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50% off Coffee & Merch, 30% off Brewing Equipment (Free Shipping in VIC) @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


Enjoy 50% off the entire range of coffee and merchandise. Shop blends, single origins, pods, decaf and body scrubs. 

Enjoy 30% off all brewing equipment, drinking chocolate, tea, chai, matcha and turmeric. 

Free shipping in VIC

Free shipping in AUS over $50

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Inglewood Coffee Roasters
Inglewood Coffee Roasters

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  • slightly misleading title if it's only free shipping within Victoria without a minimum spend :)

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    website is under attack!

    • Its crumbling dowwwwwwn

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    Aeropress for everyone !

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    Took a while, but got my order in. Been a while since I've had Inglewood beans. Last order was during lockdown I think!

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    Yet to find a better decaf in Melbourne.

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      It is very good, ordered 1kg decaf as well.

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    Website on slow brew

  • Good price on Moccamaster thermal. $346.50. Much better than glass version


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    The merch doesn't actually appear to be 50% off. Which normally wouldn't bother me but have a belated Mother's Day order to do!

  • I got charged $5 for shipping for over $100 worth of order to SA?? Anyone else had that problem?

    • You have to select free shipping even if you spend over $50

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        Sweet thanks, worked fine now. Rarely do you see Fellow Atmos at a good sale

        • +1

          Thanks! I have been trawling the nets for a deal either on this or on airscape.

  • What is the typical roast date on whole beaaaanz?

  • Recommendation for some strong beans which go nicely with milk?

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      I’ve tried most of their beans. Sunset Blvd is my favourite.

      • Ordered 1, thanks

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    Don't stare at the coffee lads, the brewing equipment discount is actually huge.

    • Nah! Looking at the coffee. Enough toys in the house.

      • It's a historical low on the Stagg EKG and the Acaia Pearl I believe.

        Also cheap Fellow Atmos's and VST baskets.

        Pretty insane gear sale honestly.

        • Just grabbed the Acaia Lunar, which is super cheap as well. Haven't seen it at this price ever, but haven't been looking too hard TBH.

          Also just noticed it counted as shop small on my Amex, so that's triple points.

          • +1

            @TheBooleanOne: Oh no. I just put in a $700 order and paid on visa! :'(

            Yep, insane prices on Acaia and Fellow - brands that almost never go on sale. Was also looking at the Pesado shower screen but I don't think it will fit my Breville Dual Boiler. hahaha

          • @TheBooleanOne: same here picked up the lunar and got the nice surprise of triple points too!!
            I never got a confirmation email though.. have you?

            • @chriswrx7: Yes, I got the email about 1 minute after I purchased. That's weird if you didn't. Have you got the confirmation emails on previous Shop Small purchases?

              • @TheBooleanOne: Yep got the shop small confirmation. But no confirmation from Inglewood. Can see the order is my account though :/

                • @chriswrx7: Ah I understand now. No I didn't get a confirmation email from Inglewood, but today I did get an email from Auspost saying my order is being prepared. Hopefully you have the same

                  • @TheBooleanOne: Sure did! Finally I can pair the long awaited acaia with my linea mini!
                    Thanks for confirming though, they must’ve been overwhelmed with orders they never sent confirmations.

        • Was just looking at a Fellow Atmos, I wonder how long the backorder will be or if the order will be cancelled.

          • @PaPaGeorGeo: Had a backordered Aeropress arrive today, definitely a pleasant surprise.

          • @PaPaGeorGeo: did you end up ordering a fellow atmos from inglewood?

  • aeropress $35 delivered. also have travel aeropress delivered for same price

    • Have both, travel one is a gimmick and is smaller to brew in compared to the OG.

      • Isn't being smaller exactly the point of the travel version?

        • +1

          The physical dimensions are even larger for the travel version, however, much of this space is taken up by the cup. The space to brew inside the travel version is smaller than the regular version.

          So it's a double bad.

  • Moccamaster not as pretty as the green one but great price, picked one up thanks. Now anyone have any smart plug suggestions?

  • Thanks OP 😊 really enjoyable coffee.

  • Insane prices OP. Especially on Acaia. Cheers for the sale.

  • bought a lunar - great price!

  • Just bought (at 3 mins past) - sale not quite over yet :)

  • +2

    Any chance we can get an extension?

    Website took forever to load and now it’s over :(

  • Nice. Saw this in the final few mins. Grabbed a kg of coffee

  • +1

    Guess I saved even more by missing out on a Lunar by a few mins.

  • bought the Barista Hustle Tamper, been hunting it for weeks, first shop to see it in stock and on discount too.

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    Tried a heap of times but checkout wasn't playing nice. Would love an extension of the deal.

    OP: might be an idea to put the website behind Cloudflare for load optimisation.

    • Yes agree. Extension please.

  • Damn. I missed out as well. Website was so slow to load.

  • I couldn't use the website wasn't loading I really wanted aeropress

  • Bummer, missed out

  • Yeah I was trying really hard at around 8:50PM and missed out :(
    Such a great deal but such a shame. Was really keen on the stagg

  • For those that missed out, don't stress. They regularly have 50% off sales :) Excellent coffee!

  • I got my coffee order today and noticed that the roast date was 3rd May that is almost 2 weeks after roast day. I thought they roast their coffees everyday but why would then send me a closed two week old coffee which may have already reached its peak. Anyone with the same experience?

    EDIT: absolute legends at that place. Called in about the roast date and they are sending fresh beanz!

  • 8 days since my order. I live in Melbourne where Inglewood Coffee Roasters is located.

    Order still hasn't arrived

    • Mine only arrived yesterday (Melb)…

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