What Do You Bulk Buy to Save Money?

What are some common household items do you buy in bulk to save money?

I'll share my list:

  • toothpaste (2-year shelf-life)
  • toilet paper (even pre-covid lol)
  • rice (I have ~7x10kg bags of rice in the pantry)
  • sauce (soy sauce, fish sauce, tomato sauce - then refill the smaller sauce bottles)

What do you bulk buy at your household?


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    Voost effervescent vitamin tabs.

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      in addition to OP

      U98 fuel, in the freezer.

      laundry detergent
      fabric softener
      dishwashing detergent
      paper towels

      (actually now i only use TP as a buffer at Coles to reach minimum spends, if i finish it the on the weekly run will get 2-3 extra to make up $20)

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        uhh… what? the fuel?

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          Molotov cocktail? U98 for a “cleaner” burn.


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          what, you cant freeze fuel?

          • @Zachary: Cant sniff it if it doesnt vaporize, duh!

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    3 year plan for ozbargain platinum membership saves $1.69 compared to paying annually.

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    High yield investment cars

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    12 pack of condoms is a lifetime supply for some people.

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      Could be false economy if not all used

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      I buy the large ones so I can cut them in half and make a 24 pack.

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        Or buy a box of 100 gloves…400 for you and 100 for…. (or 100 for you and cut the other 400 in half to give you 900 total). ;)

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      You obviously don't use them at all as they have an expiry date printed.


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    i buy space in bulk

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    I don't cook a lot of rice personally so not sure what a normal amount is to others, but surely 70kg is overkill??

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      Asian household whom eat dinners with extended family on a weekly basis!

      • So how long would a 10kg bag last you?

        • 2-3 weeks, could maybe stretch to 4

        • 4 weeks for a single person household who eats rice everyday for lunch and dinner.

          • @brokenglish: 10kg bag is roughly 150 servings (200g = 1 cup = 3 serves).

            So if it lasts a month that's a round 5 serves per day! That's a lot of rice.

            • @dvsbastard: Yeah, poor af, can't afford meat/veg unless on sale. Stuffing myself with rice.

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        If they eat that much rice, they should buy the 20kg bag of rice instead. Better value

        Secondly I wouldn't stock that much rice (even as a daily rice eater myself). rice doesn't taste as good after a while in storage…

        • Not many people can easily carry a 20kg bag around these days. I don't have a problem but I can see most avoiding it unless they have a commercial kitchen.

          • @Mechz: When you buy it at the asian groceries you can get them to load it on your car for you. Then its just one trip which can be done by multiple people at the household if necessary. Divvy up into smaller containers for daily use.

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            @Mechz: If you're Asian and your mum didn't make you carry the 20kg bag from the car by age 12, do you even Asian bro?

            • +2

              @Hunter14: Yeah I'm not. I was lugging 20-30kg bales of hay after school until 9pm. Do you even farm bro?

        • some types of rice are aged/get better with age. not all tho

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        don't we have 50 kg bags here?

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        Some Africans do this as well.

      • No shit?

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      Not really surprising if you are asian … it s like people who stock pasta… nothing weird about it.

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    Soap/hand wash/laundry detergent

  • Shit tickets - in prep for next lockdown and then ebay em.

    • broden?

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    Mayvers Peanut Butter

    • +1

      i still got half a jar idk what to do wit

      • +4

        bloody hell me too!
        3/4 of a jar in my pantry…terrible stuff
        sometimes i dont know why i listen to ozbargainers at all!

        • +2

          it's good to try things, lucky i only grabbed a jar

          i used it in jam/sandwiches at the start and that was it

          might use the rest in shakes .. some day

          now that i think about it should've used in some peanut dipping sauces

          unless you guys have other easy ideas …?

          (i also have leftover 3/4 jar of Biscoff spread which was hyped by ozbargainers too)

          • +1

            @capslock janitor: satay sauce for chicken sticks or stirfry?

            you bought biscoff spread…are you insane? next youre going to tell me you actually like dr oetker pizzas as well? :D

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          celery sticks will get you through a jar within a few days and also if you want an absurd amount of calories it's the best option out there while remaining very healthy

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          Yup Mayvers is bad IMO.

          I have 2 types (dark roast and a chunky or something) and haven't finished either one.

          It separates quickly and doesn't want to recombine, has a slightly bitter/astringent aftertaste and is nowhere near the Bega/Pics quality.

          • @Telios: I think you guys are doing it wrong, while I eat and stock up on the aldi natural one have used mayvers a few years ago. It works and tastes good.

            Taste is subjective of course so I'll not make more comments about that part.

            Stir when you open it stir half way through and make sure you get it all the way to the bottom then.
            As it gets to under 1/3 left stir it every time or every second time all the way through.

            I find they all work the same, btw the mixing is like 3 to 5 swirls around, like 7.8 seconds of work

      • That's what gumtree is for

    • I am waiting for it to go on half price again! I really like the dark smooth peanut butter from Mayvers. All my stock has been exhausted, will hoard a lot more next time :D

  • -1


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      so you were one of those covid 'entrepeneurs' trying to cash in on a global health pandemic?
      glad you werent able to shift them and your dumbass bf is picking up the bill…

      • Zoom!

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          dont see the joke…where is it?

          • +6

            @franco cozzo: websterp was poking fun at the OzBargainer that actually did that.

            • +1

              @mapax: then a link or something might have been useful…

              would have loved ripping into that user when they posted :D

              also …sorry websterp, your boyfriend isnt a dumbass xox

              • +2

                @franco cozzo: I guess they figured that for anyone that’s been a regular it is now part of OzBargain lore and a link isn’t needed.

                • @mapax: regular as all hell but you cant be expected to every meme around here..

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                @franco cozzo: There is some gold here

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                  @Jerome87: …ah so pam was the seller. this should be fun.

                  • -1

                    @franco cozzo:

                    Member Since

                    You've been here long enough to know of the resident Eleanor Abernathy user. :)

          • @franco cozzo: The joke would have been on the boyfriend

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        nothing wrong with trying to capitalize on it, that's how supply and demand works just that she made it more demanding by cleaning out the inventories of other's…

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      Found Hellopam's second account.

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    I buy RTX 3080 by the pallet

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      Hope you stub your toe

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    engine oil when on sale

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      The old Castrol Edge 5w30 - pretty sure the ozbargain servers run on this too.

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    Deodorant every time at half price. I have more than I need at the moment (several months' worth) but I keep buying them when they're at half price. I can't stop. please help.

    • If you find help let me know where to get it

      • +1

        likewise tell me ok

        my fallback is the Brut Original

        but i got a couple of Beckham cans to use from last year

    • +33

      Makes scents to me

    • i take it you don't play super smash bros

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    Pretty much anything that's used in the bathroom or laundry.

    • +2

      Pro Tip:

      Keep the Rexona in the bathroom and the Preen in the laundry.

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