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Dell S2721DS 27" QHD 75Hz Monitor $250.54 Delivered @ Dell Australia


I believe cheapest ever on ozbargain. Must be clearing out excess stand stock after the recent eBay sale.

Stack 40% discount with LOVEKEANU for a better price than the recent Dell eBay deal. Website says in-stock for delivery.

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    I already have 2 monitors man

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      The amount of monitors you need is n+1, where n is the amount of the monitors you currently have

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        So I need 3 then ?

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          Yes but only until your thirds arrives, then you'll need 4

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        Comments like this makes my day some time :)

      • Does this apply to GPU's?

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      tell me about it.. i have 5…. maybe i can mount one in the bathroom

  • How well do games scale down to 1080p on this panel?

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      I've played on a 1440 dell monitor since 2014, ps4, ps4 pro, ps5, none of which support native 1440.. And it's been mostly great. If you compare it to a 4k monitor or tv you can see the difference in sharpness for things like ui icons or text, and a bit for the textures also.

      For the price, I'd recommend.

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    $20 discount for spend over $100

    code: Q5SKC5T8$59KGB

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      This is a valid coupon code, but there are no matching items currently in your cart.

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      Says this coupon have already been redeemed..

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        Lol @ expecting it to work after 5h

        THIS. IS. OZBARGAIN!!!

  • Just bought Thomson's from Au post.. should have waited..

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          That's S2721D not DS…

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            @Matcha: Sorry you are correct.

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    Can I dual this one with one of the Dell Gaming 2721DGF?

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      Are you asking for permission?

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        I was asking if the brightness, contrast of different monitor model would be good, and if these two could go well together without giving you eye strain lol

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          Lol ok my bro, now you're asking the real questions!

          jv should be here soon

        • and if these two could go well together without giving you eye strain lol

          It will depend on the type of monitor cables you use.

          • @jv: What do you recommend?

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            @jv: Wouldn't 1 eye be 165hz vs other eye 75hz? According to such calculations jv would have the expert answer!
            Roughly squared I mean.

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      Yep, I have this setup. I tweaked the colours a bit ( nort exact of course). I like the fact the monitors sit nice together with a very similar frame. Also the height adjustment is good (unless this is the one without the vesa stand. I only game on the DGF, have the 2 for my work setup. Extremely happy

    • Both are IPS, likely to be quite similar in colour and brightness. If you're after a budget option instead of 2 DGF's, this would be a great investment. For under $300, this one is excellent.

    • Yes I have this combo and it's a great second monitor

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      I run a 2721DGF and one of these either side.
      Very very good set up, would recomend.

  • The DGF have been going down in price alot, awesome screens, something to consider I guess.

  • Aaargh!! I bought the D version off eBay last week. It hasn't even shipped yet. Wonder if I would be able to cancel the eBay order and get this one.

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      So you want to cancel the D…

    • What is the difference?

      • The S2721DS offers tilt, height and pivot adjustment (swivel and rotation to portrait mode), while the S2721D provides tilt adjustment only.

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    if only it was black

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    Can these go vertical with the included stand?

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      Yes, this (DS version) can rotate to be vertical.
      The D version doesn't like to.

  • I have this for a while, good budget monitor, get all the job done. No complaint yet.

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    What about Dell 27 Monitor - S2721Q
    Dell 27 Curved Gaming Monitor - S2721HGF @$259

    • My S2721Q is excellent - on par to U2718Q. Unlike other “S” monitors, it’s 8+2-bit.

    • S2721HGF is $229 on amazon bro

      • Where?

        • +1

          AussieMark is quoting the American Amazon US$ price.

        • Sorry he is correct. I was at airport and checked google but didn't realise USD

  • If I buy two will these daisy chain from a laptop with USB C output only? Thinking display port for interlinking cable but any way I can avoid buying a USB-C hub for the PC output cable (ie; USB-C directly into the first monitor, display port as the second interconnection cable). Cheers.

    • +1

      Better chat with Dell after9.30 am

      • Yeah good idea will give it a go

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      There’s no output output port on the monitors so no.

      • Does this mean the monitor is not compatible with daisy chaining at all? Kind of surprising if so.

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          Yes because it's a budget option. Need to look at their more expensive monitors for usb C etc.

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          It can be the last one of the chain. I believe DisplayPort 1.2 only supports a maximum of 2 1440p nodes in the chain, so if you have another monitor that supports daisy chaining, then you’d be able to use it.

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    Don't really it bought one anyway.

