Restaurant quality seafood/sashimi & muddies/lobster

Where is the best place to obtain restaurant quality seafood/sashimi in Sydney? Am a regular of havericks/meat emporium, however am yet to find a seller of high end seafood at reasonable prices. Outside of regular seafood/sashmi, would also be interested to see if anyone has a local supplier of mud crab/lobster. I've found that Central Fish Market in chinatown is the best for live seafood.


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    Is the Sydney Fish Market not considered good enough?

    • That might depend on what OP's definition of "reasonable price" is.

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        • Price
        • Quality
        • Quantity

        I think OP wants all 3, as it is the only acceptable OzBargain way. We know OP may only choose 2.

  • Not local but you cannot beat the price for muddies

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    You can get mud crab from Roselands seafood shop in the shopping centre at $35/kg, each crab approx. 1kg mark. Just saw it on Friday, so tempting.