by the smaller battery looks like it could fit a hard drive, so if you want more battery life, the advanced model will be the way to go, but honestly Razer are quoting 6 hours vs 7 hours, so I'm not sure it was really worth the difference

  • Would people recommend this over a used 2018 Razer Blade Advanced (GTX1070 and i7-8750H, which originally went for around $3400)?

    • +4


    • +1

      Unless you're buying a refurb with a good warranty, I wouldn't take the risk on an almost three year old laptop. Razer devices aren't known for their longevity.

      • Thanks, so assuming everything's good and laptop is like new, is the 2018 Razer advanced better specs wise?

    • +1

      Pre 2020 Razer 15 had weird right shift key, which was annoying to type.

      2020 model onward fixed this issue.

  • +1

    I had the exact same CPU + GPU config MSI GF65 Thin (i7-10750H + 1660 Ti), which I replaced with another laptop with 2070.

    The CPU is really snappy with all tasks, gaming performance was decent, plays Cyberpunk at reasonable FPS.

    If you are running at 1080p, I really don't think you need much more than 1660 Ti unless you need the ray tracing. Just personal opinion.

    I would definitely recommend this at this price, considering how crazy GPU market for desktop is.

    • -1

      Did it run cyberpunk at 120fps?

      • if u run it at 720p low, may be.

        • my 3080 can barely run it at stable 60 fps in 1440p

  • holy shit this is a really good deal. This is a good laptop even as an ultrabook since it is so thin.

  • Out of stock. Got OzBargained.

  • Still available in store. Just saw it

  • +4

    I have a slightly older model of this laptop, but the exact same chassis.

    General advice
    - The unit reminds me of a macbook pro in terms of size and build quality
    - The unit gets hot with any graphical tasks, I personally have this mounted on monitor arms next to my main monitor
    - It gets loud with any graphical tasks
    - Speakers work really well and would rate them for music, gaming or video content
    - The screen is gorgeous
    - The warranty is dealt with on-shore (had an SSD failure, sent it off and had it back within a week)

  • +2

    There's still heaps of stock in Epping VIC! I just came home with 1!

  • +2

    Heaps of stock in Canberra, too.

    Just be aware that this model - RZ09-03519 is different from the other 2020 model - RZ09-0328x. Here are the specs for each


    https://mysupport.razer.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3919 (model posted here)

    Major differences are 120hz 45%NTSC vs 144hz ~72%NTSC, as well as their brightness.

    Also, no charging through USB-C ports.

    This model is like ~pH 14 basic.

    • +1

      centrecom and scorptec have some serious mislabeling on their specs page. Potential misdirection.

    • +1

      There's stock still in store and I noticed the 120Hz sticker on the display

      Thanks for the detailed info I was considering it but the display on this model won't cut it for image/colour work for my use as an all-round work + gaming machine

  • This may sound absurd: bought one yesterday from Auburn store. Connected one of old LED monitor via its HDMI. Setting up things and put the laptop and monitor to sleep. This morning, wake the thing, the monitor goes on and off with the desktop in the background, take the monitor power off, then it won't turned on anymore. I have the monitor for years, but I suspect it could be time it died. Have another monitor connected to Razer, hopefully it won't kill this one. Let's see.

    I have upgraded my 10 yr i7 desktop with this one and the performance is just night and day. The Razer was super awesome. It feels like it can do anything with ease. Hopefully there won't be issue to it like some people says.

    • did they have much stock at auburn?

      • +1

        Yesterday when I called them 2-3 hours before to come in afternoon, they have 18 units. In the store, there are plenty of pickup cards on shelf.

  • +2

    I have had a nightmare experience with the Razer Blade Stealth I bought a couple of years ago. Died after a year, then again a few months later and they completely disregarded Australian Consumer law and I was left with no choice but to pay for repairs despite it being a common issue they had with the model. Still have issues with it, but nothing I can do.
    I will never buy Razer again, and after my customer service experience with them I promised to warn anyone I could before they considered buying Razer,

    • +2

      Some says the same thing. Lucky I guess I bought from Costco, I won't deal with Razer if any issue with this purchase.

  • Back in stock online @Stylez @Joseph Ng

  • I've got the Advanced 2070 model of this. Have had no problems and is a sheer joy to use. Ignore the nay sayers, the ones with issues whinge the loudest. These are premium devices and seriously not sure I'll be able to use another laptop after using a Razer. For 1400.00 that is a STEAL.

    • As Zoe main alluded to in a previous comment, this is the RZ09-03519 model (which is only available with a 1660 Ti). Only the RZ09-0328x model has a 2070 variant.

      The key difference is that this model has a worse display.

  • +1

    Major differences are 120hz 45%NTSC vs 144hz ~72%NTSC, as well as their brightness.

    Also, no charging through USB-C ports.


    Not worth $1400k IMO compared to other options with much better screens and USB-C charging

    Reports of poor quality control above too

    • +1

      well yeah I'd be worried if it was worth 1.4 million

      • +2

        Hahaha true nice one

        Just saying … I actually looked at the store model and it was a heavy brick horrible screen that doesn't tilt more than 45%

        45% NTSC 45% tilt

        Which is probably why there's heaps of cards in store

        Kicking myself for not jumping on the $2400 Legion 5 Pro 3070

        Cue the NEGS at least I hope I can save one person from buying this trash

    • These laptops are fine especially at this price.

      Unibody gaming laptops are very rare, hence the premium.

  • This is a great deal! If I hadn't bought the Asus ROG Zephyrus G15 from one of the previous deals would totally buy this

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