  • Thanks, ordered 2

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    Nearly pulled the trigger on one of these last night. Lucky I hesitated.

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    Thanks got 1.. now thats 4… and still in the n+1 situation for next deal.

  • These are 8-bit, versus 8+2-bit in “U” series.

  • Should I wait ? I am sure next month its going to be more cheaper with same code

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      They'll always be cheaper until they're not. Just have to be happy with what you pay for at the time

  • I bought 2 27” monitors lately and both have black screens momentarily at least once a week.

    • Signal issues?

    • Mine have all worked perfectly.

  • Thanks OP!

  • dumb question. if I listen to music on my laptop that's connected to 2 or more of these monitors, will the sound come out of all monitors only or can this be individually selected? if former are there any (pos or neg) impacts to sound quality?

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      Windows default sound output to 1 device only. There's a setting Iin win 10 that will let you mix it to two output devices Eg.two monitors.

      Will it have impacts?
      Sure, the built in speakers are trash, you might get tinnitus.

  • +3

    I have both D and Q and compared them side by side. D is what you need, Q is what you want. Even not putting them side by side, you can still feel (a bit of see, mostly feel) the difference. Is the text clarity worth the money, I would say yes, as the price difference is not much. Running a 710 video card is good enough too. I do not game.

    • For productivity, the text size for the D (QHD) is more optimal than Q (UHD) I would think. For multimedia and gaming, then UHD is better.

  • I have a Dell U2715H - how do they compare?

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    I don't understand everyone grabbing at the value proposition here when compared to the 4K swivel model regularly being $300-$320, and the 144Hz model regularly being $375-$400.

    This is a pretty average 1440p monitor deal in comparison. Looks like people got caught up in the hype last night.

    • Can you share the link to the monitors that you are talking about?

    • you cant run a 4k monitor side by side with a qhd 144hz

      4k 144hz is too expensive so this is perfect for a 2nd monitor

      • -1

        you cant run a 4k monitor side by side with a qhd 144hz

        That's not true, at all. There were refresh rate matching issues in the past, but that's been fixed.

        Any resolution alignment issues can be adjusted for in the Display settings on Windows, or outright defeated with third-party software.

        Anyone who purchased this monitor for these reasons is not smart. Anyone who only did pricing research for the model number alone is also not smart.

        • -1

          It's to do with the user experience and not a technical issue, if you have a qhd and a 4k monitors in the past, you will know how terrible they are to use daily

          Try it then come back

          • +1

            @ln28909: I'm using a 4K and a 1080p monitor together right now, and I'm having zero significant issues, because I've correctly aligned the desktop arrangement so that moving windows back and forth isn't a chore. It's not a significant user experience issue at all, you're nitpicking to an extraordinary extent and costing yourself a better visual experience and value for money.

            Were you using the 4K monitor beyond 150% scaling? I can of course see the difference in resolution and relative sizing on the screen, but it's not hurting my eyes. You might want to look into whether one of your monitors was using PWM to modify the brightness, as well as doing some general calibration of your colour accuracy, brightness and contrast so it's well suited for SDR content (i.e 100-150 nits, not an eyeball bleeding 400+ nits like some people scream for).

            • +1

              @jasswolf: So buying a cheaper monitor with superior visual clarity due to not having mismatched scaling, ppi, etc. is not an ideal outcome?

              Why are smart people unable to understand such a simple concept?

              • +2

                @ln28909: If you want basic 1440p, you can go much cheaper than this with virtually identical results. There's nothing unique about this Dell offering.

                I've made my points pretty succintly, I'll leave it there.

                • +1

                  @jasswolf: Lol you ask

                  why do people buy this when compared to the 4K swivel model regularly being $300-$320, and the 144Hz model regularly being $375-$400

                  Then I answer, because you're paying less and getting either a same or better experience

                  then you say

                  if you want basic 1440p, you can go much cheaper …

                  so do you understand why people would buy this over 4k swivel or 1440p 144hz which is the original question

                  also feel free to share that much cheaper 1440p monitor

                  • +1

                    @ln28909: I was always referring to this specific model at this specific price. 1440p 60-75Hz rarely see deep price cuts because the panels just aren't being made as much any more. You see the same thing now with 1440p TN (60-240Hz) and 1440p 60-75Hz VA.

                    $220-$230 is where I would want to see this priced, but then we're getting into the same hairsplitting territory as your UX demands.

                    • @jasswolf: So nothing you can buy today that is much cheaper than this and you would rather wait months to save $20 and you also consider $20 off to be much cheaper?

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